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  1. The Montgomery Organization

    Looks really good, keep it up folks.
  2. [Age Rules] - Revise

    I personally don't believe child roleplay belongs or fits in this community, there are certainly people who have misrepresented child roleplay and spoiled it for everyone else due to this, but there should be a compromise and just simple rules to be enforced and negotiated with the community.
  3. dub c boys

    rah ching
  4. raw sauce

    The blatant meta-gaming when you seen that gun bind, instantly lit them up. Wise up.
  5. [Auction House Rules] - Discuss

    people do this on real life auctions, internet auctions to be specific, they "snipe" the last second of the auction with a higher bid.
  6. Organs chopping and VMing

    just study human biology i guess, do your research and you should find your answer, don't do any shady deepweb stuff.
  7. [General] - /ame backup

    y to the e to the s, yes
  8. Not to derail this thread or anything, but what are you providing in terms of constructive criticism to the development of these projects and so forth? By stating that I'm "crying".. grow the fuck up.
  9. It could be a good idea to possibly have in-game fencing spawned and crookedly placed as if they've been rammed into, mangled and run down (and if necessary when roleplayed correctly the fencing can be removed or completely flattened) Truly shows that the projects has history and is by no means a pretty neighbourhood.
  10. Now I can tell you a few things wrong with the walls surrounding the projects, from the perspective of a LSPD member I can already foresee the amount of bike pursuits that will ensue within those projects, may it be from legitimate roleplayers or trolls who seek the thrill of simply evading cops for the damned fun of it. I'm not exactly sure of the intentions of the walls being there, may it be for an actual purposeful design or purely a cosmetic touch, but cars can barely fit through there. I, personally would prefer if there was no walls surrounding the projects, I could see the LSPD or other law-enforcement agencies performing a hot drop into the driveway to bust down some crack house or a drug deal. But that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it, as much as you are too.
  11. I personally do not like the wall around the projects, especially that kind of wall. Also some structures are literally on the edge just before the sidewalk.
  12. VT Update - September 2017

    can you please shut up
  13. Rescue interior portfolio

    I'd suggest for you to map a blank interior with no furniture or any objects, simply purchase them In-Character and furbish your interior to how you want it. Best thing is you can re-position things when you want to change the layout.
  14. #2 Freemont Street

    Username: A.W Bid amount: $135,000 (Buyout)

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