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  1. You know there are shops that are open 24/7 and they're called literally 24/7's? And then you obviously have your regular shops that open during the day.
  2. EDR

    CS:GO frag montage.

    ur quite dogshit not gonna lie lol
  3. EDR


    Used to be able to do that but I'm not exactly sure why it's been discontinued. Other than that, I'd like for this system to return.
  4. EDR

    [Items] - Tents

    Make it an actual item with icon and all, could be sold in general stores too.
  5. EDR

    716 Peckerwood

    very nice
  6. EDR

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    wow so lyrical
  7. EDR


  8. EDR


    hey @JohnM
  9. EDR

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    grow up lol
  10. EDR


  11. EDR


    So everyone and their mother will drive supercars, or take regular cars and modify them to merely meet the actual top speed. Should really thank the absurd 75% rule for this so called "ricer" pandemic, if you really think about it, if it wasn't for that rule then nobody would modify their vehicles since there's no motivation or reason behind it, unless they're legitimately building racecars or for competition.

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