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  1. EDR

    VT | Static Inertia

    Yes please
  2. EDR

    Old cars w/ condition specified

    Sounds RPG-ish but could just add some system that displays the "condition" of a vehicle, with most important parts such as the tires, engine, transmission, chassis and so forth. The higher the mileage the more degraded the parts are, or if the vehicle has been crashed it would reduce the reliability of the engine when starting, tires would have to be changed at certain mileage etc. Just my thoughts really.
  3. EDR

    LSFD Mod

    call a plumber for your dads arshole his dog got stuck again
  4. EDR

    LSFD Mod

  5. EDR

    Future of Dinoco & Situation with Gov

    Name 25p fredo get a grip you bunch of mongs
  6. EDR

    [PUNISH]: Trial Admin Krakkfaen issued 5 points to Mack Birkens.

    [PUNISH]: Reason: Powergaming

    [PUNISH-BAN]: (54) Player Clutch has been banned for 72 hours.



    1. Theory


      happens to the best roleplayers really

    2. Norm


      @Theory please have some respect for my nigga he the best rp

    3. TheRichGuy
  7. Username: EB $35,000
  8. Very nice, big up man like @Unitts
  9. Username: Private Buyout
  10. EDR

    [Gun Fear] - New Rule

    more less limitations please

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