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  1. Dude wtf I was literally looking for this, been checking forums for some decent slavic rp faction and this pops up out of nowhere Nice job!
  2. Nice! Looking forward to come back to the community
  3. Yeah I'm up for it, just don't make it too short
  4. Woah man, congratulations!!
  5. - Establishing further connections through the county -
  6. Against it. Get RP jobs. This is a RP server not a grinding server, and there's already plenty of jobs EDIT: Now that I think of it, I'd be supporting deleting every single scripted starter job, and just increase general paycheck or lower general price levels that way people stick to roleplay and we'd cut off grinding
  7. Hello father god bless you heart
  8. It's always nice to see oldschool RPers comin' back, welcome bud.
  9. Zancudo Ave Mob is an american crime organization established in Sandy Shores in the early 2000s, founded by Frank "Gringo" Murphy, Z.A.M. provides a connection for Central and South american cocaine producers and smugglers to distribute their products throughout the state of San Andreas, with a focus on Sandy Shore and the Los Santos County. It all started in the warm summer of '04. For a long time Murphy drove his Freightliner truck back and forth and through and out of the state, with the years he started making some connections down south, specifically with a Mexican criminal g
  10. Having some fun RP with you, gl
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