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  1. Yeah I'm up for it, just don't make it too short
  2. Woah man, congratulations!!
  3. And the updates just keep comin' good job guys
  4. - Establishing further connections through the county -
  5. Against it. Get RP jobs. This is a RP server not a grinding server, and there's already plenty of jobs EDIT: Now that I think of it, I'd be supporting deleting every single scripted starter job, and just increase general paycheck or lower general price levels that way people stick to roleplay and we'd cut off grinding
  6. Hello father god bless you heart
  7. Venenoso

    It's ya boi

    It's always nice to see oldschool RPers comin' back, welcome bud.
  8. Zancudo Ave Mob is an american crime organization established in Sandy Shores in the early 2000s, founded by Frank "Gringo" Murphy, Z.A.M. provides a connection for Central and South american cocaine producers and smugglers to distribute their products throughout the state of San Andreas, with a focus on Sandy Shore and the Los Santos County. It all started in the warm summer of '04. For a long time Murphy drove his Freightliner truck back and forth and through and out of the state, with the years he started making some connections down south, specifically with a Mexican criminal group in El Paso which, in 2004, would start to sell him stolen goods for smuggling back to Los Santos, this meant quick money for Murphy, aswell as the nickname of "Gringo", or "El Gringo" by his hispanic partners, due to his light eyes and caucasian complexion. As time passed by, Murphy switched from stolen goods to medium quantities of drugs, establishing deeper and stronger connections with the smuggling ring around El Paso and it's connection with Mexican and South American cartels, which led to an even more profitable deal: To set up a drug distribution chain through the country-side of San Andreas, a rather dry market since drugs were mostly transported straight to the main cities, and no one knew the small towns and counties of San Andreas as well as Murphy. Frank "Gringo" Murphy The business was a success focusing specially in the County of Los Santos and Sandy Shores, Murphy, with the help of a couple of trust-worthy friends alongside a couple of not so trust-worthy, yet useful, crackheads, the distribution chain was up and working like a charm, so Gringo decided he would delegate driving the smuggling trucks himself to concentrate in leading what it turned to be a whole new crime organization in the state of San Andreas, which, as time passed, expanded on to different activities such as loan sharking, theft, hijacking and extortion, amongst others. Lately, Murphy decided to keep a low profile and stay in the shadows after several FIB raids on small dealers throughout the county that could have given a lead on his identity, since then, the Zancudo Ave Mob has been primarily guided by their Underboss, James Walker, the only person to maintain regular contact with Murphy.
  9. Having some fun RP with you, gl
  10. We can't move to LS before we get atleast 40 stable players. Currently there are 4 or 5 players playing most of the times, plus I like the county vibe.
  11. Headshots should be instant kill allways (unless there's some kind of protection) Apart from that, I support this, +1 totally necessary
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