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  1. Business - Ammu-Nation, High Street; Willowfield

    Name: EB Offer: $35,000
  2. Best movie you've watched.

    Good Will Hunting. Excellent acting work, awesome actors and a great story line. Some scenes are just impossible to get through without feeling goosebumps and coming way too close to me.
  3. show boobs pls

    1. Condition


      I will if u accept my discord u bubba

    2. Lyricist


      its not a breast, its a malignant tumor.

    3. einschtein
  4. GAT Update - October 15th, 2017

  5. GAT Update - October 15th, 2017

    I'm still alive.
  6. Happy birthday monica.

  7. East LS wants and gets a Pay N Spray/Gas station!

    I'd be much more awesome if this would be approached IC aswell, to be honest.
  8. 2013 Yamaha YZF R1

    (( @Appollon ))
  9. Residential - #4 San Pedro Ave.

    (( @wAFF ))
  10. [Auction] Expensive clothning.

    (( @Taco ))
  11. [General] - Up max interest

    Interest for persons are already different than interest for factions. Could be tweaked more. I'm not sure myself. I'd say 'yes, why not raise it a tad', but on the other hand I don't want people to get rich off interest. Maybe it should be changed to scales. XX-XX gets 1% interest, xxx-xxx gets 10%. That kinda stuff.
  12. VT Update - July 30th, 2017

    Nice! Good work.

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