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  1. Happy birthday monica.

  2. East LS wants and gets a Pay N Spray/Gas station!

    I'd be much more awesome if this would be approached IC aswell, to be honest.
  3. 2013 Yamaha YZF R1

    (( @Appollon ))
  4. Residential - #4 San Pedro Ave.

    (( @wAFF ))
  5. [Auction] Expensive clothning.

    (( @Taco ))
  6. [General] - Up max interest

    Interest for persons are already different than interest for factions. Could be tweaked more. I'm not sure myself. I'd say 'yes, why not raise it a tad', but on the other hand I don't want people to get rich off interest. Maybe it should be changed to scales. XX-XX gets 1% interest, xxx-xxx gets 10%. That kinda stuff.
  7. VT Update - July 30th, 2017

    Nice! Good work.
  8. JE Designs - Car Wrap[ended]

    (( @AJTPI ))
  9. Business - Gates Street $1 STARTING BID

    (( @TheRealTurtly ))
  10. Permission Removal

    @Law Done.
  11. LSIA Permissions

    Done, @Script @Kaasisbaas.
  12. Allround Employee - Royal San Andreas Golf Club Join the Royal San Andreas Golf Club as a staff member today. The staff member will be directly under the supervision of the General Manager and will be expected, but not limited, to perform the following tasks: Perform cashier and clerk transactions at our store (equipment, golf cart lease, game fees, etc.) Golf course marshal; ensuring every players are following our Code of Conduct, ensuring validity of play, etc. Minor security work (supervising traffic, checking the parking lot, checking bags at the entrance) Advertisement when deemed necessary Working at RSAGC is part-time, hence can easily fit with another work schedule. You must meet the following minimum requirements: No criminal record Have a car and a driver's license Passion for golfing Good ethic Professionalism Being staff also grants you access to play for free on non-member events, as well as a free golf cart. You will be paid hourly in a range of 500$ to 800$ per hour depending on experience. Apply today! Apply via our website: http://www.royalgolf.icweb.org/rsagc/app/jobs/2
  13. GAT Update - End of July, 2017

    hahahhahahahaha senior lewis Kudos to the team. Well done, people. Einschtein thanks you.
  14. Forum perms.

    Done. @Chillz tenk joe @Franco

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