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  1. Done. @Chillz tenk joe @Franco
  2. Nothing wrong with that if it's needed, hue. Some people don't get the easy approach.
  3. sorry ur adopted
  4. son are u moist yet
  5. choke me daddy
  6. I'll wait till someone confirms it.
  7. Name: daddy Comment: u dont decide what makes someone hard, judge me
  8. Obviously: yes. Anyone saying no to this, has no idea what they are talking about.
  9. It’s not worth it, imo. If the trailer desynch wouldn’t be an issue: sure. But it’s too big of an issue.
  10. I like the idea. The only downside is the huge trailer desync.
  11. Ayy, thanks guys! Sudden influx of mentions is this thread, haha.
  12. Man, tearing up. Thank yo. Viva la dutchies!
  13. You're right, it wouldn't. I'm not again the idea itself, just that it shouldn't belong to the scripting team. But it's better to get permission beforehand, so people don't waste their time setting it up to find out that it'd get denied.
  14. LinkBook has 'Meet Me', yes. It's a dating add-on.
  15. I'd say ask permission from UAT and gather a team to do it. I personally think this shouldn't be any priority from the scripting team.