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  1. happy bday, don't eat too much trash oldfag

  2. Livelethal

    Silver Member Perk

    Since no longer needed, archiving.
  3. Livelethal

    Silver member perks

    Would appear to be resolved. If not, follow the instructions on the UCP located here for information on how to obtain Silver Member perks. (You could also report IG, which you would be prompted to /charity the GC to the corresponding group (Bronze: 150, Silver: 750, Gold: 3,000, Diamond: 15,000))
  4. Livelethal

    silver member perk

    Done. @TheRealTurtly
  5. Livelethal

    Dinoco > Insurance Forums perms

    Done @iii @Mogs
  6. Livelethal

    bbcode and visual ed.

    Since basically answered, resolving/archiving.
  7. Livelethal

    Gold member request

    For any Donator Rank, F1/report in game and /charity GC corresponding with the level membership you desire: Once done, create another forum support request and we will process it for you then. @JasonValkyrie
  8. Livelethal

    Required MCP - LSIA

    Alright, done @DanielPersaud
  9. Livelethal

    Required MCP - LSIA

    What this might actually require is giving him the LSIA Human Resource Management group (i.e. group with more/moderator powers.) Need you to reconfirm if you could please, that this is okay @Script
  10. Livelethal

    LSIA Forum Perms (for third time)

    Done. @inu
  11. Livelethal

    LSIA Forum Perms (for third time)

    You have LSIA Human Resources Officer perms. There is a second permission group that is LSIA Human Resources Management which likely has more moderator permissions. However, due to the fact that it is a separate group and it has moderator permissions over the forums, you will need to reverify permission to be given this group due to the nature of moderator permissions involved. @inu
  12. Livelethal

    MDC access question

    Old, but the answer is this would need to be done through faction support. Most likely, you'd need an official faction. Otherwise, you'll probably have to go through the PD, yes. L&A.
  13. Livelethal

    Random FPS drops

    Seeing as this issue was fixed, L&Aing.
  14. Livelethal

    Yet another problem with MTA

    Old, archiving.

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