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  1. Hmm. I really like the idea and definitely want to see some/more apartment complexes in the server for people to rent, etc. As for a bit of constructive criticism- I'm no mapper, so I'm not sure what kind of stuff you're working with for floors etc, but I think the hallway floor looks a bit like concrete/kinda like an outside area, with the metal bench & trashcan a bit more so. Granted, I don't really recognize the area- if it's lower class, it's fitting I suppose (Seems like it may be, judging by the trash etc.) Just my thoughts.
  2. Never really been a fan of the hunger/thirst 'needs' idea. It tends to become more like an RPG element and simply a chore to do than actual motivation to roleplay eating. People end up stockpiling food/carry food and drink on them 24/7 and consume the item whenever they need it, as opposed to RPing having a meal, et cetera. In theory it's suppose to bring more RP, but in practice- seldom ever does. If that miraculously weren't the case and players actually roleplayed eating (which frankly, I don't really see it happening), I wouldn't support health-loss as the resulting effect of low hunger/health. I would propose something like visual distortion effects or something else minor in it's place, however, I simply am not for the idea in the first place.
  3. @Dazz Dazza, Dale, my man. Already told you, but love you and it's good to see you bro. oGo vG dayyys
  4. happy bday, don't eat too much trash oldfag

  5. Its not going to be sold off again is it? Lol
  6. @Hurley @Law - Killing it (literally) with forum-related admin work/requests/reports etc. (Shoutout to @Lewis for the same but RIP)
  7. OOC consent to rape? ;;;;)

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    2. ResidentPeach


      hahaha @ToyYoda thing is like mongo, you blocked me from messaging because you were so offended that i told you to grow up.

    3. ToyYoda


      @ResidentPeach To be honest witcha. Can't recall ever talking with you 

    4. ResidentPeach
  8. ayyyy. ly.

    1. Livelethal


      Mnn haaay, ily2 missed u


      How you doooin'? You back too!

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      AWWYWIS, you love me! Victory.


      I'm back to, yiis!!!111 I'm alright, good be better, you're not close to me :'((

    3. Livelethal


      awwwh lemme slide a lil closer bb

  9. Meine Ehre heißt Treue

  10. where the FUCK has raki gone??? this is herecy this is illegal i will behead u

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