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  1. happy bday, don't eat too much trash oldfag

  2. Its not going to be sold off again is it? Lol
  3. @Hurley @Law - Killing it (literally) with forum-related admin work/requests/reports etc. (Shoutout to @Lewis for the same but RIP)
  4. @ All - Please refrain from posting on CK appeals you are not involved in. Alexey Petrov: (( will you take a CK? )) Alexey Petrov: (( just oocly want to know? )) Ahmed Sabry: (( No problem )) You @SamJohannson followed @Salsa around for almost half an hour crashing into him, et cetera. When asked OOCly whether you'd accept a CK "No problem" was your answer and nothing further was said after, thus, you were CKed. It has been well over a month and the decision is not being reversed. In the future, if you wish to contest a CK, I also suggest you file an appeal immediately after, not almost two months after. Appeal is denied @SamJohannson
  5. Don't think voice chat, restricted or not, is a good idea. cef+youtube wallpaper or Get/use a radio station As stated, for the type of usage you're looking for.
  6. Alright... as some kind of resident drug expert I'll go ahead and lay things out for you both and get this situation finally resolved. I'm going to touch base on what seems to be the biggest issue with why this CK is being questioned and hopefully dispel whatever myths and lack of knowledge those involved may have in the use and effects of the drug Xanax. Generally speaking, Xanax comes in 4 strengths (by mg) 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. Due to script limitations and item-sake, probably every actual physical pill item in game is 1mg (matches the in game picture of the pill: ) Script limitation aside, the taking of drugs is generally based on what the player in question specifically roleplays. Okay, so now... With the fact that it has been established Willow has taken 1(one) single 2mg pill of Xanax (alprazolam). Just a little bit of background, the onset of Xanax/alprazolam is roughly 30m-1hr. That means that you would start feeling the initial effects of Xanax within roughly 30 minutes to an hour. ResidentPeach is correct in his statement that taken orally, Xanax reaches peak levels in your bloodstream around 2-4 hours after initial dosage. Alprazolam (Xanax) is prescribed as an anti anxiety medication (classified as benzodiazepine) and basically calms you down, relaxes your muscles, eases anxiety/panic attacks, et cetera, and can also help you sleep. That being said, although 2mg of Xanax is the highest non-extended release dosage, 30 minutes after taking one 2mg pill the effects would literally just be starting to kick in. Just like a few of the conditions I stated above, the first thing you'd feel is a warm relaxing sensation. You would not be incapable of moving your arms and legs, et cetera, and you wouldn't just be bumping into walls. You'd still be fully functional after 30 minutes to an hour, albeit you would start feeling pretty good, happy, maybe even just a tad euphoric and of course getting a bit tired. As long as you don't go laying down and closing your eyes for awhile or mixing Xanax with alcohol, the effects you would be feeling wouldn't be all too crazy except for the fact that you'd be rather tired. The effects, peaking at about 1-2 hours after initial dose... around 3-4+ hours after, you would remain tired but a lot of that initial euphoria disappearing unless you were super tired, in which case... you would feel a bit like you've been drinking, perhaps a little drunk. If you stayed up throughout, you'd be prone to some short term memory loss and would likely have forgotten several things you did while under the influence of it. At higher dosages, this is much much more true. And at higher dosages, whether you mixed it with alcohol or not, you would feel drunk and be prone to blacking out/forgetting much of what you did while under the influence. A lot of the more in depth usage details would also depend on a user's tolerance, however, 2mg of alprazolam to someone with zero tolerance is a decent recreational dose that would not make you blackoutshitfaced unless you downed it with some alcohol. It would not cause you to be running into walls, unable to lift your arms, legs, a firearm, et cetera. For the given time frame, would make you happy, maybe a little euphoric, tired, but not incapable of actions carried out. With that said... assuming anyone even still cares about this... there is your resolution, from somebody who has a small clue what they're talking about. @Neems @ResidentPeach Appeal denied.
  7. OOC consent to rape? ;;;;)

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      hahaha @ToyYoda thing is like mongo, you blocked me from messaging because you were so offended that i told you to grow up.

    3. ToyYoda


      @ResidentPeach To be honest witcha. Can't recall ever talking with you 

    4. ResidentPeach
  8. All there is to say at this point is please actually read up on the court process and rules before complaining about the system. I don't doubt improvements could be made to the court system, but voicing ill informed grievances without actually doing proper research on it does not allow for a constructive talk on what can actually be done to improve it.
  9. You request bail by requesting bail from the judge... whom will review it, prosecution may try and object, but it will be up to the judge. There is such thing and it is up to you to seek it out, it varies depending on the charges. Also, that statement is no more illegitimate than your complaints about the court system if you've failed to get properly informed on how it works and the process you go through.
  10. Should you choose to take it to court and fight it, you are subjecting yourself to a court battle. You are allowed to request bail, which many people fail to do so, which would alleviate the issue as just like real life, court cases don't just happen over night so I'm not sure what you're expecting to get out of it when real life court cases take much longer than ones here on Owl. Those who fight their court battles and are legitimately innocent are generally also rewarded compensation for what they've been put through, ie time served, et cetera, or get some kind of settlement worked out. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  11. No... as stated a few times already previous, PKs really shouldn't even exist. They do, but the answer is certainly not more of them. I think this stems more from an internal problem with how CKs are handled. People submit loads of CK requests, probably too much, and often for really really stupid reasons. It would be nice if people didn't submit a CK application or otherwise for every time someone insulted their mother, or food, etc. Dozens of CK requests flow in both in game and out, probably around 3/1-4/1 ratio are invalid-unnecessary//valid, and it is up to a supervising administrator or administrators to determine whether the request to CK another player is valid or a situation should truly result in a CK. But yes, perhaps the current rate of CK's is too high... but no, this issue will not truly be resolved without an internal effort to educate/inform those handling/mishandling CKs.
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