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  1. Wasn't it great to begin with? OT: good luck!
  2. Fuck that shit, have all cars the stock GTA handling back.. yes police as well. or... have the server change name to RiceGaming
  3. This shouldn't even be needed if the admins weren't so narrow minded. So +1
  4. Owl is dead, only RP I saw today when I logged on is where to host a car meet. 

    1. Chaos


      >has no IC friends

      >makes no attempt to join factions

      >thinks server is dead because nobody is nonrp sitting at hotspots talking to whatever stranger they see

    2. Squirdo


      Yeah and my meet lasted for 90mins until the cops runined it haha!

    3. BrotherLouie


      In general it's not as alive as it used to be, admit it.

      Don't worry about my contacts, I got plenty to roleplay about.

      Just my 2 cents.

  5. Liberals invading the forum

    1. Shekelberg


      lets hang them

    2. BrotherLouie


      Lets get them to have a nice shower

    3. MichaelNL


      @BrotherLouie, the gas crane is open m8

  6. Some kids in this server gives me fucking cancer.

  7. got fired today lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BrotherLouie


      Always got that in mind Piercee my bro.
      But i'll be fine..

      Oh and.. #stopabose #exposed

    3. pl0x



  8. Almeida is on a banning spree, Watch out fellas!

    1. Dynath


      Dont share your opinion or you might get banned for it.

    2. Simonman80
    3. SamBrelloch
  9. 19 and a pesky cunt. Fuck him.

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