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  1. LOL very funny, I'm dying over here, literally dying.
    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. OttoOf600


      Long Time No See... Mistah Sanny Big Gahns !111

    3. SonnyBurnett


      Yeah!! @Skippy

      lol, get outta here bigbearnello

    4. OttoOf600


      Ayy. ... Look .... You'se Gots A Prahblem Wit me Bein' Here, Guy ?

  2. Trying to be someone you're not is what they call being weak. I find it sad knowing that one day, people'll discover the truth about the human beings and it's real nature.

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    2. SonnyBurnett
    3. BusterAces


      Tell me who it is boss and I'll whack him.

    4. SonnyBurnett


      I'll make sure and let you know,h.ce'. I'll call you on that burner soon, heh-heh.

  3. - Bond out my dogs, quarter million on a new appeal They call me Bill Gates and they know the money real.
  4. Ol' Ricky on the track -

    1. Norm


      money is everything

    2. SonnyBurnett


      Money ain't none if you got love in life.

    3. Norm
  5. You are only coming through in waves. Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying. When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons. Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain you would not understand, this is not how I am. I have become comfortably numb.

  6. Throwback - September 2015 My nephew, myself and my sister's childhood friend. And December 2015.
  7. I know exactly what you're saying
  8. Especially that blondie, she's the biggest putana of em all, lemme tell you.
  9. Nah, drive out to Jersey. Carlo's Bakery.. they got the cannolis you really want trust me pallouchi.
  10. It's my paisan from Brooklyn. Send my love to your ma, alright?
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