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  1. whats on you is on you. Don't want it on? Drop it.
  2. [Items] - Keycard terminal

    gates used for garages... key-cards. RFID or whatever irl cards use don't have too long of a range. I suppose it'd need to be merged with the existing garage remote or need a new item created something like "gate remote" or "garage remote" or something. This suggestion is mainly focused on the doors or gates you can open by an object Im' suggesting to be made scanning the card's info sure I guess you don't need a key -card- for opening your garage door if it's controlled by a wireless remote as that's different technology. Also like, the PnS gates and stuff already got a separate object if taht's what you mean by garages accessible by keycard.
  3. [Items] - Keycard terminal

    What's conventient isn't always realistic. If you want to unlock your gate remotely get something to send the command to open it and something to receive it. the PIN would rather to access the adminstration overlay for changing what keycards function with the terminal and what not. I suppose you could make it so the same terminal/separate device could re-program existing keycards to match with the terminal's new criteria (I guess the keycard ID).
  4. World rendering problem [MTA]

    Not sure if the server supports but you could try nightly builds of mta maybe its just ur pc and mta not cooperating
  5. World rendering problem [MTA]

    could be your hardware failing, like your HDD for example
  6. NRG-500 Fuel Consumption Tweak

    go even slower
  7. Haaai

    hi I buy for 4 goat, pls respond x
  8. NRG-500 Fuel Consumption Tweak

    Go slower
  9. [General] - /look age ranges.

    You'd know
  10. [Items] - Keycard terminal

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Keycard terminal What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Add an item for /gates with a keycard. The item would have a GUI perhaps something similar to ATMs. Perhaps allow it to have an administrative PIN so the item owner can modify its settings while guests without the pin can only swipe their cards. What are the advantages?- It would allow public event hosts to chance gates keycard value without admins assistance, which in turn would help for weekly/monthly/whatever subacriptions. Having a pin would also promote illegal RP if someone wanted to try brute forcing it or something What are the disadvantages?- More work for getting through a gate? Even though its also an advantage as it would prevent people running in with binds meaning if they were to run from cops for example they'd need to stop to swipe the card instead which again promotes realism Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Not really apart from keypad/pin script as inspiration How would you go about implementing this idea?- Moral support
  11. [Items] - Fashionable Generic Items

    add this
  12. TWCN - LS GIRLFRIEND - 18+ Blog

    Name: SameButDifferent Comment: 18+ post but ur looking for 16+ girls... 🤔
  13. [RENTAL] - Dave Harper - LSIA - GA AREA 3 [ISSUED]

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENTAL FEE I, Dave Harper, have truly paid the required fee that is required for the Rental of the Airport Section(s) not to be expired. (( An image/screenshot of the payment history can be found below as a form of evidence: )) Kind Regards, Dave Harper, DH, 06/02/2018

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