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  1. Name: SameButDifferent Comment: Or I just had a temporary interest in bidding but wanted to be sure before I got myself involved?
  2. Name: SameButDifferent Comment: Just making sure they're not selling illegally imported vehicles, what's so wrong in that?
  3. disappoint

    [Items] - Adding Custom Stream URL's to speakers

    having seen people transport the large speakers as portable this really does defeat the point of the premium perk and besides I'm quite positive the system is same with ghettoblasters, which usually are actually portable and hence even further hurts the premium perk thing
  4. Name: SameButDifferent Comment: Quite sure the state regulations don't let you import vehicles newer than 25 years old.
  5. disappoint

    Textures appear & dissapear constantly

    also try setting up your streaming memory on MTA settings.
  6. disappoint

    Motorbike - 2019 KTM 500 EXC-F [ENDS: 10/08/2018]

    Name: SameButDifferent Comment: tops at about 90mph. Quite sure he just bought it so fuck knows what he's done to it to make him get rid of it so soon
  7. I mean the advertises do ask for your name and contact, and in real life people don't pick up the phone 24/7 either so just wait for the player to log on and then contact them? It's their own fault if they don't put a full name or something in the name spot. And as Munhausen said, businesses with multiple employees still could be open.
  8. disappoint

    'General, related to chat system' - Toggling OOC chat.

    I mean /b fests are against the rules in populated areas or atleast people have been warned about it in past so don't see this really necessary, especially as admins have the ability to mute them when needed and you can ask them to stop as well.
  9. late congrats mate

  10. disappoint


    Pretty sure charging IC currency for OOC services is against the rules unless you also actually roleplay creating the designs in-game and take orders in-character.
  11. disappoint

    Taser for CCWP Tier 1 - Tier 2 holders

    What JameZ said.
  12. Idk about you mate but I'd rather be paid for doing my work
  13. Idk about today, but back when I was PD many would do paperwork whole on duty ingame, after all, doing the paperwork is part of their duties.

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