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  1. Going to miss this server. Was a little late to the news, didn't even get to play for a last time
  2. I can finally play owlgaming on GTA V. Feeling hyped.

  3. Appealing for the second time for something I didn't even do. Quite frustrating, but let's hope I can return soon.

    1. EDR


      Good luck I guess, even if you did nothing wrong try to stay out of trouble! :P

    2. Rockeromx


      Good luck there, hope it gets solved and youre back online soon, saludos mi amigo :)

  4. Someone has breached my account and transferred half my sh*t to their account. If you have heard from this account in the past 2 weeks, it was not me. I will sort out the security of my account when I return home.

    1. ThePineapple


      They transferred it to their own account? Pretty retarded on their part.

  5. Hello Everyone, I'll be active again soon. School is almost over lol

  6. You can have a .gif image as your profile picture can't you? None of mine seem to be working anymore. :(

    1. Pilovali


      Are they gifs? Gimme link.

  7. I'm back ladies and gentlemen. :)

  8. After 14 exams the week is finally over. :')

  9. Getting denied into a faction can be painful when you spend so damn long on the application. :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Simonman80
    3. Dylanjeter1


      I know just how y'all feel... It's annoying, f'real

    4. DellWood


      make a better faction then. :)

  10. meh

    1. Spectre


      This is like your second status exactly the same. You want attention, well hello.

    2. Simonman80
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