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    Hello, I'm conducting a survey

     and I have some questions to ask you

    first off:

    Do you have a fear of a black tangent? 

    Were you born in the year of the rat? 
    Do you cheer and clap, When weird rap bands commence?

    I can tell by your answer you'll probably frolic with me in the foot hills
    And that you want your tofu patty cooked, not grilled
    But it doesn't matter, you've been enticed
    And drawn in with my hook and reel
    1. TonyTheX
    2. Vubstersmurf


      (Buy my written works)
      Oprah nods my novel
      (Buy my written works)
      As you can see, it sells very prominently in Boulder Colorado

      L-O-L, laugh out loud
      You've never known hell
      So well how do you identify with a black crowd?
      It's "Fear of a black tangent," idiot
      A public enemy spoof


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