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  1. Happy birthday mate.

  2. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. no schedule! hand it over! we dont negotiate with terrorists x Admin Shakes
  4. I guess you've won. Please contact 522066 to arrange purchase
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1979 Vehicle brand: Lincoln Vehicle make: Continental Mk V VIN: Will be given to auction winner. Mileage: 7899 Description: A beautiful collectors vehicle from 1979. The Lincoln continental mark 5 offers luxury, leg room and overall aesthetically pleasing vibes. This vehicle has been fully restored by previous owner. Minor work such as rewiring the alarm system of the vehicle and giving it a brand new glossy white paintjob. were accomplished within the last 6 months Looks almost a
  6. hey lads. you know theres a /switchhand or /changehand (someone with better memory please clarify the actual command) command for cigarettes to swap the hand its in. you can also do /smoke and /smoke 2 for anims that effect each hand respectively. Cigars though would be damn cool.
  7. Just passing through. 
    Here you see: Baby Swanker Knight. He is pretty cool...


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    2. RCB
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      I still see you around so..


      Ps I hope she starts to bite you soon.

    4. Norm


      harry white sends his regards to your son from heaven my brother



    500 horse power under the hood, an 8-ball of coke in the glove compartment and a dead cop in the trunk... 2:45 PM ...time to pick the kids up from school.



    1. YouriXx
    2. EDR
    3. BusterAces


      dont forget ur dancing shoes honey

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