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    Hello, I'm conducting a survey

     and I have some questions to ask you

    first off:

    Do you have a fear of a black tangent? 

    Were you born in the year of the rat? 
    Do you cheer and clap, When weird rap bands commence?

    I can tell by your answer you'll probably frolic with me in the foot hills
    And that you want your tofu patty cooked, not grilled
    But it doesn't matter, you've been enticed
    And drawn in with my hook and reel
    1. TonyTheX
    2. Vubstersmurf


      (Buy my written works)
      Oprah nods my novel
      (Buy my written works)
      As you can see, it sells very prominently in Boulder Colorado

      L-O-L, laugh out loud
      You've never known hell
      So well how do you identify with a black crowd?
      It's "Fear of a black tangent," idiot
      A public enemy spoof

  2. h e l l o w o r l d

    boy, dont be runnin' round killing deer unless: 1) you intend to harvest and eat it. 2) you hook your boy gentle up with some tasty venison.


    Through all the blood and sweat
    Nobody can forget
    Its not the size of the dog in the fight
    It's the size of the fight in the dog on the day or the night
    There's no time to reflect
    On the threat, the situation, the bark nor the bite







    I've got people to disappoint, I got mistakes to make
    How can you believe that I'm not a waste of space?
    Oh I'm sorry to disappoint, I seldom save face
    But how can I speak your language
    When I don't know my own?



    1. pinkguy
    2. GentleFart


      Its Busdriver you fool

    3. Lyricist


      Ive got make disappoint, people mistake

      How can you waste space of I'm believe

      Mans not hot.



    Well someone said i made a mistake 
    Kept looking forward on paths sideways 
    It's everything that is connected and beautiful 
    And now i know just where i stand 
    Seasons always shift too late 
    Spent too much time now on paths sideways 
    Everything that is connected and beautiful 
    And now i know just where i stand 
    Thank god it's over....





    1. Vubstersmurf


      It's no wonder that we did it this way 
      Keep looking forward on paths sideways 
      It's everything that is connected and beautiful 
      And now I know just where I stand 
      Move on 
      Roll along 
      Not today 
      It's everything that is connected and beautiful 
      And now I know just where I stand 

  8. GAT Update - November 9th 2017

    so many. i thought i'd attempt to get in one last tour of duty before my child arrives.
  9. Gray's Enterprise

    Because one gary is not enough and two garys is too low. Thus we need 3 garys. Also they have to ben men because there are no ladies called gary
  10. Gray's Enterprise

    At first i read this as Gary's Enterprise. I was expecting three different men called gary to run it.
  11. Maksim Egorov (Deceased)

    @Unitts - i told u 2 stop being a crim-crim-criminal years back, u didnt listen now u ded. lmao
  12. Character Kill Appeal - Lamar Philips

    After speaking to fellow admins it has been ruled that in most cases ck appeals realistically need to be made within the first 30 days. Anything after that becomes a grey area. It has been suggested that you could take it to the UCP to attempt have the situation that resulted in your ck reversed. Consider this Ck appeal denied.
  13. Character Kill Appeal - Lamar Philips

    Afaik its been too long to reverse this. Also i have left adminstrator and rejoined since so wouldnt this situation be treated as if i was no longer admin and be reassigned? @ZythuM @Tikemaro Why is this only now be contested after 9 months? I have no issues dealing with this but i'd like to know valid reasoning behind waiting so long. Also if your claims of Mg are correct we cannot allow this to go unpunished. Regardless i will check with the other admins to see what their opinion is on this.
  14. Junkyard Sale

    username: Montyofthemolemen bid: $10.00

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