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  1. Thank you for the entry!
  2. This is indeed correct. yes
  3. The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Citizens of Los Santos Pizza Stack Needs YOU! The Well Stacked Pizza co is hosting a contest for the next 7 days for a mascot design. Design us a mascot to hand out samples and talk to customers about upcoming products, Use your imagination but please try keep it pizza themed. Our old mascot was deemed "Crusty" and "unfit to speak to members of the public" thus we've had to retire Pizza Party Pete Rules: 1) Must be an original design, if we suspect you did not design the costume yourself, you will be disqualified ((no stolen skins)) 2) Refrain from any vulgarity within the costume, We're trying to break away from our "Ghetto" image 3) Must be pizza themed (even if only slight) 4) Nothing Skin Tight Prizes are as follows: 1st Place: $10,000 2nd place: $7,500 3rd place: $5,000 Please forward any submissions to [email protected] ((Forum pm GentleFart)) and if you wish to show your work you can post a picture of the costume here! Submissions will be counted on the 1st of august and the top 3 costumes will be chosen. GOOD LUCK
  4. @MissAnachronisms - I didnt depart, i'm still here running the pizza stack faction.
  5. guys, stop nominating me as best legal faction leader LOL. I just sell pizza.
  6. ACCEPTED, Please report to Namira for training. @temk
  7. will it stop those pesky noobs from buying my darn garages?
  8. This is by far my favorite script update, Chaos, Hurley and the other nice folks have really done good.
  9. HIRED
  10. Can confirm. Yes
  11. Yep. I have a genetic disorder known as phimosis. No 4skin for me lads
  12. Accepted, call us for an interview.
  13. Come back amos ;(
  14. Name: thanksmondinix Bid: buyout