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  1. Bray Douglas Childhood and upbringing Born in January 1976 to parents who both had substantial substance abuse issues, Bray's childhood was characterised with parental neglect, intimidation and an overall unloving environment. His Father, a proud drunk was blue-collar worker, with a particular affection for prostitutes, was known to leave the household for several weeks at a time on drunken benders. Whenever he returned it was usually to the dismay of his child's mother and to Bray. This was as a result of his drunken rages which he was particularly notorious for by bar owners around the surrounding areas of his run down cabin, on the rural outskirts of Los Santos. His Mother on the other hand had her own troubled past. Her coping mechanism was substance abuse, mostly opioids and alcohol abuse which would result in the neglect of her son. Whenever she was sober she usually sought the best life for her son but given her extreme measure to forget her past, her son would soon follow suit in her list of things to forget. All of these factors lead to the eventual death of Bray's mother. It was put down to a combination of the toxins in her body and years of abusing her body, but bray always had the belief that his father had a hand in the death of his mother. With the death of Bray's mother it left his father as the sole parent in his already turbulent life. This saw a new frequency in the beating, and increase in the drinking and a new found loneliness that the loss of his mother brought. The only 'positive' male role models that Bray ever looked up to were the band of Harley-riding nomads which rode through the small towns of Red County. These bikers were the only reason Bray ever developed any sense of social competence and also can be thanked for his rather laid back approach to violence, drugs and unruly behaviour. Coming of age As Bray grew older he learned to accept the nature of his father. The beatings became expected and they began to become endured by Bray. The hatred he had toward his began to turn into apathy and a strange form of protection over his father began to form as his father's health grew worse as a result of the alcoholism and years of bar brawls and drunken street fights. This led Bray to get a job at the age of 15. This came in the form of working for his father's old drinking buddy at a junkyard. Although it was an extremely laborious job Bray found it fascinating. All the trinkets and mechanisms, plus the childhood love of Harley's led Bray to modify, fix and steal bikes. On one such occasion Bray was "inspecting" someone's bike without their permission. While doing so the owner of said bike showed up and was not best please about the situation. The man also happened to be a part of an MC who were staying near by for the night. This lead to a severe beating from the bikers. Bray however showed incredible spirit by raising to his feet directly after what the bikers thought were the final blow. In doing so Bray had earned the respect of some of the higher up members in the MC, leading them to take him under their wing, showing him the ropes and more importantly giving him a sense of family and of importance. All of these things led Bray to a life of crime, violence, abuse and most importantly a respect for the close bond to his brothers in the MC. Adulthood, Los Santos & TDMC As time went on Bray found himself questioning his values, beliefs and his future. He had felt that the views of his brothers were not the same as his in many different ways. He didn't share the same affection for his race as many people did. He was not proud to be white, but also not ashamed. He didn't see eye-to-eye with the traditionally racist views that many of his brothers held, resulting in his eventual abandonment of the MC which had taught him to become a man, and most importantly, how to become a brother. The fact he left the previous MC on such bad terms and in a somewhat dishonourable way haunted Bray but with the distancing of the discriminatory views which was so prevalent in his upbringing he felt like he was coming into his own. With the new found freedom of forming his own ideas coupled with Bray's arrival to LS he found that he could lead a new life of his own. With Bray being around mid-life he has found himself questioning himself and his values. This was until he was approached by some friends from back in the day. Some younger guys who used to go riding with him when Bray was younger got in touch. They were talking about making a new MC, The 'Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club'. Bray lept at the proposal to join, seeking new adventures while many his age start to begin slowing down. TDMC has brought together his desire for bikes, money, danger and most importantly Brotherhood and loyalty. Time has yet to tell whether the MC will give him the sort of legacy that Bray insists on leaving behind.
  2. Always good to see some quality threads posted. Especially the acknowledgement of having flaws, as well as perks on your character!
  3. We're getting there bois. Now for my replys to have some of that real c o n t e n t
  4. Absolutely. We'll try to learn for the mistakes of others buddy. Thanks for the good wishes though mate!
  5. Swag Mo'fo and i couldn't be arsed losing a gun without a fight!
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