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  1. you don't have a big D

  2. [MENTION=1875]TPGRed112[/MENTION] [MENTION=1107]Humour[/MENTION] [MENTION=321]Darkness[/MENTION] r good additions to the supporter team.
  3. You appreciate too much people on this thread homie.
  4. IG, Forum PM, Skype:qdotexe.

  5. how does one contact the wii u

  6. Love this faction, y'all are surely in for an official status.
  7. GL Masch1na, not like you'll need it.
  8. guy in the white t-shirt between the 2 girls
  9. fake, all fake, had 2 many fake girls on rG/vG/uG before.
  10. [MENTION=1305]Chase[/MENTION] [MENTION=144]Jezte[/MENTION] [MENTION=146]cat[/MENTION] , thank you guys for bein' helpful.
  11. [MENTION=1373]Nightmare[/MENTION] for bein' 2 fast.
  12. Don't forget the candy.
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