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  1. BboyEnzo

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    tbh you should just spawn in with a colt
  2. BboyEnzo

    John Willbur Woody

    Very stereotypical imo
  3. BboyEnzo

    John Willbur Woody

    I like the story but the name John Woody triggeres me
  4. BboyEnzo

    Shalaby Organization

    Me and Serx in a Hoover faction? Issa wrap.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. BboyEnzo

    Ganton Youth 1226

    This is good, i like this
  6. please god let this just be a joke
  7. BboyEnzo

    Badgers Motorcycle Club

    prosepct gl tho
  8. BboyEnzo

    [Youtube] hot like a parked car

    hilarious im dying right now
  9. BboyEnzo


    So don't add a command that shows you exactly how much PD is online, just add one that would tell you if there is enough PD on for certain activities. You type in /pd then "vehicle theft" and "property break-in" pop up in either green or red, obviously green meaning there is enough PD for the activity to be performed and red the latter.
  10. BboyEnzo

    Latrell "Trell" Myers

    so proud
  11. BboyEnzo

    Best skin ever

    i once made a goblin skin on the midget ped but lost the files
  12. BboyEnzo

    [Items] - Tents

    fucking intents

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