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  1. Ice

    Dog Skin

    Why can't we roleplay as a dogs when we have JohnMeme who is allowed to roleplay as human? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jokes aside, though. I wish it was allowed. I remember somebody tried to make even public topic back in the days asking to be allowed to RP as a dog (or was it me even? lol), but alas, neither UAT, nor community was ready for such drastic changes back then. Doubt anything has changed since then, though...
  2. We're living in XXI century. Of all people I know, only my mother used MP4 player (not even MP3) for a short time about 4-5 years ago... I mean seriously, I'd rather have phone app with such function instead.
  3. ur jokes are worse than ur reflection in the mirror
  4. I'm surprised nobody had posted it anywhere yet. Still, despite the fact most of you probably know that news by now, I'll post it, since, apparently I'm only person actively tracking such things here: humblebundle gives away their both Amnesia games. You can find them on the link below and "buy" them for 0$. Keep in mind that you should be registered. https://www.humblebundle.com/ hf bois! Hopefully I'm not too late.
  5. Ice


    It's a song about u

    1. JohnM


      i hate you

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  7. Ice

    Typical JohnM:

    1. JohnM



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  8. I wonder if I'm too late to write all that stuff to be honest (as I was told this thing is implemented already), but that's one of very few cases when I'm actually against the idea. ThatGuy and mindscape mentioned some nice points, but what's written below mostly confuses me and maybe nobody else. Does it mean I'm right and everyone is wrong? No idea, feel free to critisize me, but... For some reason many of you kind of forget that there's hospital in this region. What you suggested (and apparently implemented by now) is basically having a large city hospital in the middle of crime infested area. Sorry but that's not how it works, especially on owl, where many illegal roleplayers consider getting wasted and crushing/hijacking car and robbing randoms 24/7 to be an amazing RP skill. Hell, even original gta sa with all its weirdness had this hospital marked as "neutral" territory which you couldn't capture during gang wars... And then again, I don't quite understand what was that fuzz about jefferson area anyway. Like, there's whole east LS area, which is about 1/3 of the city, why would you need to expand even more? Feels like we're living in some third world country actually... Sorry if I sound rude but I seriously don't understand that...
  9. Ice


    While I can sort of understand your point with "farming" and "lumberjack" kind of jobs, I don't see point in other jobs: Bank money collector - basically as I see this job, it's going from point A to point B. We already have delivery drivers for that, frankly. And I believe this job is quite well scripted. Making ILLEGAL jobs not bound to faction is simply hilarious. -First of all because new players would have access straight to illegal RP. Many newcomers don't even know how to make proper /me (and heck, I was like that back in the days, don't take it offensive). -Secondly, how would you even go with hiring? (*at a city hall* hello, I want to become an arms dealer! -you're hired!). Maybe it would require another NPC for solely illegal jobs, standing somewhere by idlewood, but mate, just believe me, this idea is REALLY stupid. -Third, even IF we'd like to discuss your ideas (say, farming and lumberjack), nobody will accept them because you didn't even bother with writing explanation to your jobs. How would they work? What makes them unique and so much needed for the server? p.s. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ A huge underline. Again, don't take this offensive, but I would highly advice you playing way more in order to figure out how things here actually work. For example illegal activities. If you want to become a bandit, you need to make ties with "right" people IC-y (meeting bad guys, hanging out with them, helping them in their shady business and many other things). Then when you'll be accepted, you'll see how deep and immersive roleplay can actually be. In the end you'll make a great story for your character, which would be comparable to a book you might want to read some day. Yeah, many people claim illegal RP is lame, shallow, weak, bad, blablabla, but believe me, even with current flaws, illegal roleplay on this server is really nice. your ideas (if implemented, of course), would only make it worse. So yeah, unless it was some trolling, I would still suggest you playing more and soon you'll figure out how Police and Criminals work. Then you'll realize how amazing things can actually be. Just make sure not to act as super tough guy. Noone likes it, even IRL.

    1. Vinceeez


      haha you're a proper saddo for buying this

    2. Ice




  11. if I had a chance, i'd rp as some plain ballas goon. Like seriously, I always considered Ballas to be the cool badass guys. My respect to grove ran to zero after I first accidentaly hit them and saw them running away in fear. Further with the story I only got more confirms to my feelings (like when CJ and Sweet got ambushed and their former friends started openly working for ballas, grove street actually HELPED them in drug deliveries and such. You can see the model on Patriot if you hunt for drugs. There's a lot of other examples, really). If not Sweet and CJ, trying to hold what's left of the old gang which was tearing apart through the whole story, grove would've been gone ages ago. So that's why I'd rather be part of ballas. And yeah, not some important guy cuz it gives me way more freedom to develop my character the way I want personally...
  12. Ice

    Yet another problem with MTA

    Well, small situation update. Removing resources didn't help. What's interesting, however, is the fact that I installed "GTA Underground" mod, based on my current gta sa version. Now, I wouldn't mention this if not one interesting thing: This mod features custom radio stations in each city. So when I'm playing in VC and listening to ingame radio I have exactly same problem. And it's not MTA, it's singleplayer GTA SA basically. Moreover, if I switch to USER TRACK STATION, which broadcasts old gta san andreas advertisements, it broadcasts just fine, no lag, no issues, nothing. So apparently it has something to do with gta itself, or audio drivers, or some broken windows 10 update, or whatever, but clearly, roots of this problem aren't coming from MTA. Too bad I still don't know how to fix that...
  13. Ice

    Fact of the day, foxes don't respect golf game.


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