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  1. Name: NiggerKiller911 Comment: Im voting for the party that promises to kill the most negros!
  2. you rp a jew named after a magician dont see you helping out members of the community you bureaucratic cum guzzler
  3. why not pm me and try it yourself rather than denigrate my noble cause
  4. PM me, I will supply you with premium NordVPN so your connection is uninterrupted by the limitations of any free VPNs.
  5. I urge all users to use a totally different password, lest some malicious user hacks into their database. We do not know the methods deveis uses to hash passwords, if any at all, or the security of their framework.
  6. Vehicles now respawn every 5 minutes, but only if unoccupied last occupant isnt nearby This seems problematic. 30 mins, an hour, I would understand. 5 is ridiculously short. What if they're inside an interior/dimension? What if you walk down the street and talk to a dude for 5 mins then go back to find your car is ages away?
  7. Xander you're fucking dead meat you fucking pedo
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