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  1. "Thank you all for attending." *Justice MacIntyre bangs his gavel before exiting the court room.* (( @Macsimusx @Luigikuik @Zebulon ))
  2. "Mister Scalise, Mister Dewitt is being charged for possession of the weapon which he was found to have on his person during the time of the frisk. Now unless you can provide this court room with evidence that the frisk was infact illegal then I see no reason to continue this and will move on to a summary judgement." (( @Macsimusx ))
  3. "Does the defence have any evidence they wish to present to prove these claims they are making? If no evidence can be presented then I shall not be wasting any further time in this court room and we can wrap this up." (( @Macsimusx @Zebulon ))
  4. "Does the defence have anything they wish to present to the court room?" (( @Macsimusx @Luigikuik ))
  5. "Very well, we shall have a recess of 48 hours in order for you to discuss the case with your client." *Justice MacIntyre bangs his gavel before sitting back in his chair.* (( @Zebulon @Macsimusx ))
  6. "I presume you would like a recess to allow you time to discuss with your client?" (( @Macsimusx ))
  7. "It would seem the public defenders office is delayed. Does the defendant wish to seek a private lawyer or represent themselves? The defendant also has the option to pay for bail." (( @Luigikuik Don't mind waiting just trying to see if you want to speed things up. ))
  8. You should let that just die instead.
  9. "Very well, I'd like to get this wrapped up quickly so Mister Spade you may start." (( @Zebulon ))
  10. "Very well, the public defenders office has been notified." (( @JameZ @Blanco @JohnM @GamerX27 ))
  11. This is locked until both parties can behave like reasonable people instead of petty name calling. The handling admin will post his verdict soon enough.
  12. "Is the defence representing themselves or are they have legal counsel?" (( @croozerdog Please tag the appropriate persons as to prevent further delays. ))
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