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  1. YRN

    Tribute to X...

    still feel fucked up laughing at all these memes
  2. YRN

    West Grove Wheelers (EBK)

    its the ghetto there's always numbers, it's called realism. I'm tired of schooling this dude, why doesn't he ever get it. MY GUY, THIS IS A ROLEPLAY SERVER, just because you know OOCLY that there's TWO GANGS DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD ICLY FEEL THAT THE GHETTO RANDOMLY GETS LESS VIOLENT AND HAS LESS PEOPLE THAT'S TEXT BOOK META GAMING. Hopefully he understands English words in caps because writing normally doesn't help. What Restrepo said makes sense and I totally agree as it's actually realistic and is solely IC, if you decide to show up to the hood do it in numbers. It's not about fear either, it's about caution and protocol.
  3. u try to get help from fmt they deny it, u try to be self dependent they ban u 

    1. Matey



  4. YRN

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    They freed bro
  5. Uat permission to rob a business makes sense.
  6. If the admim responce time was quicker when it comes to illegal activites Id be for this but its not.
  7. Esexers cant get cked thought u knew that my guy.

    1. BusterAces


      can confirm this statement. my esex alts has yet to be ck'd. give this man a cookie

    2. Vubstersmurf


      Fuck for your life.


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