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  1. Jola

    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Congratulations to Nathan. More to come soon!
  2. Jola

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    The illegal gun market will be fucked so nah.
  3. Jola

    Welcome to America, Vlad...

    You know how is america On topic though, good luck with the character.
  4. Jola

    Ganton Youth 1226

    The snapchat and insta shit's fire. Keep it up
  5. Jola

    Shalaby Organization

    Immaculate H Gang
  6. lmfao, owl's economy isn't that bad, compared to other RP servers especially. I agree with the suggestion though, shouldn't have to cost you a fortune to design your home.
  7. I agree with the suggestion but I fail to understand this point, people assume that there's valuable items in all the big houses in rich neighborhoods which is realistic. I don't see how a green tag alters their trend of thought. I only agree with the suggestion because there's no need for us to know as players but that's about it. Otherwise it's not necessarily a problem.
  8. Comment: Insults work when they can be relayed idiot, your UK slangs sound so nerdish and retarded. Tell you what, I'll personally buy you some Fortnite skins if you give your mom her laptop back, then again I'm pretty sure that she doesn't approve of her 12 year old transgender kid talking smack on the internet. Yeah it was founded by Britain, but look at Britain and look at America today. The country you founded is doing better than you in all aspects. So I suggest you go back to sipping tea and clipping off your queen's 200 year old cunt hairs.
  9. Comment: Lmfao, a whole bunch of UK immigrants in these comments. You wouldn't do a better job because you suck ass plain and simple. Howard has me and my people's votes, keep on complaining because that's all you can do until he retires. Stay in the shadow where you belong lol.
  10. Name: Private Bid:$ 2,000
  11. Comment: lmfao, go to bed you have school tomorrow.

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