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  1. Hopefully this works out because we need it good luck.
  2. Name: Racks Comment: Can y'all niggas shut the fuck up bruh.
  3. Out for a bit due to PC issues should be back soon.
  4. It's up to the players, the server shouldn't have to necessarily force it on them, I just don't want to see people drifting around or whatever after a major flood, I've been in multiple natural disasters and it's chaotic days/weeks after obviously we shouldn't be expecting players to be in full distress mode but at least a minor adjustment of your lifestyle can be rped, yeah debris on the road, having to walk to certain places ETC just minor adjustments that would not affect people enjoying their roleplay
  5. How about a flood and then a drake charity concert. I don't think people are gonna roleplay the aftermath of the flood anyway
  6. I got a sim with 12 kids
  7. What if we don't want to report you but we just want to give feedback on how you could improve where do we go then? The second we PM you you'll take it as an attack, people even get kicked or banned for it
  8. its cuz you said something nice about queencersei
  9. lol how would you know if they're gonna be biased or not my guy? I expect decisions to go one way when certain admins accept my reports because of previous altercations, we're all human, they can't help it regardless of how you view them
  10. so if I've been having bad altercations with an admin frequently on the forums, IG, w/e or lets say they're in a rival faction and we're gonna do something in relation to their faction it's stupid to ask for another admin?
  11. I'm talking prior to the situation being handled, if you request that another admin deals with the situation it should not be a problem, also I don't see the problem with asking for a second opinion admins are not gods of rp and if we're being honest some of them can't even RP, it's a team for a reason they help each other not make solo decisions especially when there's somebody who doesn't agree with it for a valid reason
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