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  1. You're contradicting yourself Hitler junior, I wonder how much the farmers that you lobby with get for their projects.
  2. Maybe you should have asked companies to place their own bids with detailed expenses before coming up with an illogical budget, what company would have the motivation to go into negotiations with a guy who thinks 10K a reasonable amount to do a project like that.
  3. With that budget they want a half arsed one man job so you'll be perfect for it.
  4. This is way better than I expected it to be, good stuff.
  5. I mean, if the majority of the community isn't into playing MTA we can't force them to show interest. People are logging in daily onto a beta server because they enjoy it and the environment. As for the admins, how can they administrate a server with nobody on it. GTA V in itself has a long way to go, the focus should be on that platform as people are actually interested in playing it.
  6. I asked about this on support and it's on the way also.
  7. I'm expecting them to add this in the future, for now you could just use self radio
  8. Problem with that is people roleplay around cars even if you're offline, if someone can just hide their car with literally 0 access to anyone else this blocks a lot of roleplay opportunities.
  9. Don't think that it's possible, I doubt peds can be customized unless a third party application is used similar to editing skins on photoshop on mta.
  10. Name: Ricelord Comment: Yep I'ma need that for my lambo gini
  11. good stuff gives me motivation to hop on knowing that I can get a couple lines out without any issues
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