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  1. Prolific. I'm already enjoying this.
  2. One of many, good stuff bro.
  3. You're contradicting yourself when you say that our concerns can be made via FT contact and then say FT contacts are usually about OPs and VMs, clearly the contact system is not used to bring up ideas as you can't have a discussion on the topic via a contact. People do not bring up concerns because they don't think that it'll be taken seriously, we had a thread about this ( Improve the Illegal Scene) and it just turned into a clusterfuck where FT members were defending their actions while people of the community were bringing up concerns, yes I was in that FT meeting nothing was discussed in the meeting that was meaningful, it was basically a meeting of ideas and what we expect. You need to have a group of people and a section on the forums were they could express their opinions and have logical discussions about it, not a 30 minute to 1 hour TS voice meeting where responses are rushed, it's literally the owl version of a democratic presi debate. Nobody is asking you to make FT drops and handle VM request if you think that people are reaching for power which is your main concern and the signs are all over this thread, we just want a voice in the decisions being made by one of the most important teams on the server a server which is player dependent.
  4. You can't have a discussion via FT public contact, you can't see replys, you can't expound on your points. There is also no obligation for FT to run their ideas though the community before they implement it they just vote on it within their own circle but fuck it lol I won't be going though the circle of 'FT doesn't need help we're perfect', it literally looks like people are begging to help, do you.
  5. I'm not going to go into detail but the last time I had an interaction with FT an admin denied my request to get an item when it was approved by another FT member, that is poor judgement and miscommunication. Nobody is saying that the current FT is shit, we're just sketchy about specific members and if they will be able to handle request made by people who know their shit, people are quick to call things unrealistic when they know nothing about it. Nobody wants to see this project fail, the scripts already beat all the other text based GTA V servers but as we've seen on GTA SA, that will not keep people on a server.
  6. this has to be a joke right, gta sa came out in 2004. MTA has done its time along with other factors in relation to the server. You should be happy that people want to play here and if you're scared or concerned due to the caliber or rpers and factions in the works - just step up, do your research and try to be unique this isn't rocket science creating quality rp is easy.
  7. How is FT in a good state am I missing something here? Have you looked at the illegal faction section in the past 3 months? Anything can be abused, what's stopping admins from abusing it right now? Nothing. You're a part of the team, you can't have an unbiased opinion on if it's good or bad. Stop using the 'putting a pin on that' mentality, you're not going to discuss anything when OwlV starts up or you're hoping that we would forget when it does, the matter is in front of us right now, let's deal with it, if you don't want to get the people in charge of the team to give a logical response as to why this is being blocked.
  8. The community has spoken yet again, lets see what happens
  9. Name one suggestion that a member of this community has made which was fulfilled in relation to factions. Also can you tell me how FT has been trying to improve roleplay over the past year of people not being satisfied with the current scene? You can't say something is working out when it isn't, sure FT admins can spawn in drugs after debating if someone is cool enough to get a drop but this isn't what the team is all about unless something has changed over the past months/years. "We may not have the most diverse team in terms of roleplaying strengths, but each member has valuable contributions to all contacts" You're proving my point lol, the team has to be diverse in order for positive changes to be brought forward, FT admins have a role the addition of other people isn't going to affect that role, the addition of other people is to discuss matters and bring more opinions to the table. Limiting the team is a power grab and the only two reasons you have for limiting it are illogical.
  10. You should have just went with that instead of the I don't think players (who can apply to be admin) by the way will join FT to leak, it's illogical. You're joining a team you're expected to follow the rules, leaking is a problem for every team. The only issue you guys have is allowing other people into the team and we all know why this is a problem for you, I said this on the other thread and it was passed over as we're always looking for help when this topic says otherwise. You need people with different opinions, having the same meetings where everybody agrees with everything will not positively affect the server, there is still this us verses them mentality, if not people would have been allowed to have a beneficial impact on your decisions a long time ago.
  11. I don't see the logic of this, any team member can get punished, leaks are being done right now regardless of people being admins. The team has a few people with experience, not enough people who've actually roleplayed illegally specially who can have meaningful discussions about the illegal scene and faction roles. Doesn't make sense to do this after the server opens either you're gonna end up having a dysfunctional system/economy from the start which would be hard to fix. What have you guys discussed about the illegal scene for GTA V anyway, has the weapon/drug distribution system been discussed? Will thinks like assault rifles be limited because certain admins don't "like" to see criminals with those types of weapons? Will I have to make a contact to do everything on a modern platform like GTA V? There are a lot of questions that have to be asked and answered and considering the contents of this update all I see is yes men.
  12. Iddk what that is but ill play
  13. Will never happen because of ego and this stigma that once someone criticizes something they're against or hate it. Owl has a lot of people who could be inducted into teams like FT to make the illegal scene 100 times better but it'll never happen because they are blacklisted due to them criticizing the server. There's one or two people in FT who know stuff about criminal/illegal RP the others are yes men who will never have real discussions about the decisions being made not forgetting people who have no business being an admin or even in FT. The funny thing is we've been complaining about this from 2017 and we predicted that the server will be in this state and they're still not listening lol. I guess we're literally wasting time responding to this topic, the only reason I still do is because I want to play V and there will be the same admin/FT team, I want to give myself a chance and not quit after 5 days because of the people in positions doing the same shit.
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