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  1. The end of an era.
  2. Who tf posts status updates? This shit isn't facebook.

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    2. Boody
    3. Goat


      why post faction threads when there's nothing on it

    4. AlphaFreeze


      Because you aren't required to post anything. As long as you keep FMT updated then you are okay.

  3. I am a corpsman. Currently stationed at the Naval Hospital in Guantanamo Bay.

  4. This was taken about 3 weeks ago during my clinical training here I worked in a hospital This was taken last Thursday when I graduated and officially became a Hospital Corpsman.
  5. Selfie from Friday night when I went into town to see American Sniper with some friends. Rocking that Eisenhower jacket, it's nice as fuck.
  6. About a month ago. The day after I graduated bootcamp and was on my way to Texas. That seabag weighs a good 150lbs. That shit sucks to carry.
  7. Quads are pretty gay, but it was my first time ever riding. I got a hold of it pretty quick, I don't see why people say its hard. And speaking of back brace, fuck those things. I was riding and ate shit and slammed into a tree at ~35mph. I was able to get up and walk away with just a bruise on my back (where I hit) and on my knee.
  8. I actually just realized how often I have pictures taken of me in that shirt. That was the same shirt I wore when I got sworn into the Navy.
  9. My friend Matt and I trying to high five while riding around in the Sand. (I'm on the left)
  10. Chase told me that he was removed by an certain lead admin for being gay. I thought he was joking .
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