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  1. https://gyazo.com/ef757b0579b5bd59d27fd8d98809800d


    Many factors, starting with the fact that a lot of the old rpers are already matured/faced with IRL shit and they are not delivering the same focus/attention to rp, although that's been less consistent with old dogs. The more you mature, the more your roleplay standards generally grow, at least in the cases I've seen.


    The problem is the mentality of the community. I've yet to see a single faction trying to establish a foothold into criminal roleplay and claiming the throne in town, not since Nikdude, @zollarr, and some other old farts. New sports aren't interested in building a decent faction, it's the cash they're after.


    People's roleplay standards are shallow, undocumented/unresearched and then they go on to bitch about why nothing works in their favor when they do stupid shit like shoot up the club every weekend/make very obvious fronts/factions.


    Nobody can take criticism and try to improve. They are still stuck thinking that the idea of "Say something nice or stay quiet" still applies. In fact, instead of ignoring the criticism, the new sports now gang up and try to humiliate/attack the old farts for it.


    The staff has no personality, no opinions. They're there to be cogs in a larger system of something very mechanical/robotic. They value their staff position more than standing for something and helping to go towards it.


    Too tired to spell all of it out.

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      I smoke two packs a day, I got major trust issues and I'm experiencing midlife crisis @ age of 21. U tell me xDDDDDDDDDDD

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      Dr. Z prescribes doing this 2 times a day.



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      Bad meme is bad and I should feel bad. Even worse, The Wurst.

  2. @Shanks @Skully Thank you both, lots of trolls on TS today, and with us plebs being stuck in the public channel, the timely responses you both provided in dealing with them was much needed and appreciated!
  3. @OhhPixelz - Had a new guy on TS asking for help. This guy was more than happy to! You're tha real mvp.
  4. No one opens a bar, period. This is part of the reason why, opening a bar to lose money is even more discouraging. @isomorphism had a great thread on this. And I think this script would help improve the situation regarding 'nightlife.'
  5. Yea that covers it pretty well, agreed. Then treat this suggestion as moot, or simply a discussion as to why it still happens so frequently.
  6. Can you quote the rule where it states stalling isn't allowed? Despite the 'always stay in character' rule. It's perfectly understandable some, if not most would assume that as soon as a report is made the situation is deemed out of character until resolved. And right now there's nothing in the rules clarifying this. It happens a lot, we all agree on that. In fact I might argue the PD faces next to no situations where /b isn't a factor. And stalling isn't a thing. Staff has no real way of dealing with this. In my eyes this means things need to be clarified. We can't always rely on the vague 'admin discretion' and 'this sort of falls under xyz' That's simply bad practice.
  7. /highlight also helps. Not many people know of the command added back in VG! But you're right.... It is, regardless there has to be some sort of way to make stalling occur less.
  8. Is there an admin team consensus on how this ought to be handled yet? I still feel this happens way too often. And I've rarely seen admins being able to deal with the situation.
  9. That's basically what I suggested. The reason I want to base it on people inside is because I don't want people to buy a business, toggle it open and have it on the list permanently clogging it up so the active places don't get attention. I feel a player-count will help motivate people to go to busy places and exponentially make them busier. Perhaps working with obscure words like 'some presence to crammed' is better so people don't constantly switch to the busiest place.
  10. It makes sense, and we're on the same page. The thing is, many would argue they are roleplaying during the stalling. But they don't want to continue because many admins would take continuing as consenting to the direction of the scene. This simply needs to be clarified to make it happen way less.
  11. So time to clarify it. Right now it could be argued there's nothing wrong with it.
  12. It's not explicitly stated in the rules anywhere.
  13. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script?: /newspaper What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?: General Has said suggestion been seen on other servers before?: No What is the suggestion?: /newspaper brings up a simple GUI which shows all BUSINESS buildings with 1 person in it or more. Additionally, these businesses can have a small comment below their bolded name in italics. The comment is made by the business owner by being inside the business. By simply typing: /open [comment] This whole process is free. /close forcibly unlists the business until it has 0 people in it once again. Or until the business owner types /open again. Opinions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this script towards the server/gameplay?: Positive Naturally create hotspots. It's easy to end up mindlessly drifting through the city trying to find some sort of nightlife. A bar... Just somewhere to RP. With people actually in it! This will allow those who are looking for it to type /newspaper to see which businesses are open. And even read a small comment by the owners to see if there's any events going on or if the business is intentionally open for patronage. Making an add is expensive these days. There's no way a bar sells enough drinks to justify 0 fee to make an ad to even make people aware of your business being open. Meaning you operate at a loss. This will relieve people who run bars and clubs just from the kindness of their heart (and wallet) a bit. Allowing them to create a hotspot with their business just by being in it. When the business has 0 people in it, it automatically gets unlisted from /newspaper (or whatever the command ends up being called. /hotspots?) Which means the /open message get's cleared. Which is just a small advantage script-wise. Negative: Some people might claim this is prone to MG. But without names being displayed I think the chances of MG are quite negligible. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?: No How would you go about implementing this idea?: It's a GUI, can be done with the internal MTA GUI, meaning the work is rather minimal.
  14. Discussion of Rules List the number of the rule you wish to bring up: N/A What is the full name of the rule you wish to bring up: Intentional Stalling I want to [select from the dropdown] this rule.: New rule Provide a detailed elaboration of your discussion: Using /b and afk time to significantly stall a situation where time is of the essence/on your side should be a punishable offense. I'm talking someone getting robbed in a semi-public place hoping someone will come by and stalling so people go to see what's going on. I'm talking someone during a SWAT situation stalling so his friends can get away or catch up. Misuse of /b to stall the RP should be a punishable offense if recognized by an admin. On the flipside, they should make a report, and an admin needs to be able to retcon and rewind EVEN IF the victim continued roleplaying despite not agreeing. The victim says in /b once: 'I disagree because xyz, making a report.' At that point, the people he's roleplaying with either agree and adjust accordingly. Or they CONTINUE until admins arrive, the situation is explained during RP and a decision is made regarding the scene. I hope this will make RP more fluid and diminish bitching in /b. Especially by people who hope to get out from under things by being super annoying. Like in a traffic stop going on a /b fest!
  15. TheJoker

    [2] - Discuss

    What's roleplay called again where your partner doesn't have a chance to respond? Powergaming: The reason you need someone to be online is because they at least have a chance to respond. It's your job IC'ly to time it when they're not home. Unless you want the confrontation. But being offline means no chance to respond. Allowing that would be allowing powergaming. Plain and simple.
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