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  1. If people would chill with this stat whore rice life, and appriciate vct instead of bashing on them beacuse you can't get your virtual GTR intime to stroke your dick to. Shit might become easier. Its a game, not a life commiment, VCT, GAT and staff have REAL LIFE, belive it or not its true. Shit might be alot happier around here. "Shrugs"
  2. Glad nationaldag på dig med! Länge leve Sverige, hurra hurra hurra! 

    1. AJay


      Sverige fosterland! Hurra hurrahurra!

    2. Freebird



      Fram med groggen! Upp med flaggan i topp! 

    3. Tajiri
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1959 Vehicle brand: Oldsmobile Vehicle make: 88 VIN: 12509 Mileage: 85197 Description: Trying once again to sell this classic car with a total remake. What's done on it is: New Paint, Red flake and white metallic, Fresh new made interrior with white and black leather seats, restored speedometer just like the original. Installed Hydralic system, and fresh new rims with a set of white wall classic wheels. A real classic Lowrider. Images Starting bid
  4. I mean sure, it's based on LA's climate, so yeah, it's cool, sunny days and almost no rain, I got you boy! DOn't come here and think you know errythang', don't make me bring out my stick bwoi!
  5. Name: HM Comment: These hydraulics have the ability to make car jump, but not as much as it would damage the car in any way, I guess your other car had some bigger tanks then this one. Name: HM Comment: Denied, use your eyes mano..
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1959 Vehicle brand: Oldsmobile Vehicle make: 88 VIN: 12509 Mileage: 85197 Description: A 1959 Oldsmobile, custom built by myself into a eye catching lowrider. It comes with a fully functional Hydralic system and with a fresh newly made interior, such as new leather on the seats, restored original speedometer. The paintjob is done by a profesional, with red flake paint and white metallic. The rims is new aswell, and with a fresh pair of whitewall wheels for the classic look. A real classic l
  7. Still not giving up on your return bruh, bless.

  8. I get that, and I dont want to seem like some negative fool. ofcourse its wonderful they finally understand and starts to listen, and yeah, it might be too late to change now, Im just hoping for the best.
  9. You guys shot yourselfs in the foot, it takes weeks for an FMT contact, you get questions on the way you RP certain ways. It's hundreds faults within owl nowdays, and when you spot the playerbase dying, now you wanna make a change? Ive said this for months, tbh its to late to listen now.
    1. AJay


      @Freebird I broke the code... Your tricks are nothing, compared to my master MIND!

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