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  1. "Mr. Olsen, to clarify, you said a motion against a dismissal, do you mean a motion for dismissal?" (( @Chaotropy ))
  2. "Of course the Defendant may engage the prosecution and inquire about why such claims are being made as part of your defense, however, if you wish to actually formally call the charge into question, you need to file a motion and cite a clear basis for the dismissal or modification of this charge." (( @Chaotropy ))
  3. "Let's begin with opening statements." (( @Zebulon ))
  4. VT Update - July, 2019 Hey, It's been a while since we released our last update for the Vehicle Team, we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our work efficiency. We're still a very small team, but we encourage everyone with knowledge to apply for the Vehicle-Team, if you've been denied in the past please don't get discouraged, just reapply and see where it goes, I'm sure you'll get the answer you want if you continue to try. Applications will continue to remain open, we wish everyone the best with their application for the team. "Never give up. People will always discount you, and you'll always get rejected. But set your sights high. Be boldly ambitious. Be relentless and never give up." Application Form: http://owl.pm/fm/22 Dealerships: Recently, we've launched an internal investigation into dealerships to check that the rules are being upheld and perks are not being abused. We're pleased to say we've concluded this investigation and all dealerships are following the basic rules we have in place. If you feel a dealership is abusing their position please make a Vehicle Team - Contact with your concern and any evidence you may have gathered. We aren't able to do anything against dealerships if they're breaking rules without having actual evidence. Members: dylzion EPICxNUTS Nachtfalke Trial Members: Frankie Auctions: We'll be working on getting the Vehicle-Team's auctions back up and running, we did one a few months ago however it didn't seem to get any interest. We'll be making a google form soon you're able to give you input on the type of vehicles you'd like to see us auction off. Current Dealership Rules Current Dealership List Thank you for taking your time to read our update, if you have any issues or concerns please make a contact and it'll be handled accordingly. -Vehicle Team. (Thread credits go to @dylzion & @Nachtfalke)
  5. Because it's your OwlGaming account, not an MTA specific or V specific account.
  6. "Is any party intending to file any pre-trial motions, subpoenas, etc, before we begin?" "Additionally, is the defense seeking to post bail at this time?" (( @Chaotropy @Zebulon ))
  7. As Chaos noted on the stream, an account's punishment history will remain the same. We still require the ability to keep track of past offenses, and punishment points on a player's account will be reduced over time with good behavior Someone who is unbanned through this leniency will eventually have zero points on their record. We have a post about this in our previous announcements if you're interested. If you think a punishment is invalid, you can always appeal it. If the appeal is successful, then it will be removed from your history entirely.
  8. "You will be representing yourself and are not seeking legal representation, correct?" (( @Chaotropy - I know we have 1 public defender that's relatively active so I can tag them if you'd like. ))
  9. "Are all parties present?" (( @Zebulon @Chaotropy ))
  10. End of June 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates OwlV Stream We recently hit a pretty big landmark and had our first live stream showcasing our progress thus far with the script for our upcoming GTA V server. We think it went quite well and we ask that everyone who is able, fill out the Google Form we have put up on the thread there. We want your feedback! Thanks a bunch to everyone who watched and helped make the live stream a reality. Faction Team Update We've just posted a Faction Team Update, go check it out. There's LOTS to do on the virtual market both legally and illegally. You're sure to find something that suits you and your faction. Cartel De Sinaloa Congrats to Cartel De Sinaloa on receiving official. Everyone should check out their new subforum. Game Administration Team Update Since our last newsletter, we've had two big GAT updates. Congrats @Salsa and @CoronaCanadian on your promotions. Thanks to everyone who left as well for your contributions to the community. Flood Event We had a flood event, eluded to by an article thanks to @Chaos It was a TON of fun and we look forward to more events like this. We always appreciate eveyone's input on what kind of events they want to see. Of course, we cannot have a flood every other month, but if there's demand for something fun, we'll find ways to make it happen! Below you can see lots of screenshots of the event. Community Spotlight Ford of Los Santos There was a great article written by @DxRK promoting the Ford dealership in Los Santos. Take a gander at it. Covington Trucking Update Covington Trucking continues to be unique in their practices and do public press releases as things change in the faction. Something more in line with what companies do in real life. We appreciate the effort and invite you to read their latest publication. Los Santos Government There's actually been quite a lot going on with the government. Their activity shows and they have some good publications about the flood, their elections, new commendations, and the passing of Andy Sims, a councilmember. RIP @dylzion Character Stories There's been a nice influx of character stories recently here in June, check 'em out. @Resident & @Urshankov have written some good stuff! Custom Skins @rainydays is making some really amazing looking custom skins. Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 2,053 reports handled in the month of June! We're happy to say that player reports still remains a relatively small portion of the tickets! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
  11. Faction Team Update Howdy all, Below you'll find our latest changes and updates regarding the Faction Team in general. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out and give us a holler. Faction Changes The biggest faction changes right now that everyone will notice is shortly after this update, the Vorovskoy Mir will no longer be official. Unfortunately, due to prolonged inactivity, their faction will be demoted, specifically as well, at the request of their leader, Failcakez. He felt their faction was not holding up the required standards for an official faction and after much deliberation in our recent meeting, we agree. On the bright side though, we wish to extend our congratulations publically to the Cartel De Sinaloa on receiving official. Some of you will have already seen their official sub-forum was created not long ago. Virtual Market We have since our last update only added more information to our internal policies and procedures regarding the virtual market system in general. I would like to remind everyone that we have a very robust virtual market system you can take advantage of by making a public contact. This includes support for a variety of things including: Factions can buy extra ammunition. Players may sell guns and drugs back to the Faction Team wholesale for quick cash. Anyone can write articles and other entertainment pieces and submit them to be paid for their efforts. Factions and players can manufacture and grow drugs. Players and factions can sell drugs through the virtual market to simulate the demand drugs have in real life. Players and factions may fence stolen goods through the virtual market. Players and factions can submit any legal activity they do to us for as part of our general "legal VM" system and get paid for running their business. Additionally, we have been recently been making an effort to revitalize organ harvesting and human trafficking. These are complex but interesting lines of roleplay that we currently support, so don't hesitate to jump in this line of roleplay. We'd love to have more people participating. Alternate Characters The rules on http://docs.owlgaming.net/ will soon be updated to reflect some internal changes on how we evaluate alternative characters. We want to make alternative characters more available to players where having an alt does not negatively affect a faction or others. A good example of this is someone in a legal faction who wants to make an alt to be a janitor for a club the faction owns or an illegal faction member who is usually a passive weed grower and bartender for the faction, if they want to make an alt to join in on the more adventurous stuff like burglarizing houses, because doing that kind of violent stuff doesn't fit their other character's personality, they should have the ability to request that. Of course, the same limits as usual will end up applying like if you get CKd during some kind of fight with another faction, you wouldn't be able to jump on your alt and fight back, etc. The goal here is to just allow people more RP freedom. Faction Slots All factions which have interior and vehicle slots may request for them to be increased as they desire. The amount of vehicles and interiors you own is now limited based on your tax bracket, not your slot number. Supporting Dealerships There has been an increase of vehicles sitting on dealership lots for a prolonged period of time without selling. These vehicles just sitting for months on end don't really help anyone in the server nor does it create any roleplay. We want to encourage players to have more variety of vehicles to choose from and promote as much roleplay as possible. As a result, any dealership which has a vehicle that has sat for longer than 1 month on its lot, and it hasn't sold, may send in a contact to the Faction Team to have that vehicle returned at cost. The person making the contact will, of course, be required to provide proof of their attempts to sell the vehicle with no success and the returning of the vehicle will have to be roleplayed fully, but those details will be communicated at the time the contact is made. Just be aware of those requirements beforehand. Faction Team Sponsored Events Admins and Faction Team members especially will be doing more to create small events throughout the day to create interesting roleplay scenes. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate within the roleplay world and act as "dungeon masters" for the players throughout Los Santos. If you have unique ideas for events or scenes we can create, please don't hesitate to contact us to get the ball rolling on something you'd like to see occur! We still have Faction Team Characters which exist for the sole purpose of helping create more roleplay. Those of you who are trying to export vehicles and do other unique criminal endeavors, speak up and we can coordinate with you specifically. P.S. Just don't steal a golden AK at a gun deal. Faction Updates Please remember to regularly send faction updates in. At least once a month. Without a recent faction update, we as the faction team cannot support your faction, evaluate your status, etc.
  12. I thought in your previous reply you were saying "this" in regards to the requirement for police to be available to respond? Anyway, as Shanks said, the "on hold" button is old but still plays a role. If there is say a bigger event going on or not enough admins online to handle a car theft while they are handling a player report, they are able to tell players to wait. Otherwise, 99% of the time, when a report comes in, it is accepted regardless of the state of the thefts provided there are enough admins. I'll be sure to ask the admin team to toggle it more often so players are not confused by this. If there are admins available and you're waiting 4 hours for a car theft, I'd appreciate a /staff list and a message when that happens. That's unacceptable, obviously.
  13. What is the exact change that you are proposing while maintaining a balance?
  14. She's banned from touching any vehicles, we've gotta drag her around in a stroller. Sorry.
  15. Just threw up an advertisement, yo, czech it out. Give us a call we definitely do not hire illegals and are super cheap. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/106203-sol-colinas-construction-hire-us-today/
  16. AVAILABILITY Sol Colinas is a household name in construction in Los Santos, providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible prices. We have experience in complex government contracting which means we can tackle your project, big or small. Give us a call or drop us an email to get started on your construction needs today! CONTACT E-Mail Us At [email protected] (( Forum PM @Wright or @ThatGuy )) Call Us At 999000 OR 444888
  17. HIRING! Sol Colinas currently have several vacancies for construction workers, including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, masons, carpenters, road crew workers, utility line workers, and waste disposal. If you are interested, please contact us below. Pay begins at $20 (( $200 a paycheck )) an hour and there is room for advancement to supervisory positions. CONTACT E-Mail Us At [email protected] (( Forum PM @Wright or @ThatGuy )) Call Us At 999000 OR 444888
  18. *A new ad campaign would begin, promoting the content of this publication.*
  19. Saint Ernest Medical Center Employment Opportunity The Saint Ernest Medical Center in Los Santos is currently hiring a Hospital Administrator to manage the daily operations of this top-notch medical facility and the accompanying aspects including coordinating between departments and other agencies, managing personnel, acquiring equipment and in general, overseeing the health services and daily activities of the hospital. Having prior management experience is critical. Applicants must be able to handle affairs between government agencies and interdepartmental divisions. Familiarity with the medical field is crucial as well as an ability to be fiscally responsible, manage the medical facilities budget and hire the requisite personnel to fill any knowledge or management gaps to ensure 100% operating capacity. If you are interested in this position, please submit a letter of interest to the Board of Directors. (( @ThatGuy ))
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