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  1. PRESS RELEASE - Public Defender's Office is Hiring For Public Release May 22nd, 2020 The Public Defender's Office is currently hiring lawyers to participate in the justice system to assist in defending those who cannot defend themselves in the court of law. As of the date of this press release, compensation is as follows: $15,000 For Every Completed Case $500 Every Hour (( Every Meaningful Post During The Case )) Those wishing to join the public defender's office or be on call to defend a member of the public should contact the Public Defender's Office VIA email HERE.
  2. General Information Here you will find the majority of the information you will need in order to learn how to use the courts, assuming you have sufficient, basic legal knowledge. This is geared towards informing people who are already relatively knowledgeable on how the specific systems of the courts work, rather than the laws themselves. This thread is a mixture of knowledge that is both OOC and IC. Use common sense. When & How Trials Are Used Your Rights After Being Arrested Court Rules Law Enforcement & Court Contact List Salary Disclosure Court Formats
  3. San Andreas State Laws The laws which govern the State of San Andreas are as follows. Penalties and Offense Classification The Penalties and Offense Classification Act of 1992 outlines the various degrees of criminal and non-criminal violations within the state and creates a base for which all other laws are then written from. Criminal Code The Criminal Code Act of 1972 contains the bulk of the criminal statutes in the state, often referred to as a "penal code", it lists all laws commonly expected such as robbery, homicide, arson, kidnapping, torture, mayhem, and more. Uniform Traffic Control The Uniform Traffic Control Act of 1969 consists of laws related to vehicles and traffic in the state. This is a mixture of felonies, misdemeanors, and non-criminal violations along with additional information such as emergency vehicle designations. Firearm Licensing The Firearm Licensing Act of 2016 contains the principle statutes to regulate firearms and the legal possession of them in the state. Sovereign Immunity The Sovereign Immunity Act of 1991 describes the limitations of civil liability related to government agencies and employees. Stand Your Ground The Stand Your Ground Act of 2003 serves as the seminal law in the state, giving a clear blueprint of what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of use of force for self-defense. Law Enforcement Safety The Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2014 provides protections and privileges to retired and active law enforcement in the state so they may carry legal firearms. Stop and Frisk The Stop and Frisk Act of 2016 describes what is permissible under state law, pertaining to what is commonly referred to as a "stop and frisk" or "terry stop". Liquor Control The Liquor Control Act of 1977 details the laws surrounding the serving, sale, and handling of alcohol within the state. (( At the moment, all laws are a continual work in progress. Changes will be listed in a section at the bottom of every law called "Amendments". The wiki format gives us a very legible format that can be easily edited and reviewed without having to worry about copy-paste formatting errors that occur on the forums often. All new laws and major changes will always be announced in character through government publications and news articles related to "legislative sessions" and other similar events. )) (( Questions should be directed to ThatGuy VIA Discord (Dexter#0297) or the Forums. ))
  4. I already unbound Z from the minimap feature and am gonna use it for the seatbelt. All praise the keybind functionality @Daniels made. I'm RPing Beetlejuice. Wanna fite???
  5. An epic gamer moment? Who made the seatbelt feature? Wow. Such amaze. Very cool. So modern. Much appreciate.
  6. For those that have not seen previous similar discussions, I will try to summarize. The way tokens work, they do not allow the value of the asset acquired to transfer throughout the server. This means, you can buy a token house, but you cannot sell it then to the government for cash or ultimately make any money from it. The same applies for vehicles. The value of these tokens, given the pricing of housing right now, can buy you quite a lot, but as the server grows, properties will continue to increase in price as the economy has more cash injected into it and the value of property or vehicle tokens can buy will continually be lowered in contrast. This was very clearly seen in MTA. Anyone who went around trying to find a property that they could buy with a token knew about this. It was often properties like trailers and such which already were largely not being bought or utilized, so it filled that niche. This is a far better solution than, as mentioned before, giving people a bunch of money for their first X amount of hours, or requiring someone to grind a job for hours from day 1 to even RP having a basic life in Los Santos. There are plenty of people who want to be able to start RPing right away, so having a small house and a cheap token vehicle only facilitates RP and causes zero inflation or damage to the economy. Properties and vehicles bought with tokens are subject to the inactivity scanner like anything else. I think in contrast it's very obvious that having a temporary house makes little sense, what are we going to do, let them use the house, have it so it stores their items, it's a location they park their car, their friends know they live there, etc, then randomly one day take it after some arbitrary number of playing hours? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Conversely, should we just inflate the economy a whole bunch and increase state benefits paychecks for the first X amount of hours in hopes they'll use that to buy a house and not survive on ketchup packets, sleeping under an overpass? Or should we just say tough luck, you can't RP being from a low to middle class family already in Los Santos, go grind a script job for 10 hours to buy a house? I hope I've made my point clear. Anyone who's played DnD knows the token principal as well. You're almost always given some form of starter equipment or gear and money so that you can FACILITATE roleplay. That is what is most important to us. People ROLEPLAYING and I think a while ago we came up with this solution to not hurt the economy and also do that. This is a system that won't be fundamentally changing.
  7. This is awesome, nice.
  8. This is a topic being discussed in the upcoming FT meeting in like five minutes. A explicit rule stating that you can't be in multiple factions is not the direction I think a lot of us want the server to go on, riddled with small rules. One of the reason we made faction creation much easier is because want players to have more freedom, not less, and businesses or illegal factions are totally different than government factions for instance. I think anyone who's a good roleplayer recognizes that wearing twenty different hats in major factions makes no sense but in theory someone could be a criminal associate of multiple criminal factions as a floater. I think the best solution would be to simply speak with the government factions as the FT and simply request some form of realistic employment restrictions be drafted, just like in real life. That in conjunction with being on /duty which would limit the paychecks you receive I think would be a much better in character and realistic solution than an out of character rule. In reality, you wouldn't have enough man hours to put in the time and collect two full salaries so the monetary benefit of one (or those multiple) would go by the wayside. There was no rule about this on MTA, however, the PD for example did have employment restrictions created at some point, I cannot recall when exactly though. I do recall Franco for example was a command position in the PD and FD at the same time and he was basically asked to take character development and realism into account and he quickly rectified the situation. I don't see how a combination of all of these things couldn't be used. Seems fairly straight forward honestly.
  9. Toggleable for sure. Fingers crossed a lot of things like this get tossed on a settings menu.
  10. Nice screenshots, glad to see this active again @GioSerpo
  11. Agreed. A wardrobe location in a house would be great for this.
  12. Seems like a no-brainer IMO. A functional mod that would see constant use. File size is worth the reward by far.
  13. No need to get complex regarding phones, having admins set them and whatnot. It would just require an additional phone type, a non-smartphone which lacks some of the features a more expensive smartphone would have. I've already got plenty of variations on phone icons for this purpose ready to be used. This idea in general is good and has been brought up internally several times, along with various versions of it. For example, input someone's property ID (RPd as the zipcode of the house or whatever) to GPS route to a property, track your vehicle if you lost it and it has a tracker installed, etc.
  14. Agreed, as with many things in the server a more automated / intuitive approach would be best in my opinion rather than command based. As much as possible should be contextual as you said with helmets and such. To keep it from being command based, perhaps a clothing item called a "hair tie" or something like that would enable a few variations, assuming you already had long hair that could be put into a ponytail, etc. I'll toss this idea on our Trello as a potential future improvement on clothing / player modifications.
  15. This extension works really well btw. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/darkreader/
  16. First, few moments ago I reminded the rest of the staff team that someone simply being AFK should warrant a kick, rather than a punishment, unless some more proof of farming can be presented. Being AFK is understandable and normal, we don't expect you to be staring at your screen every second you play. Second, we already have an anti-AFK feature being scripted as I write this which disables paychecks like we had on MTA, however, you should hopefully understand that we have priorities for various features. An anti-AFK check is just not high priority when admins can also do the same thing. Third, I play Irma Whitney and am at the computer the vast majority of the time my game is open, I put it in window mode on a second screen because I am American and play during a timezone mostly when very few people are on but we still get occasional server applications and reports, just like when you reported the other night asking for a refund...I was the only admin online to help you. So, the baseless claim of idling is not appreciated. Fourth, next time you make a suggestion, please try to be a bit more terse with it. This seems more like a gripe / rant than an actual suggestion. I'll be closing this thread as I stated already something to this suggestion is already in progress. EDIT: To be clear also, this is a rule suggestion, but our rules on being AFK already account for what you've described, just don't do it in a public area if you can avoid it. I took this as more of a script suggestion since that's what you mentioned mostly.
  17. No more joker cosplay during my e-sex extravaganzas. RIP.
  18. ThatGuy

    Phone hotkey.

    I suppose if a second command for closing the phone existed you could press the down arrow key (making commands isn't really hard AFAIK) or some key of your choosing, however, keep in mind that when you have the phone open, you have your mouse up. If you have your mouse up already, simply click the "lock" button on the phone to close it. I imagine that would be sufficient. It seems to me that it would simulate the time it would take to lock and stow your phone away in real life anyway. I'll be sure to throw these ideas onto our internal feature tracking to make sure nothing gets lost, great ideas.
  19. ThatGuy

    Phone hotkey.

    Doesn't matter what the keybind is. Make bringing the phone up a command and then that can be bound to a key using the keybind manager. I mentioned in our internal Trello long ago to add an up arrow key to bring up the phone just like on online but with the keybind manager there's no point in that now, we have a lot more flexibility.
  20. There's not just established well built factions and then nothing. We already have Pandora Corp, Sin Town, and The Vikings, as well as record labels, who are doing really well, submitting updates, getting starter packages, support, getting paid for their RP, and we're open to working with anyone in any faction to support them however they need to roleplay what they want. So, if someone isn't motivated to create a faction, I understand if it's because of a lack of scripts compared to MTA and such, but in terms of ability to just roleplay, there are lots of people doing exactly that, right now. Paleto Bay is not as conducive to illegal roleplay for black gangs, I agree, however, there is lots of illegal roleplay going on right now relative to the server activity. Seeing behind the scenes as an admin, there are lots of guns and drugs exchanging hands, operations being setup, etc. Stating illegal factions are non-existent is just not the case. Black gang roleplay is skewed by shows like The Wire or just impressions of how gangs should operate from outdated concepts of gang crime from games like GTASA. The Wire for example does a great job at portraying gangs in major cities, however, in the south here, places like Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, etc, there are LOTS of rural communities with black populations that have been there for generations that have gangs and various forms of organized crime. Roleplaying such in Paleto Bay and the county in general is not as idealistic as something out of a TV show, sure, and it might take a bit more creativity because people who don't live in the US don't see this kind of thing or even know about it, especially when they are European or Canadian, but it definitely does exist. I understand that many people still want that urban gang roleplay, but I just wanted to clarify that modern gangs are in fact very organized, and spread throughout the entire US, not just in major cities, and if someone wanted to roleplay that aspect, they shouldn't be discouraged by feeling it's unrealistic or something. Anyway, I don't want this to become a discussion about gang roleplay per say, but I want people to understand that we support gang roleplay just as much as more highly organized crime roleplay in the server.
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