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  1. "Does the defense intend on cross examination?" (( @UnoDosTres @Zebulon ))
  2. "The defendant is invoking their fifth amendment, no further questions will be asked. Mr. Watson, if you would please return to the table with your counsel." (( @Courtez @UnoDosTres @Zebulon ))
  3. "Very well, let's continue with that then." (( @UnoDosTres @Zebulon ))
  4. "Even if the case was cut and dry, that does not negate the need for proof beyond a reasonable doubt nor does it mean that a defense cannot be made. If the defense wishes to make a complete defense and introduce more facts about the case, that is perfectly acceptable. Let's proceed in that direction as the defense has indicated." (( @UnoDosTres @Zebulon ))
  5. *Irma Whitney nods her head after listening to the prosecution, patiently waiting for the defense.*
  6. "Court is back in session. If there are no motions or submissions to be made, let's begin with opening statements, the state may make their case." (( @Zebulon @UnoDosTres ))
  7. *The court room would have been closed as per the request for recess.*
  8. *Irma Whitney peers over at Kayiane Terzian as she makes entry and later speaks, quickly following up in response, sounding relatively terse.* "Court will be in recess. We will resume no later than 72 hours from now. If the prosecution and defense would additionally take this time to prepare any evidence submissions or motions so we can get that out of the way before opening statements, it would be appreciated. Everyone is dismissed." (( @UnoDosTres @Zebulon - Also, if anyone would like to roleplay having a court case in game and everyone wants to coordinate a time that
  9. "No grounds for a Motion to Dismiss have been cited, therefor the motion is denied. Let's keep our composure moving forward, please. Yes, Mr. Watson is not a lawyer nor has he explicitly invoked his right for self representation, regardless of the lack of knowledge, let's not begin this verbal tit for tat with comments like "outlandish statements." "The court will appoint a public defender to the case now that this information has come to light. In the meantime, bail is set at two thousand dollars." (( The bail money, once sent to the Superior Court of San Andreas facti
  10. *This publication would be re-released in various forms of marketing and advertising throughout the city and county of Los Santos.*
  11. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Notice of Action Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on APRIL 1, 2021. You are officially being charged with the following: § 309 - Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles § 404 - Evading an Officer in a Vehicle § 406 - Reckless Driving
  12. I'm gonna shitpost all over your profiles. Best of luck!
  13. Background Caruso, Wiley, and Bevan are an inseparable trio, committing crimes, mostly petty in their own eyes, for their entire lives to make a quick buck or have a laugh. Their parent's infatuation with alcohol and the Hornet’s Nest in Sandy Shores is what brought them together, partying and hanging out there most weekends. When they were… let’s say “let out of high school,” their experience was typical, it was hard to find work in Sandy Shores, and their parents weren’t supportive, so they left for greener pastures in nearby towns. Not able or willing to get blu
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