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  1. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. Charles Butcher

    “Mr. Butcher, how do you respond to the Notice of Action?” (( @TwoWheelsForever ))
  2. ThatGuy

    Apple or Android?

    Secret azn men. I accidentally a word. afford*
  3. (( Click the image to make it larger for easier reading. ))
  4. ThatGuy

    Apple or Android?

    Quit promoting your shitty Chinese AIDs. I'll FITE you IRL. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/14/17011246/huawei-phones-safe-us-intelligence-chief-fears iPhone master race. Androids are for people who can't afford them.
  5. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. Charles Butcher

    "A judgment will be made if a response is not given." (( I try to be as lenient as possible for timeframes given in court but there needs to be a response very soon or I will have to move forward. )) (( @TwoWheelsForever ))
  6. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. Terrell Tanner

    "We may begin. Please notify the court if you need time to seek an attorney or if you will be filing for bail. How does the defense plea? If you would like for me to give you instructions on how pleading works, please let me know." (( @ShootingPython01 @Zebulon ))
  7. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. William Callahan

    Judgment (( @Wright @Zebulon @Stewart - Tagging Zebulon as an extra to ensure this is processed quickly. ))
  8. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "The motion for suppression is granted, it is clear that the information given is unreliable and unclear." (( @Zebulon @JameZ ))
  9. ThatGuy

    Server Event Screenshots/Videos

    This is just the first step of a multi-step process we're doing to build up to a final event to get as many people involved in the server as possible. It's difficult to get regular players involved in a terrorist event but that's what people voted for so we're taking lots of extra steps to creatively include others and offer the opportunity to participate. So, no...it's not "fucking lame". A single protest that lays the groundwork that got slightly out of hand IC is not a "terrorist event" and people who think it is are being short-sighted.
  10. *Posters both large and small, applied to walls, telephone poles, building surfaces and other public spaces would be seen all throughout Los Santos with the words "DEFEND EVROPA" and "It's okay to be White", asking those who wish to protest to come to County Hall for the event.**
  11. (( This is part of a server event. Click on the image for the full size. ))
  12. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. Terrell Tanner

    "Are all parties present?"
  13. ThatGuy

    [STATE] The People v. William Callahan

    "Does the defense wish to cross-examine the witness?" (( @Stewart ))

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