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  1. December 2020 Newsletter Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at OwlGaming! We hope you've all been enjoying the festive nature of the server with the snow and Santa Claus visiting us at Legion Square! Scripting As always, we encourage everyone to take a look at the script suggestions, public roadmap, and most importantly, our Mantis to report bugs. Your contributions as community members in these ways help us tremendously prioritize features and fix or find bugs in a timely manner.
  2. Daniels Exotic is the best large cat sanctuary I've been to. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. September 2020 Newsletter Script Updates Galore! Over the last few months, our development team has been hard at work, releasing a new major script update nearly every week for a very long time, with various hotfixes and small bug patches in between. Scripting a server with as many features as we do, from scratch, is a monumental task, thanks to @Daniels @Chaos @Yannick @Jer and @Courtez! We encourage everyone to continue to make use of our script suggestion forum and our public roadmap. Community involvement and suggestions are important to use in figuri
  4. We'll update the rules so that any modification of a property which may give benefit to a player (such as CCTV, alarms, etc.) are reflected in the /checkint note to be valid. Rather than just having specific rules about certain things like cameras, all things of this nature may be encompassed by the rules. I'll archive this once the merge request for our rules has been made.
  5. This incident was resolved quite a while back, forgive my late reply, it just ceased to be an issue once it was resolved (thankfully) - hah! Anyway, approach taken related to this has been for the county government to speak with the various government faction leaderships (PD, FD, etc) and ask that they draft some form of alternate employment policies. As of this post, this situation has been resolved and many people who are RPing multiple full time jobs have had to adjust their character's employment to be more realistic. Additionally, in the PD's case, for example, there are requi
  6. There's really no IC method if of preventing this, because it's not quite the same as a vanity plate IRL where the DMV has an automatically applied list of restrictions of certain plate numbers. It's also not illegal or anything like that, however, common sense dictates that there would be restrictions to some degree. We're looking into a script modification at the moment, thanks to @Yannick to adjust this so that admins have the tools to deal with silly license plate numbers, but not also remove that person's donator perk. The idea right now is that we'd reset the licens
  7. "Very well, let the record reflect a plea of not guilty has been entered. Since no motions or subpoenas have been submitted thus far, enough time has elapsed, we'll begin with opening remarks." *Irma Whitney looks over at the prosecution table, patiently waiting a response.* (( @LewisGazzard @Zebulon ))
  8. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Notice of Action Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on JUNE 11, 2020. You are officially being charged with the following: § 402 - Second Degree Murder (Attempted) § 414 - Assault With a Deadly Weapon § 422 - Reckless Endangerment
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