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  1. [STATE] The People v. Thomas Keith Burgess

    "Very well, the plea is approved." Signed (( @Wright @Zebulon - If one of you are able to get IG before me later on, please release @Bart and update his MDT record so he can pay the fine and stuff. Will archive this when that's done. Thanks. ))
  2. "Are you licensed with the state? You're nowhere on any of the paperwork filed with the court." (( @jamiebanks1990 ))
  3. "Very well, the appeal request is denied. Just take your citation to the Police Department and you are able to pay it there." (( @GamerX27 @Zebulon ))
  4. [STATE] The People v. Thomas Keith Burgess

    "It appears a plea deal has been met, the conditions are as follows." "Thomas Keith Burgess pleads guilty to TF001 and VC041, is to be released on time served and pay a fine of $5,000 in addition to a suspended license for one month (( one week OOC)). Mr. Burgess, is it true that you accept this plea according to your own free will?" (( @Zebulon @Wright @Bart ))
  5. [STATE] The People v. Rhett Buerkle

    "A Summary Judgment will be made in 48 hours if there is no response from the Defense." (( @Tidemo ))
  6. [STATE] The People v. Gregory Hayes

    "Without adequate response from the defense I will have no choice but to issue a Summary Judgment in 48 hours." (( @EDR ))
  7. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Mr. Jackson, I just addressed this in my prior statements. A vehicle stop for investigation only requires reasonable suspicion. I think it is quite clear here that hearing tires screech and a sound the officer inferred to be a collision as well as Ms. Belshaw's vehicle being turned sideways, half way into the right lane, is certainly enough to constitute reasonable suspicion. There is no requirement for a vehicle collision to occur for reckless driving, or any other investigative stop for a traffic violation." "My opinion on this matter remains the same. Any officer may stop any vehicle they reasonably suspect of committing a crime or traffic offense. Officer's put in this position would not need to satisfy some irrational or impossible level of proof to stop a vehicle, like you've cited (crashing the vehicle in question to be able to stop it...). They have a lower expectation of privacy and are more readily able to be stopped because of their highly mobile nature. These facts have been established and for me to go against these accepted legal standards and grant your argument would require I show wanton disregard for the legal system. This I will not do." "As I stated previously, please do continue with the cross-examination or we will move on if you do not wish to do so." (( @Zebulon @Wright @JameZ ))
  8. [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "Considering you have barely even been able to respond in this court proceeding against you WHILE in custody, what reason do I have to believe you will return when you are no longer in custody? This case has already dragged on for long enough so you need to start participating and respond to my question before I will consider your bail request." (( @JayZawack @Zebulon ))
  9. "A final warning is given to the defense to submit a plea according to the Notice of Action I have given out to all parties involved or a Summary Judgment will be made." *Katherine Vanderbilt looks to Jamie Banks as he speaks, raising an eyebrow.* "Excuse me sir, is there a reason you're speaking in my court room." (( @jamiebanks1990 @dawid1000 @Zebulon @Wright ))
  10. [STATE] The People v. Tay Jordan

    "There will be a summary judgment made. Before that is done, please if the prosecution could, provide the rest of the footage to the court for review in this decision." (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
  11. [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "A summary judgment will be made in 48 hours if there is no response to this by the defense. Their absence will be seen as a forfeit of their ability to defend themselves in court." (( @JayZawack ))
  12. Summary Judgment (( @Wright @shadikeotics ))
  13. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    *Katherine Vanderbilt slides a pair of reading glasses down the bridge over her nose as she finishes listening to the two. "I believe I have heard both of your arguments for long enough. The motion to suppress is denied. The reason is quite simple. The traffic stop, as shown in the video and according to the affidavit and witness testimony provided by Officer Murdoch shows just cause to initiate a traffic stop and investigate further. One must not have all information pertaining to an alleged crime before being able to investigate it. Clearly, Officer Murdoch had reasonable suspicion to conduct his traffic stop." "Next, to clarify further on the Miranda Rights of Ms. Belshaw, the evidence clearly shows that Ms. Belshaw was not giving her statements as part of a custodial interrogation. I admire the defense's attempt at making this argument but surely, as someone who is involved with criminal defense, Mr. Jackson, you should fully understand the case law surrounding someone's Miranda Rights. BERKEMER v. MCCARTY clearly outlines that Miranda warnings are not required during an investigative stop or a stop to issue a citation. Someone's Miranda warning only needs to be read when they are formally arrested or partaking in some other functional equivalent. Additionally, I don't know why the 2010 rulings on Miranda Rights are being brought up here." "The statements made by Ms. Belshaw were clearly voluntary." "In the future, please refrain from making multiple motions amidst a back and forth between the defense and prosecution. If an objection is made, it requires the justice to weigh in so continuing to argue back and forth in circles does not help the court unless new information is brought to light. Excessive arguing just introduces static to the courtroom and it's unnecessary." "The cross-examination of Officer Murdoch may continue." (( @Lewis @Zebulon @JameZ ))
  14. (( And the status of your ticket is...? @greenops011 An ID if you could provide it would be useful. As Santeri said as well, assuming statements later on would be made is not justification to paste entire sets of logs as evidence in an exhibit so this needs to be clarified. ))
  15. *Katherine Vanderbilt enters the court room, taking a seat at the bench, looking out to the rest of the room.* "Is everyone present?" (( @GamerX27 @Restrepo @Zebulon @Wright ))

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