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  1. First, few moments ago I reminded the rest of the staff team that someone simply being AFK should warrant a kick, rather than a punishment, unless some more proof of farming can be presented. Being AFK is understandable and normal, we don't expect you to be staring at your screen every second you play. Second, we already have an anti-AFK feature being scripted as I write this which disables paychecks like we had on MTA, however, you should hopefully understand that we have priorities for various features. An anti-AFK check is just not high priority when admins can also do the same thing. Third, I play Irma Whitney and am at the computer the vast majority of the time my game is open, I put it in window mode on a second screen because I am American and play during a timezone mostly when very few people are on but we still get occasional server applications and reports, just like when you reported the other night asking for a refund...I was the only admin online to help you. So, the baseless claim of idling is not appreciated. Fourth, next time you make a suggestion, please try to be a bit more terse with it. This seems more like a gripe / rant than an actual suggestion. I'll be closing this thread as I stated already something to this suggestion is already in progress. EDIT: To be clear also, this is a rule suggestion, but our rules on being AFK already account for what you've described, just don't do it in a public area if you can avoid it. I took this as more of a script suggestion since that's what you mentioned mostly.
  2. No more joker cosplay during my e-sex extravaganzas. RIP.
  3. ThatGuy

    Phone hotkey.

    I suppose if a second command for closing the phone existed you could press the down arrow key (making commands isn't really hard AFAIK) or some key of your choosing, however, keep in mind that when you have the phone open, you have your mouse up. If you have your mouse up already, simply click the "lock" button on the phone to close it. I imagine that would be sufficient. It seems to me that it would simulate the time it would take to lock and stow your phone away in real life anyway. I'll be sure to throw these ideas onto our internal feature tracking to make sure nothing gets lost, great ideas.
  4. ThatGuy

    Phone hotkey.

    Doesn't matter what the keybind is. Make bringing the phone up a command and then that can be bound to a key using the keybind manager. I mentioned in our internal Trello long ago to add an up arrow key to bring up the phone just like on online but with the keybind manager there's no point in that now, we have a lot more flexibility.
  5. There's not just established well built factions and then nothing. We already have Pandora Corp, Sin Town, and The Vikings, as well as record labels, who are doing really well, submitting updates, getting starter packages, support, getting paid for their RP, and we're open to working with anyone in any faction to support them however they need to roleplay what they want. So, if someone isn't motivated to create a faction, I understand if it's because of a lack of scripts compared to MTA and such, but in terms of ability to just roleplay, there are lots of people doing exactly that, right now. Paleto Bay is not as conducive to illegal roleplay for black gangs, I agree, however, there is lots of illegal roleplay going on right now relative to the server activity. Seeing behind the scenes as an admin, there are lots of guns and drugs exchanging hands, operations being setup, etc. Stating illegal factions are non-existent is just not the case. Black gang roleplay is skewed by shows like The Wire or just impressions of how gangs should operate from outdated concepts of gang crime from games like GTASA. The Wire for example does a great job at portraying gangs in major cities, however, in the south here, places like Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, etc, there are LOTS of rural communities with black populations that have been there for generations that have gangs and various forms of organized crime. Roleplaying such in Paleto Bay and the county in general is not as idealistic as something out of a TV show, sure, and it might take a bit more creativity because people who don't live in the US don't see this kind of thing or even know about it, especially when they are European or Canadian, but it definitely does exist. I understand that many people still want that urban gang roleplay, but I just wanted to clarify that modern gangs are in fact very organized, and spread throughout the entire US, not just in major cities, and if someone wanted to roleplay that aspect, they shouldn't be discouraged by feeling it's unrealistic or something. Anyway, I don't want this to become a discussion about gang roleplay per say, but I want people to understand that we support gang roleplay just as much as more highly organized crime roleplay in the server.
  6. Seriously though anyone who hasn't done so before should join the government and see all the stuff that goes on and understand how it operates. It provides a lot of insight and it's fun roleplay. Not like there's a hiring shortage usually anyway. Good post though.
  7. Definitely! I went and collected all the coordinates for ATMs, gas stations, most banks, and some of the clothing stores out in the county. :)
  8. Haha, very funny guys, we get it. Let's keep it on topic though please.
  9. Nice this is fairly decent in length. Maybe it'll be in the next newsletter? When do you think you'll finish it?
  10. Trust me, we all want more customization. It's planned as some of the first big feature updates so don't worry. We've gotten a lot of messages about char customization.
  11. Lol that's a gangster GIF. Glad someone decided to take over the faction. The variety is nice.
  12. Really loving the vibe of the faction. Those screenshots are $$$. Keep it up for sure.
  13. September 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates Game Administration Team Update We've recently opened up administration applications. There are some community members who have expressed interest in becoming administrators for specific platforms (MTA and or V) and we encourage you to apply if this is the case. Faction Team Update Since our last newsletter, we've had two Faction Team updates, and another one is in the works for September. This upcoming newsletter will contain an update to http://docs.owlgaming.net/ to include a detailed tutorial on how to use the Virtual Market and how to progress as a faction in general for all of those new members who have joined since the launch of V and are not familiar with how the faction evaluation process works from MTA. Something I'd like to announce before it's mentioned in the upcoming September update is that the Faction Team is interested in continuing to provide support for new factions on V in the form of starter packages. If you are leading an active faction on the server and wish to take advantage of a starter package, please let us know through a Faction Contact. OwlV Script Updates We've had two script updates, two development updates, and eleven hotfixes since launch! The work done has been monumental so far. There have been enough updates that I won't link all of them but check out the latest script updates and development updates. You can check out the rest of the updates and hotfixes in THIS section. Launch of OwlV Beta The launch of OwlV on RageMP has been a very exciting event and a big step forward for OwlGaming. Since this beta launch, there have been several script updates and hotfixes. We hope this fast-paced progress has been evident. Scripting this much is nearly a full-time job for our development team and lots of things happen in the backend that are not necessarily so apparent at face value. The time taken to read reported bugs, reproduce them, figure out the case, and fix them is immense. We are prioritizing bugs that hinder the play experience first as well so the script is as smooth and bug-free as possible. This is as stated before, a beta launch. Your assistance in reporting bugs is GREATLY APPRECIATED! This can be done at https://bugs.owlgaming.net/my_view_page.php - Under the V section. GameCoins for Playing OwlV! We're offering GameCoins for players who showcase OwlV by streaming and videos. Some of you do this already and we'd like to say thanks! It helps spread the word and we're more than happy to reward you for your help in the community. Upcoming Elections We recently announced our plans on how we're going to handle elections on V. Keep an eye out for the announcement with dates and more details in the near future. Community Spotlight 9/11 Memorial Server Event The Los Santos County Government recently held an in-game memorial for 9/11 in Paleto Bay. It was some fun roleplay for the server, lots of players were there, including the Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, and lots of others to take advantage of the free food! This was the first official event of OwlV and we look forward to creating many more. @ItsMelodyy decided to stream the event as well! The Vikings Motorcycle Club A new faction has appeared from @Dougie, showing promising activity and roleplay with some great screenshots! Those of you interested in this style of RP are definitely encouraged to check them out. The biker style of roleplay really fits well into our roleplay area as well. The Vikings also have a really cool promotional video they've created. Cartel Del Suroeste The Cartel has been working towards implementing real-life stories into their roleplay, with the latest being focused on the recent article regarding Mexican crime syndicates spraying a banned pesticide on weed plants in the Californian mountains. This is bringing a lot of immersive roleplay for the faction as well as thinking outside the box in terms of the opportunities that this can bring. Articles Articles in character are always a great way to provide a certain level of immersion that really ties everyone's RP together through an event they all now know about. We encourage everyone to write articles about in character events and to submit them to the Faction Team to get paid VIA our entertainment / media VM! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord!
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