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  1. Notice of Action "It is my understanding that the defense has made no appearance thus far, has the prosecution been able to contact the defendant's lawyer or the defendant themselves so we may schedule a court date and proceed?" (( @Wright @Deshawn ))
  2. "It is the court's understanding that the prosecution and defendant have come to a plea agreement? Could you please present the details of this so we may proceed?" (( @Chaotropy @Zebulon ))
  3. Summary Judgment (( @Zebulon @JameZ @Weiga ))
  4. "You may, of course." (( @Chaotropy @Zebulon ))
  5. "Is that all both parties have for their opening statements then?" (( @Chaotropy @Zebulon ))
  6. "After reviewing the arguments, the motion to dismiss is denied as there is probable cause for the charge, especially in a context of an attempted crime, however, the prosecution will need to amend their filing and clearly state which crimes alleged are considered attempted." (( @Zebulon @Chaotropy - I was under the impression from Discord messages that you were not intending on pursuing this court case, is this still the case Chaotropy or...? ))
  7. "Mr. Olsen, to clarify, you said a motion against a dismissal, do you mean a motion for dismissal?" (( @Chaotropy ))
  8. "Of course the Defendant may engage the prosecution and inquire about why such claims are being made as part of your defense, however, if you wish to actually formally call the charge into question, you need to file a motion and cite a clear basis for the dismissal or modification of this charge." (( @Chaotropy ))
  9. "Let's begin with opening statements." (( @Zebulon ))
  10. VT Update - July, 2019 Hey, It's been a while since we released our last update for the Vehicle Team, we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our work efficiency. We're still a very small team, but we encourage everyone with knowledge to apply for the Vehicle-Team, if you've been denied in the past please don't get discouraged, just reapply and see where it goes, I'm sure you'll get the answer you want if you continue to try. Applications will continue to remain open, we wish everyone the best with their application for the team. "Never give up. People will always discount you, and you'll always get rejected. But set your sights high. Be boldly ambitious. Be relentless and never give up." Application Form: http://owl.pm/fm/22 Dealerships: Recently, we've launched an internal investigation into dealerships to check that the rules are being upheld and perks are not being abused. We're pleased to say we've concluded this investigation and all dealerships are following the basic rules we have in place. If you feel a dealership is abusing their position please make a Vehicle Team - Contact with your concern and any evidence you may have gathered. We aren't able to do anything against dealerships if they're breaking rules without having actual evidence. Members: dylzion EPICxNUTS Nachtfalke Trial Members: Frankie Auctions: We'll be working on getting the Vehicle-Team's auctions back up and running, we did one a few months ago however it didn't seem to get any interest. We'll be making a google form soon you're able to give you input on the type of vehicles you'd like to see us auction off. Current Dealership Rules Current Dealership List Thank you for taking your time to read our update, if you have any issues or concerns please make a contact and it'll be handled accordingly. -Vehicle Team. (Thread credits go to @dylzion & @Nachtfalke)
  11. Because it's your OwlGaming account, not an MTA specific or V specific account.
  12. "Is any party intending to file any pre-trial motions, subpoenas, etc, before we begin?" "Additionally, is the defense seeking to post bail at this time?" (( @Chaotropy @Zebulon ))
  13. As Chaos noted on the stream, an account's punishment history will remain the same. We still require the ability to keep track of past offenses, and punishment points on a player's account will be reduced over time with good behavior Someone who is unbanned through this leniency will eventually have zero points on their record. We have a post about this in our previous announcements if you're interested. If you think a punishment is invalid, you can always appeal it. If the appeal is successful, then it will be removed from your history entirely.
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