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  1. I can still remember the day that MTA was shut down. And coming back to the forums, after nearly a year long departure, the same feelings overwhelm me. OwlGaming was my first RP community and I was honored to serve for many months on the Admin team on Owl:V. Truly a great group of people, great friendships made and life-long memories created. Much love my friends. OwlGaming will no doubt be written in stone on the internet as one of the greatest RP communities around. @Vubstersmurf @Chaos @Ixosis @ItsMelodyy @QueenC @Excyted25 @Zebulon @Jer@ThatGuy ~Maxwell
  2. Awesome work team. #MakingOwlGreatAgain
  3. Gamers!, Haven't posted here yet and wanted to say hello to everyone! Name: Maxwell25 Nicknames: Maxwell, Max, Rob, and when I'm in trouble - Maxwellian ( @Vubstersmurf ) Age: 28 years old Country: United States Zodiac: Sagittarius. Discord: Maxwell25#2508 In-Game Name: Maxwell25 IRL, I am a full-time workaholic (police officer, emergency vehicle equipment installer and volunteer firefighter). I am a true adrenaline junky as well. I love motorsports, skydiving, shooting, swimming and just about anything else exciting and/or dangerous. I have happily been an admin since earlier this year but, I have been playing with OwlGaming since 2014. I am proud to say that OG is where I began my GTA roleplay and most of what I know/learned has come from the great community that surrounds OG and the staff that keep it going I believe I speak for everyone here but, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or for assistance. I ALWAYS monitor my discord and if I can't help, I will surely find someone who can. As always, GAME ON !
  4. @daniel954 - first let me thank you in advance for not only pointing out things you want to see improved but, also explaining how you think they could be and why. This always makes a point more solid and well-received and gives our Dev team more ground to work on. Awesome input overall and a few of these things I believe are already in the works! Game On!
  5. Always a fan of common sense stuff being automated. Not only does it make gameplay more intuitive but, it prevents abuse. great idea with the proper implementation. +1
  6. Map and units in the field. MDT should show the units honestly. +1
  7. support this. was about to suggest /glue and then saw this
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