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  1. @Daniels for the win! Great job devs. Perfect timing for me to create some new alts this week
  2. EST-2020 WHO WE ARE Max Entertainment, formerly known as M&L Events, LLC., originated on the East Coast of the U.S.A. in a small area of southern Florida. After a year of hosting water-related events and some unfortunate administrative departures, Chairman Robert Maxwell decided to satisfy his desire for speed and focus more on wheel-based motorsports. In late 2019, Robert relocated the business, and his life to San Andreas, and further established the new business name Max Entertainment & Enterprise. FUTURE PLANS With his inaugural event, breaking into the San Andreas scene with the areas first combination race and car show, Robert was ecstatic to see such a large community interest. Max Entertainment & Enterprise plans to become San Andreas' premier motorsports event coordinator, with the primary goal of getting the community involved! ~~~~~ We are always looking for business partnerships so, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information! [email protected] (( @Maxwell25 )) ~~~~~ - Max Entertainment & Enterprise - M.E.E. and YOU - Keeping Speed on Track Click Here to see details about our past Buggy Race and Car Show held at the Vinewood Raceway! M.E.E. Car Show & Buggy Race - 03/28/20
  3. Thanks for the opportunity! Look forward to the challenge
  4. We had such a great turnout, sweet cars and an awesome race! Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to the LSPD and LSFD for showing their support and keeping us safe! Max Entertainment and Enterprise looks forward to working with the community again soon to have more fun and exciting events! Photo Albums from today's event below: If you have photos you took from today's event, please feel free to share them here! - Chairman : Robert J. Maxwell ((majority of screens credit to @Deez and @Vubstersmurf - Special thanks to @Vubstersmurfand @Jer for making this event possible and to @QueenC for her awesome poster))
  5. America's Army server would be sweet. Great FREE FPS game for those who have never played.
  6. Event hosted by Max Entertainment & Enterprise ( M.E.E. ) Car Show will be held at 4:00pm ((server time)) with cash prizes! The Dune Buggy Race will begin at 5:30pm on the track. Registration to participate in the race will be open from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. "Early Bird" race registration available by contacting our office at 1-800-MAX-SPEED ((comment below)) Any San Andreas resident 18 years of age and older is eligible to race with a valid license! Max Entertainment & Enterprise strives to become San Andreas "PREMIER" motorsports partner and plans to bring great entertainment to the community! ** a limited amount of Dune Buggies will be available to use.....so participant spots will be first come - first serve ** ~ ! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE ! ~
  7. First roleplay server I ever participated in and it continues to be a home for interesting friends and characters. Many more have come and many have gone but the true OwlGamer’s will always remember the good times. Weird to think nearly 5 years have gone by. Much love @Chaos
  8. Super stoked for this release. Can not wait to see Owl alive and well again! Great work by everyone involved
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