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  1. Name: B Comment: I'll take it for 15 right now
  2. I'll be off for the next two days, as I'm visiting family and won't be able to get online. Enjoy some of today's roleplay!
  3. Some of todays roleplay, enjoy!
  4. This is some next level roleplay, these guys are amazing! Here's some of the screenshots I managed to take throughout some of the roleplay I had with these guys, amazing!
  5. Here's some OOC and IC pictures for you guise, enjoy ze pics ok? #GotTheClubGoingUp Next pictures is all IC, and would have been posted by John Boriello as cameraman!Diamond People' Club - 02-23-2015 - John Boriello
  6. Some of yesterdays and todays roleplay.
  7. Reading the several posts on the thread just shows me how judging the people around is being. The roleplay is actually pretty good, and I hope I can bring something good to it as well. Anyways I took a few screensots of todays roleplay, and as I've been told not to put logs, I haven't. Enjoy!
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