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  1. Well, I had my suspicions this decision was coming (hah, DANAL was correct after all) But jokes aside, welp, I re-joined Owl just before the beginning of Owl V server... And met up with loads and loads of interesting peeps varying from non English speaking admin @Vubstersmurf. Still-a-twat with dads jokes @ItsMelodyy. Original Vikings (w'dup if y'all reading this) and fking Eesti @Valkyr. Those nights spent at Longhouse while we rped was the best time we ever had. Sure, it's sad that well... This project did not succeed to substancially make it's mark on Rage platform considering all the work that was put in by scripters (some people I talked with, still admires a pretty smooth UI and other features). I just hope... That our next community will be more successful but for the time being, I am happy that our journey does not come to the end and we can still enjoy our companionship o/ Thank you all.
  2. Welp, it's sad to see this project go all things considered it was a unique experience altogether and when people left "for greener pastures" it was nice of Vubs and Melodyy to pick up the pieces and shape Vikings of what they were until the end. I am proud that once I was a part of this group and was able to witness it's ups and downs, helping to provide RP to players of this community. Dom smiles as he rides down into the sunset on his trusty bike.
  3. Okay, now that's wonderful list @Vubstersmurf
  4. Well, happy to see that some point I've raised during questionnaire has been heard. It is definitely the right decision and so, I do hope that community as a whole will lend a hand to provide utmost needed additions to the server... So all of us could enjoy and grow o/
  5. Well, I hate to be a party pooper, but I'll tell my opinion. I am still skeptical about this. Queen and Vub knows what I am worried about (considering the magnitude of shit I used to give to 'em over DM's). Yet, I wish to repeat what I've said over my survey. Utilize.Your.Players. A lot of players tends to put a shitload of effort into their stuff, ranging from mapping to full out modding. Nevertheless, it does feel that most of our propositions do fall upon "deaf ears". Which saddens me greatly and so, I hope some of that will be taken into consideration... And hope there's brighter future for Owl and it's longevity.
  6. Oh? Coding it yourself? Interesting. Yet, I do agree with the suggestion to blow some life into spots such as these.
  7. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Attached props What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- What I do suggest is to expand on the smokes system by using the same system /but/ for different props: for example: cups of coffee, bottles of beer/whiskey and many more regularly used items. What are the advantages?- Just give a better vibe during RP I assume. What are the disadvantages?- Nothing that I can think of. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I could provide a list of props that would need to be attached + anims for drinking. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Literally the same as smoking script. Get into inventory > right click on the item > use item > it would appear in your hand and so you could just choose from a list of anims to use said item.
  8. Oh for sure, I've noticed that we've been struggling with houses so far, so, apartment complexes could be an universal solution for lack of houses. Ah yeah I guess I went for more lower class of apartment complex at that matter (I do have plans to make more mid range - higher range apartment complexes as well which of course, will make choice of props to differ at that point)
  9. Well I wish to agree with this addition... BUT I mean on one side - Hunger and thirst system would help the server to somewhat cut into players finances by forcing them to buy "necessities". Yet, the system would have to be smart or people will get frustrated about it. Plus, unfortunately, I have to agree - At least at this moment, this system is not... exactly necessary considering there's loads and loads of stuff that needs to be scripted first. So let's say - I am still on the fence about it.
  10. Aye, you inspired me to try it out myself o7 But indeed, more props wouldn't hurt... Especially with things that I have in mind :D
  11. Ah yes, Chaos already covered it. I vaguely remember this initiative (considering I didn't sign no NDA or anything of sorts I can share the experience :D). I think it was called like "RP cultivation"? (Don't ask me, I didn't choose the name) Yet, with the help of UA/Admins you are simply given a blank cheque to create this supplementary RP for factions, people around the server. Unfortunately for me, I did not have time nor the motivation with this kinda stuff so I dropped out. Yet, I guess what I wish to say here, that you would probably get full support to ressurect this.
  12. Might as well kick creative content threads back to life. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Mapped out a small apartment complex around Little Seoul (Two floors + basement) Can house around 13-14 people per apartment. Basement is a small public/socializing area for neighbors while they wash their clothes and whatnot, plus a bench, added a small drawing board to RP as a small ad's area (/createmarker or w/e it's called is your friend). Packs used: Soups + Map builder. So if the server needs is I am more than willing to share as long as you guys install the props needed for it.
  13. Yes, please. I kinda hate the vibe to just barge in into the int... Because I cannot knock :(
  14. Hello Owlgamers. I've been thinking about this for a long time. We, as players, members of this fine community can do much more to "enrich" the server with the stuff that we do need. Take this... As a small step to the right direction and so, I would like to announce yet unofficial but needed thread for vehicle suggestions that could be added on the server. The rules are simple: It has to be lore friendly vehicles (The best would be going for confirmed GTA universe manufacturers i.e Ubermacht, LCC, Vapid and so on and on) Try and keep the size of said vehicle around 5-7 mb's (if possible) Template for suggestion: Name: Link: Screen: (one per suggestion should be good) If you have any questions seek for me on the discord and we can talk it out o/ #LetsmakeOwlgreatagain
  15. To all the stuff mentioned here. Yes, just yes. Anyhoo' just a quick question... If we do plan to introduce new custom vehicles to the server do we plan to make this system compatible with said vehicles?
  16. Interesting. The guide such as this seriously made me to consider an alt :D
  17. O shit real vet then. Maaaaan vG LS times was something else. Los Malvados w'dup.
  18. Depends about how old school are we talking about... Valhalla Gamers in LV where you at?
  19. Umm... F7? And arrow up? The script already has commands to toggle most of UI.
  20. I assume it would take a lot of effort to write these systems in place, most of said things could be done with /me's and /do's and with given websites on the internet (https://w2g.tv > Set video > Boom watching TV with others) Perhaps a TV/Stream system could be done on latter date but for now, it's just no from me.
  21. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- An ability to rename food/smokable items What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- I guess it's in our best interest to allow bars/restaurants/stores and etc to thrive in our server. With that in mind, I would like to suggest a simple feature to be added in the server. An ability for business owners to Name/rename edible/drinkable/smokable items in their own store. This simple system would be the right step to allow owners to be more unique and stand out with the stuff they offer to their clients. What are the advantages?- Provide variety for other players who focuses on managing their business. Enhance an ongoing RP with "props" or items that goes along with the scenario. What are the disadvantages?- Possible abuse of the system by naming edible/drinkable items to more inappropriate things. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- None How would you go about implementing this idea?- If the business has an NPC in the place. Right click on the NPC > Check Supplies > His store window would open up > Select an item you would like to rename > ???? > Profit If the business owner does not have an NPC. Business owner > Go buy stuff > Get into inventory > Right click on the item > Rename > Done.
  22. Fuckin' with the system. One job at the time. Nice one fellas.
  23. "If Your Hell Is Real, I'm Glad You'll Get To See It."
  24. Brief yet interesting interaction with your MC during the reopening of Vikings. I hope it's not the last time we cross our paths again. #MakeDogTownGreatAgain.
  25. Agreed and wholeheartidly supported (At least on blue arrows :/ orange circles doesn't hurt too much)
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