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  1. *Heartie emoji reaction* Well done, it's always fun to see how you fellers doing Looking forward to our future interactions bruv.
  2. Well, I don't know what you guys have to experience, but that does sound like a useful addition to already existing system helping to save more lives obviously 100% support.
  3. Indeed, even though I would love to see this feature in the server, but as of now I reckon there's a lot more important systems need to be worked on.
  4. Ah kinda sad to see some fellers going You were a great help for the server and best of luck on your future endeavors. For those promoted. Thank you for all the work and help you guys providing and continue on doing so. Keep that stuff up o/
  5. You can just re-put that helmet again (works for me most of times).
  6. Aye, when Rage 1.0 comes out, I do hope this becomes a thing due to being a useful addition (moving unused or broken cars or any other vehicles, boats).
  7. Well, people will come in time when they have a fair share of incentives to do so. Of course, Player base is an issue, no point in hiding it, but that comes down upon our shoulders to continue advertising or recommending this server for our friends and associates. Of course, on more positive note. Updates and bug fixes seems to have more... Positive feel on our PB (a month ago we could barely climb to 10 players. Now we get a fair share of 15-20 players at peak times and that means something) As of now, we can only hope, continue on doing our thing and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day
  8. Yeah, I know that you and Arson runs a few clothing based businesses around the server which made me push an idea of player controlled stores. And indeed, prices should be very important at this point (seeing that most of players have a shitload of money on their hands, but seriously lack activities to spend them, making all economy very stagnant in my opinion) I mean I do hope that in time we can at least rename clothing to somewhat reflect more fancier brands for businessman such as yourself. Or if anyone wants to RP some up and coming clothes designer with his own store.
  9. Personally. Wouldn't mind seeing this in the server when time comes. It could really expand our RP possibilities to if done right. When we have a fully working customization system in place with jewelry, accessories and such. All these things could be sold in seperate stores. (Just like in GTA:O for example with "low end stores, medium end stores and high end stores... If going a step further even players ran stores should be a thing) Jewelry being an expensive accessory as it is, should even have a value in itself (letting people just mug and steal that shit, reselling watches and shit on the streets and making a buck) Seeing that GTA:O releases more and more clothing... Hell, we could even make a small fraction of said clothing as rare, unique and exclusive (maybe a limited edition hat? Or anything of that sorts? :D) Yet, good suggestions mate, I hope people will leave their input and support to it.
  10. Effect

    Phone hotkey.

    Yes, please. I hop pushing Up arrow again would bring it down again I assume? But currently, taking out your phone is a bit tad tiresome process > go to your inventory > check in which pocket your cellphone is (star for you if you get it in the first time) > right click on a phone > choose use... Really, just naw...
  11. Supporting this. I reckon more and more items will make an appearance in the future. So saving as much space as possible in your inventory... Is definitely a needed addition.
  12. Would be fun to see some accents in game as well. At least added prefixes or something on your speech could do a trick. Like Player name:[Accent] Sentence.
  13. Well, I was just wondering how already developed characters would be learning new languages. Would it be implemented inside language system? Or RP it and ask for an admin to add knowledge of it?
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