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  1. Because it breaks general set of rules of roleplay.
  2. Actually, that is very fair proposition. I mean certain factions/organizations around the server do have script features only for themselves (PD MDT comes up in mind) I am not trying to say that it is not a unneeded addition or anything, but why some would resist a somewhat more scripted activities for criminals? Considering that "whitelist" filter could keep trolls at bay (and admins would continue to have a power to revoke it if it is abused).
  3. I would think that drug addiction system could simply simulate withdrawal (flashing colors) yet, what I am concerned, people are not exactly using drugs as of now, considering they do not offer any of advantages, so giving a system which would negatively try and impact them might push players even further more from buying them x.x
  4. Predator lookin' yee ass shot. Fking call Schwarzenegger to this.
  5. Gotta agree on a few points you've made actually. It's relatively easy to obtain wealth. Specially if you grind scripted jobs on high level. Which might grow into unbalanced economy in a long term, but I assume people just lack of ways to "waste money" in general and that is why most of us are sitting on a huge pile of cash. Plus, economy is dynamic so I just assume that when we get a bigger influx of new players they'll just adapt and offer pricing which might reflect a current state of it...
  6. It is confirmed. Dom will die from lung cancer. Been looking forward to this stuff... Can I peddle some knock off cigs?
  7. That's the best way to use binoculars I give you that Jokes aside tho' scripting team been killing it with all those new features and updates, so I am very happy and grateful that project is moving forward at this rate thanks for all your hard and effort y'all put in.
  8. Well best of luck on this one. May the weed grow strong for y'all
  9. Eyyy good stuff on splitting drugs bug. Gotta love how quickly you guys fix it.
  10. I have to agree with @VeX on this one. We are not just asking for some completely automatized crime system, but assistance and script support on certain things which could be profitable in long term of thinking (If drug growing will be a thing even simulated market for drugs will give more initiative to get involved into it) Of course main argument is "that will make the server to RPG-ish" come on, scripted jobs experience system can be considered as RPG element and no one moans about it.
  11. I don't know, personally I am on the fence here. Considering that Vex and John did made a few fair arguments in regards to all of this. But honestly, I wouldn't mind if illegal side was shown some love, but we have to take it very very cautious and I wouldn't exactly support "Jobs" idea that could be easily farmed and causing havoc all around the server not to mention abused when we do not have cops on 24/7. If anything, said "jobs" should be still initiated by admins and admins only. Drug trafficking for example sounds alright. Maybe weekly or monthly could through command initiate an NPC call for faction leader giving him a GPS location where a group should deliver drugs? (It could really work AS VeX described) YET! I would cut down on the money (Give out like 60-70% value of said drugs?) That could somewhat help to keep a control over things and selling dope for players would still be more profitable than simply going for NPC... Or even it could work like that. Deliver dope > NPC says that you will get money after XX:XX:XX time. Aka NPC simulates selling it to HIS customers and it could act like a passive income (Every risk stays i.e police is notified, 60-70 per value thing) Stores stick up? Hard to tell, I am a bit wary on this one. Another idea I could think of is usage of docks. Docks of Los Santos is a wonderful place and could be used for illicit activities as well. Like breaking into containers which could get you some useful stuff I assume? (Furniture/phones or w/e and could be resold for "interested benefactor" aka NPC for a certain amount of sum). Tbh, if we didn't shun an idea of NPC's a I would think of more stuff. And in general, I would still believe that groups or solo players would have to do investments into their equipment and interiors to actually get into more profitable activities (I know drug growing will be a thing... Which means to make more potent drugs players would have to set up a lab, buy equipment, get chemicals and etc. Plus a timer to make a batch of let's say crystal meth would be much more longer than for example weed and to continue on getting better quality drugs organizations would have to invest into maintenance of their equipment or get better one). Keeping things somewhat fresh for organizations and consistent activity to take to keep things going.
  12. Agreed actually. At least on the part of Heavy RP. Used to RP in different games myself (Guild Wars 2, forum based communities surrounding Vampire The Masquerade and WoW). There's simply a huge emphasis on set of rules and sub rules if that does make any sense, but it tries to... Gather a niche part of players who wants to enjoy a lore and setting of a certain game. It might not be for everyone but it's just how it goes most of times.
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