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  1. At some point, I do understand your point of view. Los Santos provides a diversity and versatility when it comes down to vibe/areas and overall general area. So moving to Los Santos would indeed be very neat and wonderful choice to please all kinds of RP organizations (Gangs,mobs and such alike) Yet, as of now, indeed server populace is rather low and so... Los Santos would feel very, very lonely and cold place to RP in. What I would consider is to open certain "areas" of Los Santos where we could somewhat focus populace around, but it could be a very risky move as of now.
  2. Whoever took it, best of luck dude/guys. Don't lose hope, keep on going and focus on your objective. Keep on providing quality RP. People do support y'all o/
  3. Well, I guess that would be a middle ground for everyone and well that is better than nothing :D
  4. Oooh? Another interesting twist to this faction development? Looking forward to see where it goes :D
  5. @Daniels Ey'o is this feature will be available to everyone or only for official factions and whatnot? Is there going to be a possibility to role play a graffiti artist? How all these layers will work? (Are we going to be able to add up our own pictures into the game or choose from a list of pictures to create our own graffiti or w/e?) Is there going to be away to remove them? Are we going to be able to "bomb" and spray over them if needed? :D
  6. Exactly my point, thanks for a well thought input on this. I mean, I do understand the risks and opportunities around it... That's why I'll just repeat myself here. All I hope that people won't say a flat cold ,,No" for this feature for those who's interested into it (after all, owlgaming motto is ,,possibilities are endless", yet we are trying to put a lid so what's up with that? :D)
  7. It's not your cup of tea and I understand that, just provided that there's a bit tad more to this RP than furries e-sex orgies in the woods or lion king recreation, but still, appreciate the input. @Valkyr if you are talking about wild animals - sure. Random areas could work... Yet seeing that desync is strong within RageMP so I wouldn't get my hopes up for that... Yet, like I said before, I mostly make suggestions for the future updates which either gets some support or not.
  8. Oh yeah, at least one 24/7/Gas station is a must in Sandy Shores. Specially when it's getting more and more activity due to settled organizations over there. Fully supporting this.
  9. It's possible, but it's VERY HARD to code a certain behavior to them... At least that's what I've heard before.
  10. I understand that and fully support that. Yet, counter question to you. Wouldn't you like to see a dog fighting ring? Where two bad ass Rottweilers get sent into the ring? Wouldn't you like to see people walking their dogs up on the streets of Paleto? Wouldn't you like to get your ass bit by a K-9 unit dog? Wouldn't you like to RP as a hunter/poacher walking down the trails in the forest with your trusty dog as you look for some stray deer? As I mentioned, it's very easy to point out negatives at this matter (Furry RP), but at some point, pros could easily outweight cons... Or what you incline our community would just abuse the shit out of this feature? (We simply brush the suggestion away because trolls... Who I might add would be appropriately punished if they have no actual intent to RP, no?)
  11. Nope. I wanted a clear input from the community about it (Specially knowing that GTA V has animal models) plus, I gave a clear input how it could be used and what would it provide on the RP scene. Yet, seeing that everyone is quite aggressive about it, I reckon it won't happen any time soon :)
  12. I beg to differ. I do know that this could be seen as somewhat "sensitive" feature to implant into the server. Yet, I did provide a solution how to solve this possible "weebs problem" (if they have to go through an admin interview and see what he has in mind... To troll or to actually do something good around there. Seeing that a showcase stream of our server DID feature police dog and his part in that simulated (or not) scenario it did give a nice touch of an immersion and a quick glimpse what could BE POSSIBLE if role played appropriately. Of course, I do understand and completely accept any input on this suggestion, but I beg community not to say a flat ,,no", but more to provide an insight and ideas which could "work".
  13. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Animals What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Let's acknowledge an elephant in the room. As of now, there's no way to play as an animal in OWL V (Dog, cat, deer or w/e) Knowing that there's countless of animal skins in GTA V I do think that we should have an access to it in order to provide an interesting way to provide RP for players and organizations alike (Few ideas that do pop up in my mind, a way to open up a dog fighting ring, poachers could go to national park to hunt deers or more aggressive animals for the fun of it, PD could get drug sniffing dogs or a K-9 unit and such). What are the advantages?- - More freedom to provide RP. What are the disadvantages?- -Could be abused by the trolls Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No, GTA V already has animal skins inside the game so it shouldn't be no problem I assume? How would you go about implementing this idea?- As you create the character simply add up on the options: Premade char, custom char, animals). As you create an animal character you might need to be approved by the admin or higher person in order to go through a simple interview to see if you are being serious or not. If there's no problems with this - Just go and play.
  14. Good idea - Would be sweet to link it with /ad's too.
  15. Well at some point I would consider this as an good idea (Specially due to the fact that it is very important to use every capabilities of our chosen client in the server in order to "pop out" and be more attractive in already ruthless competition around RP scene) Yet, I do believe that it's not the main priority as of now, considering that we have no access to the boats or any other vehicle which could travel on the water. Suggestion for the future? Sure. Suggestion for now? Eh, nah :/
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