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  1. Eyyy my favorite italiano boi Keep on going, it's always fun to see you at the bar.
  2. Oooh, Fallout lore. That stuff is fun and shows how dynamic that whole story have gotten. Major powers in the universe used different currency to trade, so I am hopeful to see that in the server as well... It would definitely spike the interest for people to roleplay as traders, run their caravans from hub to hub. Or get that HANSA runnin' boi.
  3. Effect

    Lynch Mob

    Eyyy more factions popping up. Wishing you best of luck and looking forward to interact with you and your group IG o/
  4. Meetin' people, having time of his life... Spending his days attending "the longhouse" as the lone bartender in a god forsaken place. Yet, new changes has come to his life. Moving from peaceful and lonesome life at the countryside. Moving to the city with rest of his friends... Welcome to Los Santos.
  5. Let's just face it. I get it, everyone has their own concerns in regards to move (in regards to players count or how dead the city might feel), but it's simply worth the shot which would've happen sooner or later (either with more or less players). Plus, it is important to note, that the support for the countryside is not gone, players will be able to RP in there and players will organically decide what they prefer more - city or stay in the country.
  6. 90+ people voted that they wanted to move to LS. It's a fair share of people who showed their interest to move to a bigger and more comfortable setting than countryside (which I might add did not attract people to move into the server and settle down, establish factions that they feel comfortable playing and so on) uniqueness means nothing if nobody is playing in that said setting.
  7. https://www.quora.com/How-easy-is-it-to-hot-wire-a-car some people with good insight with mechanics already shed some light onto this... But seems pretty hard if you do not know the layout and security features inside every model in response to fartacus question. Yet, in regards to ALREADY HOTWIRED cars. That doesn't sound too bad I reckon ("pretty much a shareable car I presume?"), but in order to make a vehicle like that admin shouldn't just half ass approves it tbh...
  8. Some cheerful news, still good to see factions doing their best to provide some RP for everyone around the server. I am sincerely happy to play with all of you and let's hope for the better future o/ (If not, let's move to Red Dead Redemption 2 xD)
  9. That is true, but one way or another there has to be "SOME" admin assistance (at least to drop off some weapons or some resources until certain systems are put into place)
  10. Preach on this man Indeed, there has to be a certain major force in the server which somewhat keeps players under control... Yet, it has to be formed in the game (At least from IC perspective) And word, it would be fun to fight over the resources and scavenge points of interest for much needed resources such as meds, water and many more to help your small group of survivors to grow stronger and bigger... INB4 Negan all over again.
  11. I have to agree though. apocalypse RP without the fear of being killed or robbed is going to be... Bland so to speak. If everyone is just going to RP as one big friendly community of survivors without no threats it will get boring and repetitive very quickly. Of course though, I am not exactly encouraging a Day-Z-like experience, there has to be some certain rules and regulations to simply allow the community to grow and let players to experience the setting without getting robbed and killed straight away.
  12. Fair, plus apocalyptic setting would be something somewhat new and it would attract a niche group of people. So, I am all hands down for something new and fresh.
  13. Yeah that would be sweet o/
  14. With less bugs and more NPC's.
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