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  1. I assume it would take a lot of effort to write these systems in place, most of said things could be done with /me's and /do's and with given websites on the internet (https://w2g.tv > Set video > Boom watching TV with others) Perhaps a TV/Stream system could be done on latter date but for now, it's just no from me.
  2. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- An ability to rename food/smokable items What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- I guess it's in our best interest to allow bars/restaurants/stores and etc to thrive in our server. With that in mind, I would like to suggest a simple feature to be added in the server. An ability for business owners to Name/rename edible/drinkable/smokable items in their own store. This simple system would be the right step to allow owners to be more unique and stand
  3. Fuckin' with the system. One job at the time. Nice one fellas.
  4. "If Your Hell Is Real, I'm Glad You'll Get To See It."
  5. Brief yet interesting interaction with your MC during the reopening of Vikings. I hope it's not the last time we cross our paths again. #MakeDogTownGreatAgain.
  6. Agreed and wholeheartidly supported (At least on blue arrows :/ orange circles doesn't hurt too much)
  7. Tossing my gloves into the ring here. Peeps covered a lot with weed farming. I thought it would be beneficial to give some props to other systems as well which I wholeheartidly enjoy :D EDIT: Someone should cover that ? mark system too considering it's new addition to the server and all that. Every bit helps eh! :D
  8. O SHIT, awesome actually been waiting for this! Doing gods work fellas.
  9. Hmm sounds interesting. Looking forward to see more ways to improve/increase house EXP.
  10. Effect

    LS Gambling

    ((Sounds interesting, I wish to see this to succeed and expand on the current ideas here :D Best of luck here mate.))
  11. Cheers, I'll continue to work on new props for peeps to use.
  12. An additional content to our players is always yes yes and yes in my books.
  13. O shit another valhalla gaming member (LV times w'dup? Los Malvados ajajajajajajai... And our great exodus to RG kek) I vaguely remember you tho'. Welcome back.
  14. Scripted furniture - Not exactly needed because we have animations which fully helps to reflect things you've said sitting, smoking, drinking, (Maybe need a bit more work, but that will do for the time being) More furniture that can store stuff - Already in the server as far as I can remember. Labeling keys - Well, agreed, that could be a small quality of life addition.
  15. Interesting concept, looking forward to see some screenshots o/
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