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  1. It's been a wild year overall as far as I can remember (P.S y'all forgot to mention my most favorite activity robberies/stick ups system :D), but it's nice to see that we did not falter our initial flop and our scripters continued on working with the script adding more features, fixing bugs and giving a much more pleasing players experience. When looking back to those first days of server launch I've gotta say we came far and I hope that you guys will continue on working towards your objective and get recognition for everything that was done :) Thank you all for all of this o/
  2. Always down for rules that pushes better player experience. Yet, just a random question wasn't there any rules for PD that allows to punish players such as these? (at least around a presumption that the car does not meet to be road ready? :D)
  3. Hey that's fine, maybe that suggestion will be looked over in the future and whatnot.
  4. Ummm last time I've looked over faction layout... Factions do have their own banking system which can only be accessed by higher ranking members? @Vubstersmurf should know a lot more about that she actively uses said feature... For our funds *cough cough*
  5. This. Plus the lore is quite deep at that if you read wikia. Nevertheless, it doesn't feel right to literally destroy a well established lore not to mention the time and resources needed to literally rename every.vehicle.of.gtav... (Bikes, boats, bicycles, motorcycles and so on and on :/)
  6. #Bringbackboogienights
  7. Because it breaks general set of rules of roleplay.
  8. Actually, that is very fair proposition. I mean certain factions/organizations around the server do have script features only for themselves (PD MDT comes up in mind) I am not trying to say that it is not a unneeded addition or anything, but why some would resist a somewhat more scripted activities for criminals? Considering that "whitelist" filter could keep trolls at bay (and admins would continue to have a power to revoke it if it is abused).
  9. I would think that drug addiction system could simply simulate withdrawal (flashing colors) yet, what I am concerned, people are not exactly using drugs as of now, considering they do not offer any of advantages, so giving a system which would negatively try and impact them might push players even further more from buying them x.x
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