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  1. Well, thank you for recommendations, I hope they will answer on this thread
  2. Howdy everyone. Seeing that there's no subforums in regards of requests around here (or I am just blind, if anything please move this thread somewhere) So, I'll get straight to business. I am looking for a skilled person on 3D max to recreate/import Diego Mendez model from Vice City Stories. If anyone is up for a task shoot me a PM. And yes, I am willing to pay for it.
  3. Oh shiz, Loki came back best of luck onto this one.
  4. To be honest, you are right on this one. Yet, I feel that on release, already developed factions and players alike will spread out to Sandy Shores and surrounding territory around Paleto Bay (Sandy Shores got a decent motel at least in regards of projects like environment if I remember correctly), but high income area could be an issue.
  5. Ey, best of luck to you, people, have fun and enjoy with what y'all doing o/
  6. Contact their lawyers and lemme know
  7. W'dup Lyricist?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Lyricist


      I rarely even bother checking this place, so you're in luck. Haven't roleplayed here since November/September '17. That's about it.

    3. Effect


      Well shiiiiit, focused on EFT?

    4. Lyricist


      IRL and studies more than gaming, but mainly Apex, Tark and other stuff whenever I play.

  8. Hiya and welcome visiting my small portfolio. Here's some of my works I've done in the past... Idk 4-5 years? (I lost the count) but overall, I hope you guys will enjoy it. In regards of requests. I might help if needed. AVATARS SIGNATURES
  9. Looks interesting. Best of luck to you guys and keep this stuff going o/
  10. Have things been.. "effect"-ive lately?

    1. Effect


      Ah dat pun <3 
      And yeah, quite effective. 

  11. Manhunt 2 I reckon? Still 8/10 Gotta love those old times when I used to play Manhunt 1 and after when Swat swarmed Metro and I had to kill whole squad in goddamn shadows I finally snapped and deleted the game (I don't regret it knowing a goddamn boss is a piggy with a chainsaw... Nightmare fuel)
  12. 9/10 No, this is Patrick. Gotta love it.
  13. Lyricist? Lyricist :D

  14. Still alive and no official?DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.
  15. Remember Sa-mp RP servers back in 2008-09? When there all those noobish gangs coloring their vehicles in gang colors...? WE ARE COMING BAWK IN TIME!
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