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  1. Perhaps, but jumping on a thread with a bouquet of flowers crying their eyes out sounds a bit hypocritical IN MY OPINION (Which obviously you can criticize and I am open to it) You, yourself with a group of community members tried an interesting twist on MTA server which obviously could've succeed with a lot more of community and administration support and until this day I am pretty saddened that it didn't. Of course, aforementioned arguments are valid and I do agree with you, but seeing how thread goes, simply putting out subjective observations might help to increase certain notoriety on said issues and errors? For all I care, I am not trying to argue with you nor trying to pick a fight with you (seeing that you do have some wonderful insights).
  2. It's kinda funny to see people payin' their respects for a deceased server. Let's face it, MTA server was online for more than a couple of months and you could still play there, yet people had plenty of activities to attend on real life without paying attention to it (for the past of a few months MTA server was dead with 1-2 players online on occasion) You could've saved it if only once in a week you could've found time to spend at least a few hours on there, but unfortunately, you didn't and so, yes, we all had some memories and wonderful stuff happening over there, but now all the focus goes for Rage MP and so, if we care about the community and all our "cherished memories" we have to put some effort and keep that stuff going. )
  3. Gotta agree with Squirdo here... People tend to look for eye catching scripts and systems (Which could provide some activity for 'em) And for that, I would suggest some mini games (specially card games such as blackjack, poker and etc... ) That could provide some opportunities for players/businesses and factions alike. Then, even though not main priority but drugs will definitely gonna need a rework (at least a small system to manufacture drugs than simply making them to appear from a thin air). For more quality of life additions I would highly recommend zoe's suggestions Apart from that. Give us an ability to store items/clothes inside the property (wardrobes/safes/wallets) because after a while an enormous amount of clothing and items in your inventory tends to be tiring to roll through. Another suggestion would be to actually rework scripted jobs. Make them more immersive and meaningful at certain point than simply driving from point to point... It's mind numbing task. Give us new routes, give us more small steps to take (load up our van comes up in mind, give us special "events" where a sudden order comes up and we have to go and pick it up... and so on and on, I am sure people would add more ideas if these things actually happened) I would love to see this server to succeed, I really do, but we are not actually offering anything fun for people to do...
  4. Indeed there is! And that's one of the most important factor to discuss and rate here. Too much freedom on the community side can either make the community prosper and flourish... Or make it to degrade yourself, mimicking a somewhat sarcastic vision of real life.
  5. Answer is simple. Maybe it might be a bit tad radical, but... I tend to think about players - People who tend to play here. Not everyone has countless of hours/years of experience up in their sleeve when it comes down to roleplay, not to mention everyone has different motives when it comes down to it. I've seen much stronger communities falling apart or getting corrupted just because players base go full retarded not only on the administration but RP standards too.
  6. 1. I am not sure what you mean on this one, but I tend to believe that heavy RP communities tends to have a strict and extensive list of rules that must be followed at all times, of course it's my own subjective opinion that was formed over my own experiences in numerous communities (mostly private projects and one community based on Vampire The Masquerade universe). These said communities used to have a fairly steep learning curve (or at least that's my impression because you wouldn't believe how many books I had to read to even role play a single role...) 2. Not every light RP server? Please elaborate, because I simply cannot think of one who didn't end up being like this. Too much freedom is not always the best as you might think.
  7. Evening drinks and laughs around the clubhouse.
  8. Effect

    Clothes colors

    Ah yes, I was always a strong supporter for a much more expansive customizing system (tattoos, new clothing, haircuts and etc). Definitely a huge support on this one.
  9. Effect


    Gib. Different walking styles wouldn't hurt either just like back in MTA.
  10. Ah, darn! Nice one. I always had a slight fascination to Jamaican Posses back in my day. Looking forward to interact with y'all and wish you best of luck on your project o/
  11. Interesting indeed! Long lasting RP situations/cultivators idea could be beneficial for our community on many levels. Giving players an initiative to push certain narratives forward and helping them to develop their characters and factions. If it's a success, whole system can be pushed and expanded in many other new narratives for people to enjoy.
  12. Well, I guess this discussion requires a pretty complex answer on this point. But to simplify, it all comes down to mentality of how much of real life/realism you can reflect on a video game. Heavy RP puts a HUGE focus on these things, not to mention character and faction development and it's kept under a strict control not only of administration but the community as well. For a "medium" roleplay. There's quite fragile balance in between of heavy and light RP trying to balance in between casual and experienced roleplayers alike (follow fundamental rules of roleplay and have a good grasp about them at least). Light RP... Well, it's RPG to be honest. People tend to imitate roleplay, but it all ends up being gang wars or cops and robbers style servers with no strict restrictions what can be achieved by players. In the end, there's more focus on a fun factor than roleplay in general.
  13. Ожен прйятно товариш Peach
  14. We will see how it goes. These past few months in beta was pretty alright with it's up's and downs. All I hope is that this upcoming launch will be a new beginning for Owl community.
  15. Hmmm, interesting. Looking forward to interact with y'all. Cartel can be an interesting organization to run.
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