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  1. LokiHavok

    Bratva Vostoka

    I feel like I raised a child. That child grew up and had children of their own. /mourn I may not be with you guys but I am thrilled and honored to see you guys collectively carrying on the legacy.,
  2. LokiHavok

    Your Daily Dose of Khram

    S A D
  3. LokiHavok

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

  4. LokiHavok

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    What about hebephilia?
  5. LokiHavok

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    How about you guys take it IC? I'd love to have a murder contract for a "short-eyes" pedo come my way.
  6. LokiHavok

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

    It's like you didn't even read the thread.
  7. LokiHavok

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

    Alright. Updated. Too tired to finish the last bit about the intricacies of what we trade in. Will finish that some other time with some more fleshed out content.
  8. LokiHavok

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

    Please guys lemme finish! lmao
  9. LokiHavok

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

    The Rustavi Network of San Andreas is a Eurasian TOC trafficking ring operating in the City of Los Santos. It is a part of the larger Rustavi Network which operates internationally. The Rustaveli around the world owe their allegiance to the Tibilisi Clan, which was formerly headed by the infamous Vor: Grandfather Hassan. It's primary operations are the importation and sale of the various contraband that is found in it's region of origin. The plethora of surplus Soviet firearms still in circulation. The pure heroin imported from the nearby Iran. The many exotic whores of Turkish delight. The counterfeit goods of Central Asia. The fraud of the Armenian mind. All is available. All is in stock. The Network's birth lie in the war-torn streets of a Civil War Georgia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the nation was struck with a number violent internal conflicts that left it's populace in disarray. It was during this time that the Vors descended upon the land, picking the Caucasus clean as if it were carrion. As the wars raged on in the early 90s, the post-Soviet Vory began to fleece the new nation. Surplus Soviet arms were funneled into the streets. Every rebel had a Kalishnakov in his hand. And while the common Georgian people starved in the streets, the Russian crime bosses lined their pockets. However, not all were content to stand by idle as their misery was capitalized upon. It was during this time that many Vory began to work with the local criminals. During the Soviet period Georgian Vors were a minority in the Thieves' World. This wouldn't last for long. As the USSR fell the Vory in Russia slowly became irrelevant as the line between businessman and criminal became blurred. In Georgia this was not the case. The Vory grew in the Caucasus like no other, but so did the new breed of criminal. Hand-in-hand they forged the new paradigm that would shape the Georgian mafia for decades to come. The two major cities in which criminality flourished were Kutaisi in the West and Tbilisi in the East. A series of alliance began to develop that would see the smaller criminal groups side with the developing figures of each camp. The criminals of Rastavi were no different. As the wars raged on in South Ossetia and Abkhazian, the power of those in Rustavi began to grow as well. Rustavi was just a small suburb from the capital, but they forged a name for themselves as being particularly crafty. They avoided the tumultous period in one of the most dangerous cities in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall. By the late 1990s, only 3 major crime bosses from the old guard remained. Seeing themselves as denizens of Rastavi first and the capital second they made pact to work together as best as wolves can. Since then many bosses of the Rustaveli arrangement have come and gone. Their members flowing from one figurehead to another. From one country to another in a constantly changing shifting of alliances and betrayals. The Rastvelii ethic and code is still followed to this day, even if the traditions of the Vors are but a distant memory. The Rastavi Network now stretches to nearly every corner of the West and some areas of Russia. Wherever there is conflict; there's a Rastveli to sell you the means to end it. If there is a need to self-medicate, a Rastveli requires no prescription. And you can always find comfort between the thighs of a Rastveli's whore. The Rastveli is a merchant of all things. A Rastveli never goes hungry. It's been that way for generations. And it will always be. Rebels of the Abkhazia War The Rastavi Network is comprised of roughly a dozen Georgian crime bosses members scattered across the globe. Many of it's members entrenched in major metropolii in the richer Western nations. The bosses along with their immediate circle are collectively known as the Rustveli, despite many of their members hailing from Eastern Georgian, predominantly. Among their number are also the Kartvelian speaking minorities of Georgia. Such as the Yezidi or the Abkhaz, for example. All together this puts the Rustveli between 30-50 members globally. It is widely believed that a sizable percentage of these Rustveli are also Vory v Zakone. It is believed that this figure is in direct correlation with the large amount of Georgian Vory divided between the Kutaisi and Tibilisi criminal clans of the country and those Georgians abroad who are unaligned.. Though small, the Rustavi owe a great deal of their influence to connections with prominent members of the much larger Tibilisi Clan. The alliance that was once headed by Aslan Usoyan, the last true "Godfather of the Vors." Also due to their strategic location in the Caucasus the Rustaveli are able to manuever the Eurasian underworld with much more gravitas than many others. As such, they often ally themselves with other regional and ethnically, culturally, or linguistically similar criminals. Once this is considered, the number of organized criminals in their sphere swell from under a hundred to a legion of Eurasian criminals. that is estimated to be tenfold. The Rastavi Network in San Andreas The core of the Rastvelis in Los Santos are no different than those cells abroad. Mainly comprised of ethnic Georgians hailing from Tbilisi. It is rumored though that an hulking and terrifying Yazidi is amongst them, an overzealous fanatic of a demonic Peacock Angel. Some tell tales of a strange man in black with eyes so pale that they almost see through you. The Russians affiliated with the network are primarily found in Little Moscow. It is there that a man of Tatar origin is said to command respect amongst the local criminals. Another prominent figure is the Wolf. It is said ability to sniff out coin is unmatched Whatever the case, the influenced Russian criminals in Los Santos number in the dozens. One of the largest group that patronize the wares of the Rastavi Network. The Armenians. Unlike in other countries where the Rastavi make use of Armenian immigrants, those of San Andreas employ those of Armenian descent. In fact, two prominent members of the Armenian Power gang have found themselves doing business with the Georgians. While having grown out of their former lifestyle, these Armenians have become more professional but still command respect with their former peers. The Snake and the Hound play a game only they know. Chasing each other too and fro as rivals. There are always those that don't get along with the others. The three ethnic groups are largely compatible. For the reasons listed below, these groups have maintained a healthy distance and their own autonomy within the Rustavi hegemony. The Chechens piss off just about everyone. Militant Islamists aside, the Chechens of the Eurasian underworld are sometimes to valuable to ignore. Sometimes, even the most brutal Russian mobster fears the violence and brutality that the Chechens are capable of. For that reason, they are kept at an arm's length until they are needed. The Turks are comprised of mainly Anatolian Turks, but other Turkic peoples from Central Asia work with them as well. Most Armenians are not pleased to work alongside the Turkish in any capacity though. Due to a history of genocide, the relationship between the two groups is strained. Naturally. The Azeri have an intense dislike of Armenians. Much like the Turks this may be mutual. They are invaluable as the top producers and traffickers of Iranian heroin though. Some things must be put aside for the sake of profit. Firearms Trafficking Narcotics Trafficking Human Trafficking Financial Crimes Counterfeiting
  10. LokiHavok

    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    If you're referring to the content within the "Khram leaks" screens, are you serious? We were planning and discussing our intentions for our faction. Which was an ILLEGAL ORGANIZED CRIME faction. We were a private faction with out own goals and agenda. Why play the game if we aren't going to roleplay? You take a peek into any illegal faction Discord and you'll find the same thing, and probably worse. None of it even came to fruition anyway, so it was all just banter.
  11. LokiHavok

    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    I shut it down because of players like you.
  12. LokiHavok

    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    You're acting as if our mere existence impeded the development of other factions. The kid with the controller metaphor: What controller were were we not letting others hold? We strove to be the best we could possibly be, thus our faction was more attractive to players. Somehow it's a detriment to the rest of the server?
  13. LokiHavok

    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    Yes, we in Khram has decided that we no longer wish to carry on, despite being able to. We've reigned for a longer period than any other faction in MTA's history. And that is satisfying enough. We feel like we've built a sufficient legacy in many ways. Now, it's time for that top spot to be claimed as time goes on. A power vacuum will occur and I'm excited to see who will fill the gap that Khram will be leaving. As far as the sendoff, I think the server will be pleased with the ideas that we've come up with to get a good portion of the server involved with Khram one last time.
  14. LokiHavok

    [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    Yeah, ELSE was cool. We did some cool community RP by bringing everyone together. And I hope some people got some good experiences in that project.
  15. LokiHavok

    [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    Basically, because of a particular players a plethora of false accusations, shitty memes, and general misinformation has been floated around for a few months. They claim abuse but they can ever name any instances of this. And when you try to ask them what they are talking about. They change the subject.

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