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  1. [Mapping] Jefferson Initiative - Hood roleplay

    This is how Jefferson should be. I heavily support this initiative.
  2. [STATE] The People v. Kristen Olesk

    ((Craazy has yet to respond to the ticket.))
  3. Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club

    I've seen that logo before when @Caporegime made this a few years ago.
  4. El Grupo Jiménez

    Faction leader(s) banned thus leaving the server. L&A
  5. [Child RP Rules] - New Rule

    I play a 63 year old man who never loses.
  6. Crossout

    This shit reminds me of Twisted Metal.
  7. Napolitano crime family

    Is this active?
  8. North Side Neighborhood Pirus

    Still active? @Radhwan
  9. [ELSE] The East Los Santos Experience

    Updated with a public Discord invite. Check the pinned messages for more info. Wait to be sorted by ethnicity, religion, and name.
  10. "Heroin Epidemic Invades Western Los Santos"



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Freebird


      @FAILCAKEZ u better believe in troll status', u r in one!!1

    3. LokiHavok


      It's pretty clear what it's in reference to.

    4. Freebird


      1 drug dealer in entire ls 

  11. The Timberland Disciples

    Thank you guys for being a part of ELSE. Long Live Timberland Disciples. Long Live Baker Heights.
  12. The Armada MC

    Hello @notproskater Is this still active?
  13. The Reapers MC

    @DoPrius21 I assume this can be L&A? Being that you're running something called the Angels of Chaos MC?

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