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  1. kind word for Siam Suleymon
  2. where he at doe?

    1. JTG811
    2. LokiHavok


      The Irish are Moors. Confirmed.

  3. Who is this guy? And what is he talking about?
  4. @Ambidextrous Lemme cop a card.
  5. LokiHavok

    213 Hoodlums

    Nice and clean. Looks good. Good luck.
  6. Craazy, how did you hack Wright's forum account?
  7. I feel like I raised a child. That child grew up and had children of their own. /mourn I may not be with you guys but I am thrilled and honored to see you guys collectively carrying on the legacy.,
  8. How about you guys take it IC? I'd love to have a murder contract for a "short-eyes" pedo come my way.
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