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  1. Faction Team Update Hello, Below you'll find a list of our recent update and changes within Faction Team. If you have any questions, please reply below or send us a forum PM. Faction Changes We've had some changes with factions in the server. Below are the details: Parks and Recreation has been disbanded. The Vinewood Mob has gained established. Please remember to apply for factions such as PD, FD, government, and the courts if you are interested! Influencers We have had an influence application filed to interact with the illegal world. Without giving out too much information, be sure to look out for someone in the arms trade! Below is an updated list of the Faction Team roster: DrJoseEvil QueenC Vubstersmurf ItsMelodyy Ixosis ThatGuy Faction Updates Please remember to send in regular faction updates at least once a month. We will not be able to effectively evaluate factions, and provide additional support if we do not have regular updates to refer to. This is also required to move up in terms of faction ranking. Virtual Markets Please review this thread if you are interested in participating in virtual markets. It provides a unique and easy way to for legal and illegal factions to be paid for the passive RP they create. There are all sorts so be sure to read the thread and apply accordingly! Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.
  2. Thank you @Chaos and @Daniels! Nod to everyone else who has helped our development and our players as well!
  3. *This offer would be posted again online.*
  4. *This offer would be posted again online.*
  5. Faction Team Update Hello, Below you'll find a list of our recent update and changes within Faction Team. If you have any questions, please reply below or send us a forum PM. Faction Changes The Faction Team agreed upon the transition to V that all current MTA factions would be given an evaluation period to prove sustained activity in order to gain official status. Some factions have failed their evaluation while others have passed their official status. Below are the details. The Redwood Mob has passed their evaluation period. The Cartel Del Suroeste has failed their evaluation period. Jetsam LLC has passed their evaluation period. Sabre LTD has passed their evaluation period. Trident LTD has passed their evaluation period. We would like to congratulate The Vikings MC separately for being a good example of how factions should aim to gain official status. They are the first V created faction to gain this status and have worked very hard for it, providing great roleplay and beautiful screenshots for people to enjoy their progress and journey along the way. The Ombra Syndicate has been given established and we encourage them to keep on doing what they're doing. We're also giving a mention to Paleto Bay Waste, Recycling & Hauling LLC to keep up the good work and activity. Government Elections An election was held after 3 months when the government transitioned from MTA to V. DrJoseEvil won this election under a Republican Party banner and we wish him the best of luck. If you are interested in government RP, this is the time to give it a shot and contact the government to join the cabinet or run for a district. if you have any specific faction-related questions in relation to OwlV, feel free to send in a Faction Team contact. Faction Team Structure We have had some changes in our roster after removing people for inactivity. Below is an updated list of the Faction Team roster: DrJoseEvil Mogs QueenC Salsa Vubstersmurf Faction Updates Please remember to send in regular faction updates at least once a month. We will not be able to effectively evaluate factions, and provide additional support if we do not have regular updates to refer to. This is also required to move up in terms of faction ranking. Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.
  6. I've spawned an interior and left it unlocked at this location (recommendation of Peach) If anyone has any other ideas for locations, reply to this thread and tag me and I'll spawn them ASAP.
  7. While I don't agree with the police free and criminal free zones because of the RPG elements, the idea of having NPC owned bars is similar to what we advocated for on MTA with admins in the GAT. We would request them to make a character, open a bar for an hour or two for players, close it, repeat if they'd wish. Or perhaps present themselves at a club with an expensive car and throw some money around. I think an NPC owned bar would be alright to begin with but in the long run we should aim towards having them player owned to create more RP. To begin it's a decent idea, personally speaking.
  8. The News That Matters, Today CIRCULATION: 145,000~ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2019 DAILY 35¢ Paleto Bay's Speeding Woes Written by Ray Costa A Deputy Sheriff pulling over taxi driver Luis Pacheco for speeding. PALETO BAY - Town residents were left awestruck earlier this month when Mini Coopers with racing stripes tore around Paleto Bay like a scene out of the movie Italian Job, resulting in a police pursuit with one suspect taken into custody without issue. The driver told police that he was racing for money against the other two vehicles. When Sheriff Roosevelt of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department was questioned about the possible rise in racing and reckless driving, he was quoted saying that "Paleto Bay has not reached such a level where I personally would see it as something you can say people actively do." However, the Sheriff continued that "in my experiences so far for Paleto Bay, it seems that speeding is a general issue. We are right next to the highway, we have seen an influx of people renting themselves sporty and rapid vehicles and trying them out on the highway for instance. This seems to be a rather popular move by the younger generation in the County and towns." A request for an interview with a local taxi driver, Luis Pacheco, took an ironic turn when Pachecho himself was issued a citation for speeding by an unmarked police vehicle during the course of the interview. Pachecho stated that in his opinion, Paleto Bay does have a higher occurrence of speeding due to lax drivers exams and the relatively young age of most drivers. The Sheriff's Deputy that issued the citation to Pachecho confirmed the sentiment that the relative ease of the exam may be why speeding is an issue in Paleto Bay. One Deputy Sheriff stated in an interview that "they had 3 separate vehicles on separate occasions refuse to pull over and my vehicle couldn't keep up, resulting in the 3 vehicles successfully evading police." The Deputy continued, stating that "every traffic stop to date has been for a simple traffic violation that quickly escalates out of control." It is worth noting, however, that the number of people evading is not significant enough to warrant an overhaul of the current police vehicle fleet for pursuit engines according to the Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Roosevelt added that "we've got bad apples causing issues for everyone, but the Sheriff's Department as a whole works tirelessly to make sure the law is enforced properly. Traffic citations, arrests and general license checks are being utilized on the daily to make sure people are aware of both our presence as well as the cost of breaking the law." During an interview with another Deputy Sheriff, they stated that "a commanding officer of the air and marine support unit was recently promoted." Through a coordinated effort between traffic units and a helicopter, police will be able to successfully track and apprehend those who evade police if a helicopter is on standby for such occasions. Sheriff Roosevelt clarified that "just because you see or hear a police helicopter, it doesn't mean something bad is going down." The Sheriff's Department utilize air patrols as an effective tool to deter crime as a whole, and it is the belief of Sheriff Roosevelt that air patrols will help combat and deter crime in areas they service. A majority of police resources are currently focused on traffic violations and actively patrol Paleto Bay and it's surrounding highways. The aim is that the active police presence will serve as a deterrent. The Sheriff's Department will avoid high speed pursuits as it poses a danger to the public and instead will have a helicopter pursue with police further behind, ensuring the suspect is taken into custody afterwards. The Sheriff's Department will gather reports and data whenever requested by the Los Santos County Government, and if need be, will approach County Commissioner Wuttemberg to seek solutions for concerns over speeding if it continues, according to Sheriff Roosevelt. Through the use of conventional means such as speed bumps, increased funding for police, or modifications to roads to deter speeding, a solution could be found. The Sheriff's Department does not believe this is yet a noteworthy issue to bring to the attention of the County Commissioner. The view from taxi driver Luis Pacheco's back seat. Have information that can improve the accuracy of this article? Want to see something else reported on? Looking for a career with us? Send us an e-mail at contact.globalmedianews.com (( @Wright ))
  9. The News That Matters, Today CIRCULATION: 145,000~ MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2019 DAILY 35¢ The Grand Reopening of the Mojito Inn Written by Ray Costa Owner Stephen Irvine (far left) with fellow patrons at the Mojito Inn. PALETO BAY - The grand reopening of the Mojito Inn was celebrated enthusiastically this past Saturday with over fifty patrons in attendance since the taverns' closure two years ago today. The popular and often frequented tavern was forced to close their doors when a tragic grease fire erupted in the kitchen and caused significant damage, requiring extensive renovations in the kitchen from fire damage and throughout the entire building due to extensive smoke damage. Drywall was replaced along with most of the walls and plumbing was redone. Prior to the opening of the Mojito Inn fifteen years ago, patrons were forced to take a twenty-minute drive South along the Great Ocean Highway to Hookie's, another local tavern in the area. Understandably, people were less inclined to drive such a distance with the intention of consuming alcoholic beverages as it became troublesome to return to Paleto Bay without the aid of public transportation or taxi services. It was for this reason that Stephen Irvine, owner of the Mojito Inn, created the establishment fifteen years ago. The close proximity to Paleto Bay allowed for the town's residents to congregate around a central establishment that gave birth to a nightlife that was formerly unknown to the town. However almost ironically, the same issue occurred again during the closure of the Mojito Inn for the two-year renovation hiatus. Thankfully, the two-year delay did not harm the popularity of the grand reopening and was celebrated with a large audience the first day. The staff will shy away from opening another kitchen, due to "fear of having another kitchen fire occurring" according to Stephen Irvine. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will still be served along with finger foods such as chips, peanuts, and other treats. Mr. Irvine also hopes to appeal to a broader audience by having a casino opened inside the bar along with a live band, providing more entertainment then was previously possible. A photo of the Mojito Inn at night Have information that can improve the accuracy of this article? Want to see something else reported on? Looking for a career with us? Send us an e-mail at contact.globalmedianews.com (( @Wright ))
  10. @ThatGuy has been gathering coordinates for more gas stations and the ability to duplicate keys exists but for admins only at the moment.
  11. WHO WE ARE We are a locally owned and operated company that was founded in 1983 by Ray Costa. Starting off in the small town of Paleto Bay with only five workers, the company eventually grew in size and recognition as the housing market boomed in Los Santos County in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Paleto Construction Company has since become a recognized and respected name in the construction industry of San Andreas. Using the most skilled workers and finest building materials and brands, we aim to provide our customers with our vast comprehension and expertise when it comes to tackling any project related to construction, renovations, and much more. Following in the footsteps of Ray Costa, we ensure that every project is conducted with authenticity, excellence, adaptability, and innovation. CAREER CHOICES We are seeking to employee the following Plumbing, Gas, and Heating Technicians (installation/maintenance of heating, gas, sewer lines, water lines, etc) Commercial / Residential Renovations & Restorations Electricians (installation/maintenance of traffic lights, installation of power lines, etc) Telecommunications Technicians (installation of internet and telephone lines) Sanitation Technicians (required to drive, pressure wash, remove waste disposal, garbage removal, etc) Estimators (required to bid on contracts, draft estimates, estimate materials and fees) Foremen (required to coordinate work sites, contracts, workers, materials, etc) If you do not see a service listed but wish to have it done, contact us below and we will find a solution that fits your needs at the best possible price. CONTACT E-Mail Us At [email protected] (( Forum PM @Wright or @ThatGuy ))
  12. Am I just supposed to give my faction to a random player because it's going to be on V? It's my faction. Why would I not run it with the same people who do a good job already? Maybe I've misunderstood. In our community meeting we've acknowledged that if V takes off and leaves MTA, so be it. We will release script updates as long as people continue to play MTA. However, Jetsam has faith in V and will be transitioning there completely if all works out. As for "originality", logistics has always been a very niche thing and you've admitted as such. I think it's good that two factions go against each other when it comes to logistics so it's not a monopoly like it was on MTA. Additionally, I came up with the idea of self storage and we are the only ones to run with that idea for the time being and it is also very niche. The same can be said for construction, it wasn't a big thing until I made one for a LCN faction as a legal front about a year ago and it sky rocketed since in popularity among players. So I think that in fact we are very unique in the services we provide and we will also be taking on running a news organization this time around, which hasn't been done for over a year on MTA. I plan to actually instill a non-bias and objective standards essence of journalism and reporting for V which is also unheard of from any news network today. In my opinion, we have a lot of originality. We do share some characteristics with MTA but that doesn't mean we should scrap the ideas entirely because they've already been proven to work. By that logic, we can argue how similar illegal factions are coming over from MTA, etc. There's only so much you can do.
  13. Daily Globe Media Daily Globe Media is San Andreas' leading content creation company specializing in television, radio, newspapers, advertisements, video production, and telecommunications. The fundamental principles leading Daily Globe Media are an obligation to the truth, our loyalty to citizens, being impartial and fair, providing a forum for public criticism and compromise, remaining interesting and relevant, keeping news comprehensive and proportional, and fairly representing viewpoints and interests of society. We promote the rule of law and encourage commerce and growth in the region. We believe steadfast in freedom and liberty, and reject overreaching authorities that attempt to limit free speech or twist narratives for personal gain. We are beholden to no individual, narrative, or political organization and will be intellectually honest. CAREER CHOICES We are seeking to employee the following News Anchors Talk Radio Hosts Journalists Photographers Camera Operators / Lighting & Sound Technicians / Driver (News Van) Editors / Publishers Writers Rotary-Wing Pilots CONTACT US E-Mail Us At [email protected] (( Forum PM @Wright, @DylanW or @ThatGuy))
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