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  1. Operation Homeland My fellow Los Santosians, A series of daring raids were undertaken today by the Los Santos Police Department in order to eradicate an armed and dangerous street gang housed in Jefferson. Over the past few days, this gang has targeted government officials and others from the public, brandishing firearms and shooting at police. The police department secured search and arrest warrants and went after the gang today and managed to seize the following items. The seized items are: an M4, eleven handguns and associated magazines, 165 grams of Marijuana, 122 grams of cocaine, and a Mac11. The Los Santos Police Department is working on finalizing a gang injunction to effectively target crime in the Jefferson area. Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
  2. I love me some Fleetwood Mac.
  3. Revolutionary punishment system for MTA. +1 @Chaos
  4. That'll be the end of you.
  5. Name: Thomas Mengele Comment: This is my old house! Amazing building. I like what you've done with it. Well worth the price.
  6. County Board of Supervisors Election Oversight Committee After recent discovery of massive voter fraud in District 1, the polls have been closed early with an announcement made with the current chosen representatives as the numbers currently stand. A significant leap was made in votes within a few hours time, sparking the interest of oversight committee members. We will avoid specific details and names as there is a current on going investigation with law enforcement. Congratulations to the chosen representatives.
  7. Council of Supervisor Election Results After an early closure of polls given discovery by the County Elections Supervisor of voter fraud in District 1, the results are listed below. Bare in mind that the chosen District 1 representative had a major lead prior to the voter fraud discovery, removing any doubt that they may not have won. There was no one to run for District 2 as well so the spot will remain vacant until further notice. There has also been a renaming of the "Board of Supervisors" to the "Council of Supervisors" to better fit the name of the current County government, the Council and the People of Los Santos. District 1 - Robert Mondini (( @Belgica )) District 3 - Victor Gerstle (( @ertidog )) District 4 - Edison Best (( @einschtein )) We wish these people the best of luck in their new positions representing their districts in the County of Los Santos. Districts
  8. woah, turning all natzi and shit :jeb:

    1. DanielV



    2. Wright


      I was always a fashy goy

    3. radhwan


      NSPUSA's protective virus is working, first LS, then SA, the the USA!! Muahahahahahahahaha

      I have problems

  9. 14/88

    1. DanielV


      "We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children."

  10. Username: White Aryan Nation Comment: LONG LIVE THE 1000 YEAR REICH
  11. "Your honor, my client wishes to plead not guilty. I would also like to motion for a dismissal of all charges as the evidence is not sufficient enough to support such charges. The original charge lead to fruit of the poisonous tree for all the others. My client knows Chief Melanie Gaines very well, having served in the Los Santos Police Department with her, and even having been her Captain. Ms. Gaines served as his Lieutenant over the Patrol Bureau and there is no evidence to prove that Mr. Bennett was not looking for her in the arrest report. It is simply speculation on behalf of the officer and he admits himself that he gains "personal satisfaction" for filing false charges. As seen in the dash cam footage, it is clear that the Officer simply did not believe that Mr. Bennett could have known the Chief personally. Mr. Bennett also did not state he has friends in the police department as the filing officer words it in bad light, instead, he answered the officers question as to who he was looking for, Ms. Gaines. My client was recently awarded the highest award a civilian can receive for their service to the County of Los Santos. Specifically for their service to the Los Santos Police Department during the same time in service as Melanie Gaines. Even If my client did lie about knowing Melanie Gaines, it was with no criminal intent. Mr. Bennett did not lie with the purpose of deceiving the officer and this is malicious application of this charge. My client also did not follow or pursue any emergency vehicles, there is no evidence to support this claim. The original narrative says the vehicle was parked, thus making it impossible to pursue an emergency vehicle responding to a call. The evidence does not support the accusation. This is a clear case of a malicious prosecution and arrest and my client has not been recommended bail or early release, while other cases such as Maverick Phillips, accused of murder, has had his bail approved. My client is an outstanding citizen in Los Santos and I am appalled the Police Department would have the DA file charges for such reasons. The original charge has no evidence to support it and thus makes the arrest invalid, which led to no probable cause for Mr. Bennett being placed under arrest, and therefore did not warrant the search to yield the gun. May I also remind the Courts that the LEO safety act states "an individual who is a qualified retired law enforcement officer who was formerly employed by a recongised law enforcement agency in the state may carry a concealed firearm inside the state of San Andreas at all times regardless of state/local laws when in possesion of a Tier 1 weapons permit. Qualified retired law enforcement officers are automatically issued a Tier 1 weapons permit upon retiring from his/hers respective regngized law enforcement agency." Furthermore, Mr. Bennett is a qualified retired law enforcement officer who is in possession of a tier 1 weapons permit, unless the LSPD was to illegally revoke it, in direct violation of the LEO safety act as it states law enforcement officers are automatically issued a tier one weapons permit upon retirement. I ask for immediate release and or bail. Thank you, your Honor." (( @Lancelot @Zebby @ThatGuy ))
  12. *Alisha MacKenzie enters the court room carrying a leather briefcase, dressed in a black and white pant suit, making her way to stand by Patton Bennett. "Your honor, the defense is present. I am formally requesting to subpoena the arrest report, 03-H-88's dashcam in full without edits, Dexter Riggs' dashcam in full without edits, Dexter Riggs himself to attend the hearing and to later testify, Melanie Gaines herself to attend the hearing and to later testify, 03-H-88 to attend the hearing and to later testify, John Chandler to attend the hearing and to testify, Garry Hopkins to attend and later testify, Patton Bennett's employee records with the LSPD, Patton Bennett's tier 1 records, and Sergeant Taylor to attend the hearing and to later testify. I would also like to request bail for my client as he was a career law enforcement officer and poses no threat to society."
  13. New Government Website My fellow Los Santosians, I am very excited to announce the new launch of our government website. It runs much faster and is much cleaner on the back end. This means that we will be able to process your business applications, permits, and other important requests at a faster rate. This also means that we will be able to keep track of things in an efficient matter and will be able to be more transparent in our activities upon civilian request of documents. We also have opened new forms which can be viewed here for ease of access. You can also check out our new website and read about important information. You may also launch an inquiry by contacting us on our website. Thank you for bearing with us during these updates. Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
  14. Here you will find the majority of the information you will need in order to learn how to interact with the Los Santos County Government (CPQL). This thread is a mixture of knowledge that is both OOC and IC. Use common sense. Information Mega Thread County Charter How the Government Works Elections Publications Contacting the CPQL History of the CPQL Business Loans Employment Licensing and Permits Salary Disclosure Persona Non Grata