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  1. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    They can install doors and security systems like you did after I robbed your house. Plan to be prepared
  2. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    *Thomas Mengele looks over at Hosea and shakes his hand, smiling.
  3. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    *Thomas Mengele enters the court room wearing black aviators and a light grey suit, sitting in the mid row.
  4. September 12th, 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary ______________________________________________________________________ The CPQL is proud to announce the grand opening of the earlier mentioned Church located in East Los Santos. The grand opening will be held September 17th, 2017 at 12:00 PM (( GMT -5 )). A religious ceremony will be held and the opening will be attended by County Commissioner Mengele to cut the ribbon to validate the event. All are welcome! Update for Commissioner of Finance ______________________________________________________________________ Given the unexpected resignation of Finance Commissioner McFord, Scott Bishop will now take his position. As Director of BoTS and long time servant to the County of Los Santos with an expertise in finances, the CPQL wishes him aboard and are glad to have a man of such caliber working with the local County government. All business license applications can expect a week delay for the new transition of Finance Commissioners. Your Los Santos Government Press Release Article and Photography by Public Relations Team Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, 2017
  5. Little Moscow Gang

    ♫ "I'm livin everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle; another day, another struggle" ♫ Marko attempts breaks into a warehouse, owner shows up, gets shot, car jacked. Sell some pills stolen from drug dealers. Home invasion goes wrong when the owner walks in with a gun, gets dropped. Throwing up in the toilet and popping pills to soothe the soul after fighting his way out of the home.
  7. You asked if I had binoculars, I said no, I took a photo. He ID'ed you prior. I took a photo. I saw you. You're grasping at straws to get out of the CK. @bartman can confirm we ID'd you positively. Also, that's not you in the photo. You're to the right of that guy. That's another cop.
  8. I actually had a camera and zoomed in. @bartman can confirm and another admin. I took a photo RPly. @Cross125 peek a boo i ck u
  9. I got a phone call from someone who had been following you that they had spotted you. I then asked them to drive up and confirm, they did, and you were on the corner with another officer in the broad day light. I asked him to look at your badge number and he did. We had looked at the public list of officers & badge numbers on the PD forums. Cross referenced it, confirmed your ID. I followed you from there on and blew your brains out when you were alone. @Cross125 @Hurley
  10. I just got hired to blow his brains out. I didn't ask questions. @Hurley should have that info
  11. September 5th, 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Preparing the Museum of Los Santos ______________________________________________________________________ Earlier this week Finalbuild completed the construction of the Museum of Los Santos. Located in the Rodeo district of East LS, remarkably constructed, under budget and ahead of schedule. The contract was completed ahead of schedule, allowing for the County government to recuperate the additional $100,000 expected in fees. The architect, Hosea Madrigal, has made his mark in Los Santos with several high profile constructions under his belt in the public sector before returning to the private industry, forming Sabzanov-Madrigal Co. The CPQL is interested in opening as soon as possible but calls upon the people of Los Santos, primarily artists, collectors, and others in related fields to provide ideas or valuables to put on display in the Museum. Those who would like to form an exhibit are encouraged to contact the government through the use of their "public contact" forms, and help the County open the Museum as soon as possible. Those who provide the following services will be granted financial compensation: interior re-decorating, exhibition creating, maintaining, and planning. East Los Santos Catholic Church Project ______________________________________________________________________ Following up on campaign promises made in the third term by the CPQL, funding allocated to public construction projects that seek to improve and enrich cultural areas of the city have began. East Los Santos is expected to have a re-haul to target failing infrastructure to ensure building codes are up to date, having condemned an apartment building last winter, and will continue to do so in other areas of the city under the new Public Works Commissioner, Tim Cassidy. Similar projects are expected in East Los Santos to gentrify the area. Your Los Santos Government Press Release Article and Photography by Public Relations Team Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, 2017
  12. [STATE] The People v. Jimmy New

    "Your honor, that is still not a reason to break the law." (( @Urshankov @Ogami ))
  13. [STATE] The People v. Jimmy New

    "Yes, your honor. Mr. New states he would have pulled over if informed he was being pursued by police. If this was the case, he would have heard the sirens. He claims he did not because of his headphones so I suspect him to be lying to the courts if I understood correctly. Mr. New's statement is hard to understand. Thank you." (( @Urshankov @Ogami ))
  14. [STATE] The People v. Jimmy New

    "Your honor, the DA does not accept the plea deal." (( @Urshankov @Ogami ))

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