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  1. That's an authentic picture of a potlood verkooper @Yest
  2. Locking the thread. Off topic and detailed. Main issue has been addressed now.
  3. They did and the kids cornered them and screamed FUCK the police and encircled the two cops. They would not step back and had guns aimed right at their faces and still didn't back off. So yes, SWAT came. This does not mean the server is dying or illegal rp either. Stop fear mongering
  4. Two cops in a project building surrounded by 8 people who they don't know if they're armed, getting surrounded, after warning them to step back. They have to taze someone and then the kids get more aggressive and start getting closer. Yeah, SWAT is gonna come save the two cops stuck in the project building. REEEEEE ILLEGAL RP IS DEAD
  5. Beware those who seek to sow dissent in times of crisis for their own profit.
  6. I never claimed it was fixed. Reread my post.
  7. I agree. Although I think you would find the new department to offer more realism than the last one and aim to actually fix things. I'd like for you to return.
  8. A bit rough around the edges aren't you? If he wants to leave he can. @Blooker message me privately if you wish to discuss the future
  9. Almeida left because he lost motivation and his alt had murdererd three people. The people that left with him were all indicted on charges and decided to leave the department. Drake Carson was made Chief, refused to comply with a court ordered subpoena and when he was informed he was under investigation for contempt of court, he left. With him his friends left too. Typical clique of friends. Don't worry about it. We have a better chief of police now who is getting the ball rolling already. This is similar to the situation two years ago where the same thing happened and everyone said the pd would die but it turned out to be the best one yet. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  10. Because blueberry deleted it and everything else for some reason unknown to everyone
  11. So your subjective account is objective proof for all of illegal rp? ok
  12. That's a subjective reply and again you are the one making the assertion so it's up to you to prove it's true. He actively partakes in illegal RP so he can say justly that you are looking in the wrong places.
  13. Waiting for hand outs from the faction team is why you don't have RP. If you're waiting for hands out in real life to make a living and get rich, you're doing it wrong. You have to create your future.