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  1. This is more of a polish feature long term but it's what we had on MTA. Accepted.
  2. We had this on MTA, would be good here, accepted.
  3. We don't have the player base/interest for this currently.
  4. It's already on /stats, UCP will be added on to the list. Accepted.
  5. L&A as per discussion with xLeicy. He will be focusing on another faction instead.
  6. This is unfortunately a huge cash cow (never ending token cars) and it defeats the purpose of having token vehicles for new players if they get deleted. It would drive players away at our current playerbase number. @GioSerpo
  7. The News That Matters, Today CIRCULATION: 145,000~ MONDAY, MAY 25th, 2020 DAILY 35¢ The Marionettist: A story of evil (Part I/III) Written by Ray Costa An NYPD sketch of Michael "The Marionettist" Schmidt LOS SANTOS - Los Santos County District Attorney, Patrick Masterson, announced last week that suspected serial killer Michael Schmidt, formerly of New York City, was arrested after being charged for the murders of Denise Yorkshire and Sarah Cohen in the State of San Andreas. Schmidt is wanted by the New York City Police Department for ten murders dating back to 1989 where he was dubbed "The Marionettist" for his gruesome method of torture prior to killing his victims. The exhaustive investigation was conducted by the Los Santos Police Department, headed by Detective Roy Melendez, the District Attorney's Office, and Los Santos County Sheriff's Detectives. Investigators uncovered decisive DNA proof recuperated from multiple properties owned by Schmidt. Other undisclosed investigation methods were utilized which helped pinpoint the suspects vehicle, narrowing their search significantly. Schmidt is believed to have stalked Denise Yorkshire and Sarah Cohen, drugging them and then torturing them by drilling holes through their hands and wrists in order to make them into marionettes for his personal pleasure, before dumping their bodies in wooden boxes in the Grand Senora Desert. During Commissioner Casey Hughes' public town hall, the Los Santos Police Department stated they would release a joint statement with the District Attorney's office regarding their investigation into Michael Schmidt. The LSPD however, has yet to release anything a week later. Michael Schmidt is currently awaiting extradition to New York where he will be tried for the ten murders dating back to 1989. The District Attorney's Office is also offering a reward for further information on the murders of Denise Yorkshire and Sarah Cohen with a reward of $30,000 for information that results in a conviction. District Attorney Masterson was pleased to announce in an internal memo that "men and women from many different agencies came together to make this arrest, and the subsequent investigations happen. The District Attorney's Office is extremely pleased in seeing the cohesion between departments and the dedication to justice, as exemplified by Detective Melendez". A photo of Michael Schmidt from his personal belongings, courtesy of the Los Santos Police Department Have information that can improve the accuracy of this article? Want to see something else reported on? Looking for a career with us? Send us an e-mail at contact.globalmedianews.com (( @Wright ))
  8. The News That Matters, Today CIRCULATION: 145,000~ SUNDAY, MAY 10th, 2020 DAILY 35¢ Los Santos County Public Town Hall #1 Written and transcribed by Ray Costa County Commissioner Casey Hughes arriving to the town hall with his security detail LOS SANTOS - County Commissioner Casey Hughes held his administrations first public town hall this Saturday at 8:00 PM. The town hall was well attended by members of the public and emergency services. Also in attendance was Chief of Police Altman, Chief Justice Whitney, and District Attorney Masterson. Commissioner Hughes stressed the importance of staying true to his platform "to be open and honest with the people of Los Santos" and has "been working diligently over these first couple of weeks to get an accurate budget of government spending every week put together" and that they "will be sharing the first weeks' results Monday". Commissioner Hughes aims to drastically reduce the amount of money spent each week and has begun to do so by "moving our internal security department to a third party contract, and reducing the scope of our research and development group". Plans to reduce bureaucracy are also in play by removing red tape on paperwork and bureaucracy between inter government departments. Town halls can be expected bi-weekly to inform citizens on what is happening. Chief Altman took to the stand afterwards and provided a brief update on the Los Santos Police Department, stating that "crime trends are constantly increasing however, in turn the LSPD is ensuring that sufficient officers are patrolling round the clock to handle any emergency calls". A big recruitment drive was announced as well to further increase the number of officers in the department. Chief Altman also stated "I've personally been keeping in close contact with Commissioner Hughes who has been a great help in improving the department in the recent few weeks". Chief Altman stressed an open door policy and encouraged everyone to step forward if they wish to speak to him. District Attorney Patrick Masterson used the town hall as an opportunity to announce an update on the suspected serial killer in Los Santos, citing Detective Melendez of the Los Santos Police Department as having been incredibly helpful in taking one suspect into custody. The District Attorney went on to say that it was a joint investigation by the Los Santos Police Department, District Attorney's Office, and Los Santos County Sheriff's Detectives. An honorable mention was made to the Los Santos County Coroner's Office who provided "invaluable forensic analysis". The District Attorney's Office and Los Santos Police Department will release a joint statement within the next couple of days. County Commissioner Casey Hughes then opened questions to the public, primarily addressing concerns of remaining transparent and ensuring future announcements are made public. The Commissioner shared his schedule in good faith stating that he meets with heads of every government department at least once a week to understand their budgets and concerns. The reassurances from Commissioner Hughes seemed to quell any concerns the crowd had and after no further questions were asked, the town hall was concluded. Below is a transcript of the public town hall recorded by journalist Ray Costa. County Commissioner Casey Hughes and Chief Justice Irma Whitney during the town hall address Have information that can improve the accuracy of this article? Want to see something else reported on? Looking for a career with us? Send us an e-mail at contact.globalmedianews.com (( @Wright ))
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