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  1. I banned him the day after don't worry @mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmCallum
  2. Murk gets paid for his car jacks from before, robs a few items laying around, carjacks someone in public, rob a cop for their wallet, and then finish by robbing a $200,000 car.
  3. Things like that don't happen everyday and if allowed in the server it would be abused as a lame excuse to Dm.
  4. If we set the precedent that low it would allow for anyone to kill anyone for any reason. We both know that isn't good for the server. You agree with me disallowing a ck for taunting but then say this is allowed. He wanted this to be a ck originally too.
  5. He gunned down five people with an M4 because one guy pissed on his car. I don't know how anyone can defend that. @maramizo
  6. The map I wanted was made by @ZythuM. Real MVP. Thank you.
  7. Name: 1488 Comment: oh its you again you fucking kyke go die in an oven. marxist piece of shit if i find you ill personally gas you, cocksucker. come meet me i swear to god i'll curb stomp you silly.
  8. @ZythuM is the real MVP.
  9. why do canadians have the maple leaf on their flag?


    because it's the only way they can leaf the commonwealth.

  10. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/f/f7/NO..jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140128085000
  11. Re-read the definition of racism my dude.
  12. My awesome Paint skills have produced this. The red part outlines where the housing projects will be. The left and right stay as is but the middle one will be put length wise, like a row house, and create a horse shoe shape. The green part will be the basketball court within the court yard and the blue will be a parking lot. The grey is the walkway. The far left and far right sides are cut off and can be whatever else we want to add later. Community center, corner stores, Nike shop? Me likes it. Inspired by the real Queensbride Projects IRL.
  13. He died before this case ended so he would be here RPly IMO. ))