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  1. miss u

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    2. Chef


      You'll never recover from that will ya you fuckin moulinyan?

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      Nope. 12 years a slav.

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      Also im a fucking gook ass spic now you cunt.

  2. @SjoerdPSV @yannickboy15
  3. Networking
  4. LOL. @SjoerdPSV have fun
  5. 2017-07-03 16:59:50 [English] Luzev Ikovich says: No no, some other dude came to his shop, apparently it's his jewlery.
  6. Nothing like a good old red herring fallacy to start off your reply. I robbed the store, got away with it, you said you would kill me and searched for me, I killed you.
  7. Why is the CK invalid? @xxx
  8. I know that because no cops came to the area and you said you'd kill me. Why threaten to kill me and then call the cops? Makes no sense. I am not acting like a Saint and I don't know what you're on about. My friend told you to fuck off but that doesn't make your threat false. I assumed it, it's logical, doesn't make it invalid. You don't agree with it? Still doesn't make it invalid. 2017-07-03 16:59:50 [English] Luzev Ikovich says: No no, some other dude came to his shop, apparently it's his jewlery. I waited four weeks to allow the heat to die down and catch you by surprise. I didn't know you weren't hunting me down. Again, doesn't make it invalid. If you make a CK app every time you feel threatened and it's justified, props to you. I don't do PKs. You go big or go home and you are the sole reason for this result by saying you'd murder me. My view on this: I rob you, you chase me, threaten to kill me, I kill you. "IT WAS A JOKE BRO! I CHASED YOU AND THREATENED TO KILL YOU BUT IT WAS A JOKE BRUH!" Like come on.
  9. You didn't chase me but followed me for five seconds into an alleyway with Craazy screaming "ay stop that nigga"? Okay. In my books that's following me and considering that you came to Little Moscow ten minutes later saying you'd kill me to a friend of mine, I took it as a serious threat. Yes, $50,000 in jewelry being stolen and then you saying you would kill me was a serious threat in my characters eyes. If you weren't serious you shouldn't have thrown that threat out. The fact you know that I did it, didn't call the cops, and went into Little Moscow to tell my associates you were going to kill me led me to believe you were serious. $50,000 is a lot of money to my character as he's a street rat who has been to prison often. Just because you didn't intend to follow through with the CK doesn't make it invalid. How was I to know that? Do you advocate me metagaming that you weren't going to come after me and act on it? I can't. I stayed true to my character and responded accordingly.
  10. Narrative from the CK request: After performing a jewelry heist on Kennedy Jewelry for $150,000. I tried to sell the jewelry on the corner in Idlewood. Sammy Ortiz asked for a few cuban links, and when I tried to sell them to him, he tried to snatch it and run away. However, a shooting happened right behind him and I used the opportunity to run away. Sammy Ortiz then spoke to Samuel Kennnedy (I assume he gave my description because Samuel Kennedy later came after me) and Sammy shouted to "stop that nigga". Samuel Kennedy tried to chase me but I lost him quickly in an alleyway on my BMX.I then escaped and went to Little Moscow where I was told by a friend that I was being hunted down for the jewels by the jewelry store owner (Samuel Kennedy) and that he wanted to kill me.I want to kill Samuel and Sammy because I fear my life and if they wanted to snatch the bracelet off me and screamed to stop me, in front of many people, I fear that they will kill me. Especially since I stole 150K worth of items. They also know I stole the jewelry and tried to hunt me down and asked people about it. If they wanted to go to the cops, they'd of gone to the cops, but they resorted to trying to snatch it and corner me in an alleyway but I escaped. https://hastebin.com/mesifuzisa.erl (( @xxx @SjoerdPSV )) May I add that I CKed Sammy and he had no issues with it.
  11. This is to prevent alt to alting and will not be removed
  12. never miss a chance to knock the coppers
  13. Freaks and degenerates the lot of you utter and complete freaks