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  1. I was the first responding officer with the shotgun, Sergeant Michael Duffy. As I recall, the backup officer was Officer Paul Edwards. I know from my screen that Paul did not get hit by the car because I could see him and I didn't see him fall. Instead a white car passed him, drove towards me and stopped, then reversed away and fled as Edwards shot Woods. Now, if you've ever been properly hit by a car in owl, you'll know that it makes you fall on the ground for a few moments before you can get up. If you get hit by a car due to lag and it only appears on other peoples screens, the person sometimes does a short anim before snapping back to where they are. This is what I believe happened to Edwards, as both myself and Edwards didn't see him get knocked down by the white car, and would explain how Edwards managed to return fire and dome you so soon after he was meant to have been hit, a speed which he would have been unable to do had he been properly hit. I do not believe I was the one who "eliminated" him as the death reason stated 9mm/45 ACP which would be a handgun and I had a shotgun, however when Marcel was down I did fire at his body during the initial incident. As far as I am aware, we either continued the RP with Edwards not being hit, or only being slightly tapped or something. It was a while ago and I cant recall. @AnthonyRoberts is Paul Edwards. In addition, you still threw your life away in the incident regardless because, if what you saw is true and the car hit Edwards, you were well aware two cops were on scene, so despite the presence of a second cop you opened fire on what you believed was a downed cop, even though a second unharmed police officer was armed and ready to take you out. The reason that I did not wish for a re-rp was because my character specifically hid in a tactical location which gave him an angle on where Marcel Woods was without revealing himself, and Marcel Woods had no idea my character was in this spot as he snuck up there while Marcel walked back into the walled off area with the car. A rerp would have led to him knowing where my character was, intentionally or not, and unbalanced the situation.
  2. Name: MeterMaid Comment: Property Type: Residential Description: Good for businesses. ???
  3. Got shot and the bill was 11k, but the insurance everyone has automatically covered 10,450 of it. If you decide you want the free, automatic insurance it isn't expensive. Though i would hope people try avoid crashes anyway medical bill or no lmao
  4. Unfortunately the only method to combat this is record and report. Its a shame when people don't roleplay a crash, because it deprives people of roleplay too. Traffic officers don't get a crash to investigate, firefighters and EMS don't get victims to rescue and treat, hospital staff don't get patients and tow truck drivers don't get vehicles to tow.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Embedded image notes What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Essentially, the suggestion is to add a special type of note or item used like a note, that when clicked to view, opens a window with an embedded image that was applied to the note. Ideally it would work similar to images in people's /look by taking an image from a link and opening it when the note is say, right clicked on and viewed. They could be created with a separate command, or require an item in the persons inventory to be made. The image note could have a small description like the way normal notes look when hovered over or pressing ALT to give an idea of what it'll be. NOTICE, CHARACTER SHOP AD, PARTY etc. What are the advantages?- Moves from the current use of text only notes as adverts and signs to a way to create more appealing, informative posters and signs by using images. People can design a much more informative poster akin to what they post on the forums, but have it displayed in game via an embed without requiring people to alt tab from the game and paste the link. People can RP photographs, posters, signs etc. PD can post an entire search warrant picture on a note and attach it to a door, can hand a search or arrest warrant to a person that they'll be able to view. The county government can close a business for not having a license a put a poster on the door explaining who, when and why. The fire department can put condemned building notices on doors with more info, businesses can place posters to advertise themselves better or put their business logo beside their door, accompanied by more info like opening and closing times. What are the disadvantages?- Scripting effort People putting gore or porn or whatnot in the images. Though I imagine admins would be able to check who placed the item and just deal with whatever freak did it Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Add in a whole new form of note to support embedding an image and being able to right click the note in the world to view the image in a pop up embed window, like the /look image
  6. The general idea would be per online hour, but as it says in the suggestion, it could possibly be set to may daily, weekly or monthly payments dependent on what the company or client desires
  7. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Direct Debit What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Banking What is the suggestion?- Ability to set up a direct debit. A person would go to the bank, open a new tab in the banking window and select to create a new direct debit transfer. It could be done much like money transfers. Enter a business or personal account name, the amount you want transferred each payday, (day, week too perhaps) and the reason. Confirm it and done. Every selected interval, the amount you entered will be transferred from your account to the named account you put in. What are the advantages?- Allows companies to offer subscription services to customers without the customer having to manually pay the subscription every day, week, month etc. Do it like you do in real life and make it automatic. Hopefully will encourage people to use subscription services and encourage companies to offer them. I know myself it was a hassle running Duffy Sanitation Services and having people manually pay their garbage collection fee every month. What are the disadvantages?- Scripting time Probably need to add in anti altalt measures Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Modify the banking script to make automatic transfers per interval
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Insurance script additions What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Faction What is the suggestion?- Essentially, add more functionality for the insurance script. In real life you can get property insurance. It would make sense that people could get insurance from a company for damages to property. The script end of this would be that the faction can send the owner of a property a quote for insurance on their building, like a car, by using the interior ID. More RP may be required, like an assessor visiting the premises to evaluate a premium cost, or the person who wants the insurance filling out a form. Companies can then handle claims as they like. Due to the comparible rarity of damage and loss to property compared to vehicles, it makes sense that an individual would need to contact their insurance company with proof of damage to receive compensation transferred to them. Additionally, giving an insurance plan to a person could be an option too. Health insurance, death assurance to cover funeral costs, business insurance etc. It would allow insurance companies to offer a wide variety of cover without the annoying task of having customers manually pay premiums at the bank. What are the advantages?- More insurance company related roleplay What are the disadvantages?- Takes time to script Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Modify the existing insurance script
  9. Name: Meter maid Bid: Buyout (( @TheNeonGuy might wanna change the auction end date? Says it ends on the second of August but I assume you mean September))
  10. Nostalgia of the days of Duffy Aviation with @ResidentPeach doing airline flights to the island. Wouldnt mind seeing this return alright.
  11. " You need to RP grabbing the spikes from the back of the vehicle you're in, but typing a /me for throwing the spikes takes as long as typing /throwspikes in the right position and wastes time in a time sensitive situation like a pursuit, where normally a set of spike strips takes only seconds to deploy. " "A cop still has to rp getting them out, but doesnt need to roleplay again throwing them when they already have to type the command for throwing them." Both quotes taken from the thread OP. It's like you didn't even read it.
  12. I asked you in a PM about legitimate concerns about my roleplay that made me a robocop so I could improve myself but all you did was repeatedly post the same screenshot of my OOC Forums account so I don't know why you're trying to make insults about IQ.
  13. Oh so only suggestions that benefit everyone can be allowed. Any suggestion to possibly make things better for cops must be denied. Yeah ok, keep being salty that cops dare to do cop things and fling the accusation of being a Robocop around without a shred of actual evidence
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