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  1. First towtruck Example of a paid invoice to a client ((Info not available IC, just an OOC example))
  2. I was the first responding officer with the shotgun, Sergeant Michael Duffy. As I recall, the backup officer was Officer Paul Edwards. I know from my screen that Paul did not get hit by the car because I could see him and I didn't see him fall. Instead a white car passed him, drove towards me and stopped, then reversed away and fled as Edwards shot Woods. Now, if you've ever been properly hit by a car in owl, you'll know that it makes you fall on the ground for a few moments before you can get up. If you get hit by a car due to lag and it only appears on other peoples screens, the person sometimes does a short anim before snapping back to where they are. This is what I believe happened to Edwards, as both myself and Edwards didn't see him get knocked down by the white car, and would explain how Edwards managed to return fire and dome you so soon after he was meant to have been hit, a speed which he would have been unable to do had he been properly hit. I do not believe I was the one who "eliminated" him as the death reason stated 9mm/45 ACP which would be a handgun and I had a shotgun, however when Marcel was down I did fire at his body during the initial incident. As far as I am aware, we either continued the RP with Edwards not being hit, or only being slightly tapped or something. It was a while ago and I cant recall. @AnthonyRoberts is Paul Edwards. In addition, you still threw your life away in the incident regardless because, if what you saw is true and the car hit Edwards, you were well aware two cops were on scene, so despite the presence of a second cop you opened fire on what you believed was a downed cop, even though a second unharmed police officer was armed and ready to take you out. The reason that I did not wish for a re-rp was because my character specifically hid in a tactical location which gave him an angle on where Marcel Woods was without revealing himself, and Marcel Woods had no idea my character was in this spot as he snuck up there while Marcel walked back into the walled off area with the car. A rerp would have led to him knowing where my character was, intentionally or not, and unbalanced the situation.
  3. Name: BigTow Comment: Literally neck yourself. Nobody gives a fuck if you want to suck on Commissioner Howard's dick, but you're literally a cuck if you think people should just not complain because they wouldn't do a better job. It wouldn't be hard to do a better job than Howard
  4. Name: BigTow Comment: "Running the government properly." If you call shittily planned homeless shelters, unreliable government contracted towing services, huge waiting times for any kind of municipal license and a nearly nonexistant public works department "Running properly" then I guess so. But the fact of the matter is the sanitation services provided by the government are irregular and inadequate, the code enforcement officers are overzealous and cannot comprehend basic mathematics, the licensing department takes eons to actually respond to license requests and when public works actually do something, it's build some unknown construction with no formal notice. The current government is in shambles. They're not reliable for anything. Also how can someone question whether the homeless shelter is being run on tax money? I haven't seen any fundraisers or donation drives for it, and unless CPQL has some sort of secret money spawn somewhere, I believe all their money comes from taxes in one way or another. That's how governments are funded.
  5. Tell DJ Eban to neck himself tbqh
  6. Notice of DUI Checkpoint Operation The LSPD will be conducting DUI Checkpoints throughout Los Santos County in compliance with the US Supreme Court ruling in Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz, 496 U.S. 444. You can find a weekly list of roads on which DUI checkpoints may be conducted here.
  7. Potential DUI Checkpoint Locations for the week starting 16th of September 2018 Pasadena Boulevard Liverpool Road Pacific Avenue Washington Street Saints Boulevard Saint Lawrence Boulevard Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 46) Interstate 425 (West, South, East, North) Interstate 25 Interstate 27 Road 210 (Flint) Road 3 Road 5 Road 11 Route 48 Route 89 See the following map to get an idea of where checkpoints might be placed: Sergeant II Michael Duffy, Commanding Officer, Traffic Enforcement Division, Los Santos Police Department.
  8. "No, the LSPD did not respond as we prioritised the shooter and shot civilian first, and did not have available resources for his call." (( @Zebulon @doo2doo2 ))
  9. "Mister Taylor did not make any manoeuvres that seemed to indicate he was trying to force the vehicle off the road or physically stop the tow truck, he only pursued the tow truck utilising the ambulances emergency lights and sirens." (( @doo2doo2 @Zebulon @bartman ))
  10. Alfa1561


    Ban all foreign cars and make SA an American cars only state. Stock regular cars for all. I run the police traffic unit I can have the vehicle death squads ready tomorrow morning
  11. "With all due respect, you cannot accuse me of lying, sir. To lie is to make an intentionally false statement, as any dictionary will tell you. I apologise for having made the mistake, but until you've been in a situation where a civilian is bleeding to death and an ambulance just drives on past, I will disregard any sentiment that I should feel shame for what I've done. The dispatch recordings were provided by myself, the narrative was written while I was on a leave of absence. I did not lie. If I was lying, I wouldn't have provided evidence to the contrary. I specifically provided those recordings to the DA so that the record would be corrected."
  12. "With due regard, it is not the main evidence, you've ignored my dashcam footage from the incident..." *Michael quietly states, rolling his eyes.*
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