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  1. This already exists, expect its limited to admins only. Admins can toggle /b for players during a rp if they need to.
  2. Winner Winner Fortnite is gay. Contact me via email((forum pm me))
  3. Ends in about eight hours.
  4. Noted, welcome back. @Park Outbid
  5. Or slow but very(Not very good sounding either) loud driving.
  6. Only party poopers edit their bids away.
  7. noted. Outbid @imsilver @DylanW
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1973 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Crown Station Wagon VIN: 24896 Mileage: 1275 Description: A 1973 S60 Kujira model Toyota Crown Wagon imported straight from Japan. It's obviously heavily modified, this being all applicated by myself and thus as a result comes with much regret that I'm having to sell it on; So don't be suprised at the price or starting bid amount, as this is heavily stipulated by sentimental value that can only be outweighed by the price I've advertised the car at for both the buyout and starting bid amount. The car received a thorough acrylic urethane paint application, the body receiving a glossy orange shade while the highlights a dusky black gloss. Afterwards a 1999 Toyota 4.0L 1UZ-FE V8 was installed into the car, with that also came a Toyota R154 5-speed manual transmission, a Toyota Altezza rear limited slip differential with a 3.7 final drive, a Toyota Century E-GZG50 steering column as well as a Toyota Century 1GZ-FE radiator. After most of the work done under the hood, I then installed two pairs of HKS Hipermax D' NOB spec coilovers, two sets of Falken Azenis RT615 T-Drift tires with 17-inch Billet Specialties Street Light rims, two Bride Euroster II premium leather seats, two Sparco four point harnesses with a Cipher black steel harness bar and finally a MOMO Figher Evo Leather & Wood steering wheel. Eventually I came to realize that I wanted more out of the car, it was a premium project and idea for me so that soon enough had the car attaining a bespoke fabricated straight pipe exhaust system, a Bullet Supercharger system for the 1UZ-FE, Brembo braking system and finally a steering angle kit. The last mechanical application was a Viper VSS5000 & DEI VSS5000 Smart Security System, that kept my expensive asset and project safe with live and precise security features. The car was used heavily for displays and competitions, most of these being out of the county in other states. I found it inspiring and fun to take something I spent time into creating to events situated around the west coast. I won't forget the experiences I've had with the vehicle, and can only hope this will provide plenty more for somebody else now that I feel that I've had just enough to finally justify parting with the car. Images Starting bid: $1 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: NA Auction end date: 28/07/18((5PM EDT)) Contact details: Email((Forum PM)) ((Thanks to @ResidentPeach for the thread))
  9. Lowering buyout to $83,000 for a flash sale, need gone.

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