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  1. RayPayne

    [Faction] - Faction Leaders can use /getkey

    /punish player abuse 0 3
  2. RayPayne

    [Faction] - Faction Leaders can use /getkey

    No option for faction keys to be spawned. Today I had to have about 30 keys spawned for me(From Vinewood's rentals) and a option to get keys from the city hall would be much better, Nor would I have to wait for a report to be accepted. I think this could be easily done as "RPly city hall has a copy of every faction interior key, when going to city hall. You just get a copy of that copy." This would decrease reports, make factions depend on admins less, and provide more money to the city.
  3. RayPayne

    Inactivity policy change.

    Nope, heres rules on vehicle inactivity. These vehicles sometimes make no sense looking at the rules tho. "Vehicles will never be force-sold, unless it has been parked in a force-sold interior and you have been inactive for 30 days or it has not been used for 14 days."
  4. RayPayne

    Developer Diary #4 - Bits & Pieces

    How is vehicles going to work? Are they going to stay spawned where you left them when you log? or are they going to despawn til you return?
  5. RayPayne

    Inactivity policy change.

    Well vehicles that are not impounded don't get deleted until owner has logged on once in 30th days, I've seen vehicles with last used as 250+ days. One might say theres a flaw in the towing system. +1 to all.
  6. ((Sorry, I completely forgot about this. Will pay when I get home later.))
  7. RayPayne

    [SAAN] SAAN part 2

    Name: Ray Comment: I am willing to invest $100,000 in return for a share of the company, and possibly more over time, as long as there are constant, serious articles being posted. Contact me at my email [email protected]((Fourm PM me @Luigikuik))
  8. RayPayne

    Car - 1969 Pontiac GTO ''The Judge"[ENDS:12/5/18]

    Name:PassedMoreAroundThanAHookerDuringAParty Comment: Today we're selling this 1969 Pontiac GTO "The Whore".
  9. RayPayne

    [REQ] Female Firefighter Skin

    Got a skin, Thanks.
  10. RayPayne

    [REQ] Female Firefighter Skin

    As the title says, The fire department badly needs new female skins. Our current one is just a blue carpet looking shirt with blue pants. Need something that'd actually represent a fire fighter irl. Paying 100 GC(Maybe more) for a good skin.
  11. RayPayne

    City change

    Remaster as in a "redo". I am pretty sure GTA 6 will be in Vice City again. But GTA 6 ain't coming out til their money maker GTA Online dies.
  12. RayPayne

    City change

    Cough* GTA5 is a remaster of GTA San andreas for the "next gen" consoles back then(PS3 & Xbox 360) ((Yes folks, GTA 5 came out in 2013, yes its been 5 years already.)) On other note, I'd support a city change but the amount of work that would have to happen for the change is too high for it to be even considered. Plus for servers like Owl that have developed in LS for a while, Moving can kill them off. I've seen this happen to another server, They switched main area to Red county, Months later the server got shut down.
  13. RayPayne

    Let's talk about Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Too soon for me to preorder, Hopefully I forget about it and then have it shock me a month before like Far Cry 5 did.

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