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  1. Name: OneDude Bid: Starting.
  2. Name: OneDude Bid: Starting.
  3. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you all fucking nuts? You should be pushing for REMOVAL OF RS HAUL, not more stops.
  5. Name: Joe. Bid: Starting.
  6. ((Note due to Caporegime's PC crisis #CRISIS2016 donations should now be transferred to Iosif Edelman until further notice))
  7. While I can understand the idea and it does make sense and every day I have flashbacks to rG and every day I get almost uncontrollabe desires to look for any lesbian SWAT member or any 200 pound bodybuilder fuck that doesn't RP eating a shitload of turkey sandwiches and injecting himself in the ass with steroids or any fucker that RPes being a veteran without even knowing what a MOS is and forceapp them all and rejoice in the glory of the RP purge... I have to disagree with the idea on principle because indeed there's too many restrictions in place.
  8. Comment: Wrong. According to auction regulations since you did not put a specific hour it ended as soon as the 29th started. " Ending dates that do not provide a set time shall end immediately on that day (Auctions set to end on January 5th will end as soon as January 5th starts unless a time is otherwise set). " ((Since you did not specify GMT either, it's GMT 0. " All auction dates and times are to adhere to IC server time, (GMT 0) not your local time, unless otherwise specified. "))
  9. Name: Joe. Comment: According to auction regulations I rightfully won this auction 18 hours and 33 minutes ago. ((@Appollon))
  10. Lol papa germ. Get a higher resolution slice too while at it.
  11. That was hilariously pathetic and point in case. You'll be in your deathbed and will still remember me. Bye bye.
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