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  1. There was a time when they were paying him, then there was also a time where they weren't paying him. Must've been the period of time you stated that they stopped for some time. Dunno, haven't talked to Tidemo in a while since his departure from Owl... I only mentioned what he told me in-game back when we were both IC'ly a farming family.
  2. Yeah, if you buy older equipment farming can actually be gotten into fairly cheaply... People always think you gotta buy newer or brand new equipment, which is false... I do like the idea of agricultural roleplay, but the FMT never helped out with the idea much until recently... But by the time they did introduce FT assistance, the farms were already owned by statwhores or by people who have seemingly quit the community and spent all of their GC on protection.
  3. I was actually into agricultural roleplay a long time ago with @Tidemo when he owned that massive farm overlooking the San Fierro airport, it was pretty fun while it lasted... Sadly, the VM for agriculture wasn't that far advanced when he owned it, so he sold it for some reason... Guess he got tired of paying the taxes on something he earned nothing from... Wouldn't mind getting into farming roleplay again, as it is pretty fun to me, farming is a large part of the economy where I live in the real world. I've a few characters with 7-8 vehicle slots. If you're still looking to get into farming when I get unbanned, I'd happily roleplay with ya and sacrifice some of them slots to house equipment for the farm.
  4. Make Palomino Creek great again 😂😂😂 On a serious note, I'll put in an application if this is still around when I get unbanned. Still own my house there right now.
  5. Nah, I prefer getting GC as I need to protect my stats from inactivity. Still banned for a bit, dont wanna lose my crap due to one admin's decision to ban me 🤷‍♂️
  6. Depends on the size. I've actually really wanted to do a chop shop for a while, so I could try my hand at a few designs later. Send me a few screenshots of the exterior and I'll look into it when I get off work. Being banned in-game doesn't mean you're not able to post on the forums anymore. Just means you're not able to play on the server... Which to be honest, I dont care to play right now anyway... Got a lot of other games to play, been actually having fun and not having to worry about being banned just for playing the game 🤷‍♂️ But let's keep this topic on topic. Thanks for your concern, but I'm still here.
  7. Greetings, laddies and gents. I am currently taking requests for custom interior mappings. I mostly specialize in mapping garages, warehouses, smaller businesses, and small to medium sized houses. I am rather good at mapping garages, as that is what I mostly mapped for people here on Owl Gaming, but I have mapped a few houses for myself and friends. I also can do exterior mappings, whether they're for Owl Gaming or any other GTA San Andreas uses such as Offline use or for other game modes. I'll make a small gallery of my previous work and post it down HERE for you to look at and see my work. Link for easier usage: https://imgur.com/a/rdYEtZS I am merely doing this OOC'ly for now, until I am un-banned in-game, so I am only able to take requests paying in GC. If you'd like to shoot me a Private Message regarding a request, please include some screenshots of the exterior of your property along with what you're looking to get done. I'll go over the screenshots and respond with a 2D layout plan showing how the floor plan will look, upon acceptance of the floor plan, we can begin discussing further details and payment if necessary. Please note that some of these mappings were made for previous clients on different communities, so they will not be shared, even if paid for in full with GC. Thanks for reading and I hope you choose me to help you out. Have a good one!
  8. I could do it, depending on how many GC you're offering. @reen220
  9. +1 from me. I have characters that are dead that have the extra vehicle slots. Would be nice to be able to sell those slots and use the returned GC to either protect some assets from inactivity or just hold onto for a rainy day...
  10. I'd say it's a good idea. Sucks having to go all the way to an ATM to get cash out when you need to buy stuff. Not everyone runs around with a lot of cash on them, it'd be dumb with how CK happy robbers seem to be now days in-game.
  11. Not bad. May be a replacement for Tidemo since he quit Multi Theft Auto in general.
  12. I know. I'm letting you know for when you're unbanned. Start your research now and you might get lucky, who knows 🤷‍♂️
  13. @BackPack Engine swaps can't be explained in a simple guide... You'd pretty much need hands-on experience, or get lucky enough to find a very descriptive tutorial video. Did it before on the suspension of a car I wasn't too familiar with.
  14. Pretty neat concept. I like it. Replace the beds with the actual hospital one that's in-game somewhere and it would be a lot better.
  15. @Piney If you find time to make the faction, let me know. Definitely would like to be part of a proper private security contractor that's not just a bunch of noobs that just got their CCWP and immediately think they're Secret Service bodyguards.
  16. Name: Private Bid: $1,769 Comment: Oh yes I do
  17. Name: Private Bid: $1,569 Comment: Well played, but I'm going a little faster
  18. Name: Private Comment: Damn, I remember selling this thing over three months ago. Hopefully someone actually uses it and it quits going to waste... I was personally going to install it into a 1930's Ford, but it'd require a little too much frame work and firewall fab for me.
  19. Name: Private Comment: Does it still have the panic room? (( @Poikakukko123 ))
  20. Denied, serious offers only. (( From now on, offers MUST be numeric. ))
  21. (( There'd be no option to place a comment; however, the option to make an offer would be present. )) (( Please use the Format located in the Spoiler. )) (( All placed offers would be visible to the public; however, the person's username and contact information would be hidden. ))
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