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  1. At least you have real life experience where you RP ???
  2. I play GTA SA over GTA V because MTA is less bugged than FiveM. I always get crashing issues on 99.99% of GTA V servers ? If they fixed the bugs and crashes, I'd switch over fast ?
  3. Thank God you're not an English teacher.

    1. zac


      Thank God you're not an English teacher.

    2. patrick


      Thank God you're not an English teacher.

  4. If this is the case, the FTF needs FMT action taken against them as it's such a "professional" faction and there really should be no "joke" ranks in such an important faction. It also really shows one more additional reason I've left the community... very unprofessionally managed factions.
  5. I'm pretty sure most of the government factions here are ran by friends... Back when I was an intern within the FTF, I'd constantly try out for an actual Agent position and be told "none are open" but low and behold less than two days later three NEW people are recruited and promoted to Agent on the spot. One of the agents in which I'm talking about is one that I'm somewhat friends with and he actually told me he was given the spot because he is or was a friend of Reamy. So don't try to say I'm wrong when you don't actually see what goes on within other places. I've tried many things in the past, tried my hands in the illegal RP scene just to be shut down by biased admins... and honestly, I've never been here to collect cars in order to "have a bigger dick than someone" You obviously don't know me, what I'm all about, nor what I roleplay... so you can cut the shit and not go off-topic talking shit about people... I've a lot I can say about you, but I'm not a dick, nor do I like starting drama with people.
  6. Not even gonna bother wasting the time of the UAT and FMT, I don't play here anymore; I'm investing my time into myself in real life and also started playing on another server.
  7. I haven't even bothered applying for the PD in the past month because I'm tired of being denied by the friendship circle that runs it. Back when the PD wasn't ran by people that hold grudges, I was in the PD and made it to PO II; but as soon as th circle-jerk took over I got kicked with no explanation.
  8. So false... I have tons of experience from my time in the PD on other servers, yet every time I apply here; I get denied. Yeah, $100,000 just for having a signal jammer is stupid as hell.
  9. If punishment points are still gonna be shared from V and SA, you should consider increasing the maximum amount of points you can get before you're permanently banned up to maybe 30, 35, or 40 points that way our newer players don't find themself banned on both servers if they're going from platform to platform trying to learn the ropes. Jusy a suggestion. I do feel like Owl would be pretty cool on GTA V, mostly because V is such a great engine with great capabilities. Hope it works out, I'll certainly be giving it a try. Also, how are y'all gonna be doing stats between users' MTA and GTA V accounts? Are you considering making it possible to transfer funds from your MTA account over to your V account? The new server is definitely going to need to have people with some money in it to start up businesses to give newcomers jobs and an income to buy things.
  10. Is it bad that I've been playing on Owl Gaming for 8 hours straight today alone?

    1. Cross125
    2. Dylanjeter1


      Meh, I've had too many girlfriends; all of the girls around my town are crazy as fuck.

    3. DanielV
  11. If I can find a place, I might try the idea; thanks for the response.
  12. Would an import dealership that brings in old muscle cars and trucks such as the 1960's Holden Monaro, 1990's Holden Ute, 1970's Vauxhall Firenza, and other older Australian stuff be considered? @iV7Z
  13. It ended uo being because the VCT labeled the truck as a premod just because it's not 100% factory lol
  14. I posted an import request with Donoco Imports and have yet to get any response from them, might just cancel my order and go to REC; if they consider my Ramrunner "exotic" enough for them.
  15. That moment the UAT completely fucks over the entire server... This entire "Import Removal" thing is going to kill Owl, just my thoughts...

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    2. Appelgi


      What if I want a car that is not known very well, and that is probably not going to be for sale at the dealership?

    3. Dylanjeter1


      I've read the entire post, it's pretty fucking stupid...

      Take this into prospective, banning imports is going to ruin resell prices now... Those Nissan GT-R that sell for $200,000 to $400,000 are now going to be sold for $800,000 because they're literally impossible to import now...

    4. cymru


      You say we had enough VCT members, which is true, but there was no need to get rid of so many members. Sure, you can get more, but what about in the mean time? You may as well just recruit some people from previous VCT who now what they're doing.

  16. Every time I try to find a decent girlfriend, I fail... I give up, I guess I'm not fucking good enough for anyone. I give up, y'all want me I'll be focusing on videogames, duck relationships.

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    2. TPG


      Yes man, thanks for the good advice, will use it to get myself my dream girl! ! !

    3. Urshankov
  17. Every time I try to find a decent girlfriend, I fail... Always being denied, guess I'm not fun

  18. That moment you see a girl and instantly think "Damn, I'd like to get to know her" but you're the quiet one that can't really speak out that great...

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    2. Dylanjeter1


      We used to talk during class, I've always thought she was a really nice person. Then as soon as I began to like her, I felt too nervous to even look at her... I'm going to try my luck and ask her out. Like all of y'all are saying, the worst thing that can happen is she says no. I will regret it if I don't ask her out, maybe she likes me though.

    3. Error404


      Put your big boy pants on and talk to her. Don't be a creep and watch from a far and drool. Talk to her, what's the fucking worse to happen? Oh she don't say hi back or go ew go away. Then she's a cunt and you deserve better. But I doubt it'd go that way, so say fucking hi.

    4. Jordan


      You need alcohol sir.

  19. Bored out of my mind, so let's see what's going on with these Forums lately.

  20. Big things coming in the near future... Hit me up on Skype, Username is Dylan_Jeter - I am from Alabama in the U.S.A. - Be sure to state who you are IG and on the Forums or I'll likely ignore it.

  21. I know right? @Gonxp - It seems an Admin has locked your Status Update lol

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    2. Stick


      It's true tho'.

    3. Gonxp


      Yep I locked it.

    4. Dylanjeter1


      Ahh, kinda expected an admin to have locked it lmao

  22. Tell me, exactly what you need, and I will do it for a really small fee. Maybe $5,000 or 2GC
  23. Rapid tows them every weeks. As soon asbwe tow them new ones appear within a week.
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