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  1. Might have to give the OwlV server a shot. The script updates are starting to look promising.
  2. (( No problem. Lemme know if someone outbids me. ))
  3. (( not a comment, it's a bid offer... You respond with "accepted" or "denied" ))
  4. Name: Private Bid: withdrawn (( @Novanard ))
  5. Name: Private Bid: Buyout NOTICE: If user "kanseiman" fails to come forward collecting it, I'll purchase it for the buyout.
  6. (( This part is invalid, as I had admin verified. )) (( They do; however, come with a factory-installed supercharger. Probably what you've confused it with. No problem though, my bid will stay; decent deal for a GT500 with coils and tires. ))
  7. Name: Private Comment: Is the color on the vehicke a wrap job, or was it painted pink? (( @Uproar ))
  8. Name: Private Bid: $35,000 as Starting Comment: What are the improvements mentioned in the description? Also, is the punk coloration of the vehicle a wrap, or was it painted that color? May be interested in increasing my bid depending on your response to my question. (( @Uproar ))
  9. The auction ended with no bids. However, I did find a private buyer for the item. Therefore, this auction can be archived. Special thanks to everyone that made offers towards the vehicle.
  10. Name: Private Comment: Do you perhaps accept test drives? (( @SuperM ))
  11. Name: Private Comment: If it goes 260 km/h, it may actually be modified in some way... These go 225 km/h without anything being done to them. Yours likely has an ECU tune.
  12. Name: Private Comment: Interested in knowing what all is done to it. Also, do you perhaps know how much horsepower it produces and what the top speed is on it? (( @DetectiveSGT ))
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