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  1. Dylanjeter1

    Car - 2007 Audi A8 L W12 [ENDS: 26/09/2018]

    Name: Private Bid: $19,000 Comment: Essentially the same thing, they've extended the wheelbase to fit more leg space in the back for us taller people; or just for rich cuk that wants a longer Audi
  2. Dylanjeter1

    Car - 2007 Audi A8 L W12 [ENDS: 26/09/2018]

    Name: Private Comment: Is this the Long-Wheel-Base edition? (( @Stewart1 ))
  3. Dylanjeter1

    [Nostalgia Imports] Five Vehicles - [27/09/18]

    Name: Private Bid: $9,360 Vehicle: 1993 Nissan President
  4. Dylanjeter1

    Car - 2007 Dodge Charger R/T [ENDS: 9/23/2018]

    Name: Private Bid: $10,000 Comment: Are those fake Hellcat badges included?
  5. Dylanjeter1

    [SUSPENDED] Car - 2009 Jaguar XKR [ENDS: 23/09/18]

    Name: Private Comment: What does its title say? I betchu this is just a cheap wrap on one of them crappy Jags that everyone in town can get... If it is, I'm reporting your auction for fraud... (( @Zin - If it's just a "2009 Jaguar XKR" and it does not actually say "RSR Race Car" in the namr, you probably shouldn't be trying to sell it as one. It could be considered scamming 🤷‍♂️ ))
  6. Dylanjeter1

    Car - 2007 Chrysler C300 [ENDS: 20.9.2018]

    Name: Almqvist Realty Bid: $1 Comment: Great car for my realtors.
  7. Dylanjeter1

    Residential - Montgomery Farm

    Name: Private Bid: withdrawn
  8. Dylanjeter1

    Car - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan [ENDS:17/9/18]

    Name: Almqvist Estates Bid: $85,000
  9. (( While scrolling through sites such as Craigslist or Lamborghini / Ferrari and other exotic car owners forums, you'd likely find the following thread. )) Hello, I'm looking to purchase myself a new toy for my collection. Budget isn't really an issue... Mostly looking for supercars and extremely luxurious car... Modified or not; however, I'll pay more for a nicely modified example... Genuinely looking for a modified Lamborghini, Maybe a UGR build? Willing to completely overpay if you got one that's documented as being built by them... (( Documented as in "... By UGR" in the name. )) Doesn't have to be built by UGR, but if it's fast as fuck; I'm interested. Also interested in one of them two beautiful Twin-Turbocharged Ferrari 458's that were in town a while back... They were amazing builds. Dunno if they were wrecked or what... (( Probably deleted by now. )) Will potentially be importing a Huracan and then installing a UGR "X Version" Twin-Turbo kit on in the next two to three weeks, so if nobody has anything for sale; I'll continue with my build... It's gonna be a beast if I do it... * There'd be a comment section on the article; however, it's heavily monitored by myself and the site's admins * (( Admins, feel free to delete troll-like comments. ))
  10. (( That's Owl's regulations for ya' 😂 )) (( I also don't think the Feds operate an auction house for the public 😂 )) (( Anyway, let's take this to PM / Discord so nobody gets mad and qq's at us. ))
  11. (( Well, it is in the Auction House rules. )) (( Believe they're trying to RP it as some sort of "federal" auction house. )) (( Makes no sense to me to be honest. ))
  12. Using trollish names while bidding or commenting on an auction such as “ILOVETHISCAR” is forbidden. This is an IC forum so you should use your character name. (( Just a heads up 😂😂😂 )) (( Someone bitched at me once about this one. It's funny tbh, considering you can register with a fake name easily. ))
  13. Are you getting tired of your bland garage? Do you want to make a change and give it some style? Look no further, Oskar Almqvist Architectural Design has opened its doors to the public and is now offering competitively priced interior designs! How does the process work? It's simple! You shoot us an E-Mail and we will come to your property to discuss potential services! We offer a wide variety of services... These include Renovations, Restorations, Furnishings, and much much more! Shoot us an email at [email protected] to arrange an appointment today! (( Forum PM - DylanJeter1 )) * There'd be no Comment Section available * (( OOC Comments are not allowed either. ))

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