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  1. happy birthday fella i'll buy you a pint of fosters down at the pub later

  2. happy birthdy

  3. I agree with you 100% there. I enjoyed playing on this community throughout a majority of the time I was here, even with the abuse of that said admin... I continued to play after they allowed my first character (Dylan Jeter) to be character killed while I was AFK inside of Rapid Towing's lot... I even kept enjoying this server after that same admin took their OOC hatred of me IC'ly and got my main character imprisoned for life for no reason... I still loved the community and continued to invest another 1,000+ hours into it afterwards... Hell, I still love the community and enjoy pl
  4. Yeah, I feel bad myself as I wasted countless hours on a community that didn't care much about a majority of their community. Owl MTA was doing okay, it did lose a lot of players when y'all opened the OwlV server... but as soon as all the admins slowly moved over to OwlV and never got on Owl MTA anymore, the MTA server died as the players lost interest when there weren't any admins on anymore... Literally the last admin I've ever seen online on MTA was QueenC when I asked her to get on over Discord when there was a gang of players going around DM'ing people.
  5. Too bad they don't care about their players. Server is literally getting killed in less than a week now... Sad...
  6. Well, guess this marks the end of me being involved in OwlGaming. I joined the community for the Multi Theft Auto experience just for the UAT to stab the server in the spine when they decided to open a GTA V server that will most likely never be able to par with the MTA server. I wish y'all luck with OwlV, but I doubt I'll stick around to play it; considering the way it plays compared to MTA... If anyone wants to keep in touch or potentially run into me on other MTA communities, add me on Discord at "El Chapo#8606" and maybe we'll run into eachother.
  7. Might have to give the OwlV server a shot. The script updates are starting to look promising.
  8. (( No problem. Lemme know if someone outbids me. ))
  9. (( not a comment, it's a bid offer... You respond with "accepted" or "denied" ? ))
  10. Name: Private Bid: withdrawn (( @Novanard ))
  11. Name: Private Bid: Buyout NOTICE: If user "kanseiman" fails to come forward collecting it, I'll purchase it for the buyout.
  12. (( This part is invalid, as I had admin verified. )) (( They do; however, come with a factory-installed supercharger. Probably what you've confused it with. No problem though, my bid will stay; decent deal for a GT500 with coils and tires. ))
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