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  1. I'd say it's a good idea. Sucks having to go all the way to an ATM to get cash out when you need to buy stuff. Not everyone runs around with a lot of cash on them, it'd be dumb with how CK happy robbers seem to be now days in-game.
  2. Not bad. May be a replacement for Tidemo since he quit Multi Theft Auto in general.
  3. I know. I'm letting you know for when you're unbanned. Start your research now and you might get lucky, who knows 🤷‍♂️
  4. @BackPack Engine swaps can't be explained in a simple guide... You'd pretty much need hands-on experience, or get lucky enough to find a very descriptive tutorial video. Did it before on the suspension of a car I wasn't too familiar with.
  5. i said I MISS MY MATE

    1. Nachtfalke


      ignorant bastard you were meant to be my mate not chuffed at all

    2. Dylanjeter1
    3. Nachtfalke
  6. Pretty neat concept. I like it. Replace the beds with the actual hospital one that's in-game somewhere and it would be a lot better.
  7. @Piney If you find time to make the faction, let me know. Definitely would like to be part of a proper private security contractor that's not just a bunch of noobs that just got their CCWP and immediately think they're Secret Service bodyguards.
  8. Name: Private Bid: $1,769 Comment: Oh yes I do
  9. Name: Private Bid: $1,569 Comment: Well played, but I'm going a little faster
  10. Name: Private Comment: Damn, I remember selling this thing over three months ago. Hopefully someone actually uses it and it quits going to waste... I was personally going to install it into a 1930's Ford, but it'd require a little too much frame work and firewall fab for me.
  11. Name: Private Comment: Does it still have the panic room? (( @Poikakukko123 ))
  12. (( what's the model without the mod? ))
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