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  1. Happy birthday, other Piney <3

  2. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2015 Make: Tesla Model: Model S VIN: 17041 Mileage: 3104 Description: The Tesla Model S is a full-size all-electric five-door, luxury liftback, produced by Tesla Motors, and introduced in June 2012. It scored a perfect 5.0 NHTSA automobile safety rating, as well as being the "third fastest accelerating production car ever produced," and the fastest accelerating car in production as of December 2016. Images http://imgur.com/a/oFAU0 Starting Bid: $75,000 Minimum Increase: $1000 Buyout $130,000 Auction ends: 30/12/16 (DD/MM/YY) Contact Information: Email: [email protected]
  3. Seems I didn't pick the best time to start this.
  4. ThePineapple

    Mr. Whoopee

    What is Mr Whoopee? Mr Whoopee is Los Santos' highest quality provider of Ice-cream and Frozen Yogurt, our prime and only goal is to provide these products to the citizens of Los Santos. How to identify us A Mr Whoopee Van can be identified via it's Pink & White colour scheme and Ice-cream Cone on top. Why you should support Mr Whoopee Mr Whoopee is a local and independent company and is not in the hands of foreign investors, our prime concern is keeping local people happy Our Products
  5. Guest

    hello, fix the hunting permit e-form pls. can't even see where the areaaas are at.

    1. ThePineapple


      You'll have to ask Color or Exciter(?)

    2. Color


      I'll do it when I'll get my perms fixed because someone fucked them up

  6. If anything this proves how much nepotism is actually effective. I'd personally like to work on legal VM at sometime and if it's cool with @Franco and @ThatGuy maybe try and get some kind of mini-focus group of people who run businesses in on it.
  7. oi the hunting map link is brokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  8. Name: cwalker Offer: $27,500 Comment: $1 up-bid to fucking $5000, fucking hell.
  9. Faction Team Gang or Don't Bang       :pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small::pepe_trum_small:

  10. Los Santos Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts We are currently preparing to negotiate with a multiple Construction Companies in regards to assisting the Department of Maintenance with cleanup of the city, so far we are planning to prioritise Idlewood, Ganton, Los Santos Tunnel and Interstate 25 due to the high density and usage of infrastructure in these areas. Assistant County Commissioner After much deliberation I have decided to appoint John Wilkenson to the position of Assistant County Commissioner, John is a former Police Officer with the Palomino Township Police Department and a good friend and supporter of mine, he joined the Green Party around the same time I did and has been a very good asset and I hope he will continue to be as Assistant County Commissioner. Sincerely, Takeshi Mori, County Commissioner *Comments would be ON and moderated*
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