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  1. How will the person trying to rob someone verify if there are 2 cops online then ? metagaming ? not gonna work.
  2. The rule is way too simple in my opinion and isn't practical, this will just add more pointless reports, as people now will have to report before making a simple robbery in the street. it will just end up only reducing illegal RP in general due to how impractical it is.
  3. S.K NEWS DPS Fire Chief Freya Keller have resigned ! By: Steve Keller Published July 17th, 2018 There have been rumors going around that Fire Chief Freya Keller and other high ranking DPS members have resigned ! this is following the recent events and controversies that have been around the Fire Chief ever since she have got her position. While no official announcement have yet been made, and no officials have yet commented on the matter. a handful of Official documents no longer list Freya Keller as a staff member within the DPS, indicating that she mo
  4. not via credit card I guess you mean normal bank transfer, pretty sure u cant transfer money with credit card.
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