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  1. time to fabricate some screenshots
  2. Name: Author Comment: I write the news commissioner I dont speak on behalf of anyone, funny how you search for my name in rosters of government agencies Commissioner and slander me with baseless lies for a news article I wrote. were you going to try and fire me too ? Disgusting. And no I never suggested for this matter to be let go because he is a high ranking member, however misusing a department vehicle is a minor offence, not corruption. You are just over reacting to make it seem like you have made an achievement while in reality you did nothing but fire a man for driving a vehicle around and awarded the people who snitched on him. Also you claim that yes there is precedence to this, show us ? Show us one situation where a Commissioner personally fired an employee in a government agency for misusing a vehicle.
  3. S.K NEWS Wunnenberg Awards "snitching" on peers By: Steve Keller Published June 1st, 2019 While the beginning of Commissioner Klaus Wunnenberg reign was quiet, and it seemed like it is going to be the same as any other commissioner we have had with a period of quiet with only monthly or even quarterly updates if we are lucky. Commissioner Klaus Wunnenberg has published a press release entitled "LSIA Update and O'Wan Golden.", which was received with many criticism and was controversial to say the least for many reasons. but for now we are going to be focusing on the issue of Owan Golden. Under Commissioner Klaus Wunnenberg, medals and commendations of the highest honors seem to have lost their value. All it takes is that you snitch on your peers in whatever government agency you are in, and the Commissioner will award your loyalty to him with the highest awards and medals anyone could dream of in Los Santos. In the previously mentioned press release, The Commissioner announced that ex. Captain O'wan Golden of the LSFD who is a veteran Fire Fighter was apparently being reported by one of his colleagues for "misusing a department vehicle", a minor offense which usually gets slipped with a warning or a strike. But in an radical and unprecedented reaction by the commissioner, he chose to call it "corruption" and take an action himself to dishonorably discharge Captain Golden, which is strange because commissioners usually never decide these actions themselves and just forward it to the department head, which might suggest that current LSFDleadership don't approve of this extreme punishment. As easy as that, a Captain in the LSFD which probably spent years to reach this high ranking position gets dropped for a minor offense. what is worse in this is that his alleged reporters, who allegedly saw him doing this offense and snitched on him, which as an action despised by most people and is certainly not something worth praise, instead they were awarded one of the highest commendations available in Los Santos. This is a black stain which will follow the Commissioner throughout his term. Many question his motivations, even going so far as to accuse him of firing the LSFD Captain for racial reasons for being a black person. But regardless of if these allegations are true or not, The fact of the matter is his actions are unprecedented and might have some backlash on the commissioner. Copyright © Steve Keller, All Rights Reserved About the Author: (( Comments on this article would be open but monitored, any abusive comments would be deleted ))
  4. Name: Mike Keller Comment: the ESOC investigates all reports it receives, if you have a problem with any emergency service make sure to contact CPQL and request an ESOC investigation.
  5. How will the person trying to rob someone verify if there are 2 cops online then ? metagaming ? not gonna work.
  6. The rule is way too simple in my opinion and isn't practical, this will just add more pointless reports, as people now will have to report before making a simple robbery in the street. it will just end up only reducing illegal RP in general due to how impractical it is.
  7. S.K NEWS DPS Fire Chief Freya Keller have resigned ! By: Steve Keller Published July 17th, 2018 There have been rumors going around that Fire Chief Freya Keller and other high ranking DPS members have resigned ! this is following the recent events and controversies that have been around the Fire Chief ever since she have got her position. While no official announcement have yet been made, and no officials have yet commented on the matter. a handful of Official documents no longer list Freya Keller as a staff member within the DPS, indicating that she most probably resigned. Stay tuned for more information ! About the Author: (( Comments on this article would be open but moderated, removing any threat comment and comments without a proper name ))
  8. not via credit card I guess you mean normal bank transfer, pretty sure u cant transfer money with credit card.
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