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  1. doo2doo2

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    " your honor my client was released on a cash bond to guarantee that he is going to attend his court sessions, so far we have been regularly attending court sessions and thus the bond wasnt broken " (( @bartman @Zebulon ))
  2. doo2doo2

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    (( edited my opening statement. )) (( @bartman @Zebulon @ThatGuy ))
  3. doo2doo2

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    " Thank you your Honor, My client have served the people of Los Santos for years being a member of the DPS, then he was forced to take over the organization after the controversial resignation of ex. Fire Chief freya Keller at the rank of battalion chief with the dps being in a sub optimal status, keeping our medical emergency services running and available and made every effort to make sure it remains that way. He had his members love and the people's gratitude. But then he was forced to resign after all these allegations were made against him. The prosecution is making alot of allegations your honor in which are not true or not related to what happened here, first of all my client did not at any point indicate that he was going to respond to that emergency call, so it is interesting that the officer testimony in the narrative states and I quote "Battalion Chief Kevin Taylor responded on radio and said he was enroute", also the officer testimony lays out the time sequence of the events totally wrong making the situations look different. I would like to file for a motion to subpoena officer Michael Duffy who wrote that narrative and call him for cross witness examination, along with the full department radio recording from the moment LSPD requested a DPS unit. The actually sequence of events Your Honor which can be proofed by the department radio logs, is that first the LSPD called for DPS, receiving no response they called for SEMC, then after that my client's vehicle was stolen and he requested LSPD assistance. This clearly shows that my client reaction to the robbers had nothing to do with the LSPD situation, he did not choose to go after the robbers rather than the situation because the robbery did not happen simultaneously with the LSPD request, but after it and after the SEMC already sent a unit. again the department radio recordings can proof that your Honor. Based on the previous, since my client never said that he was going to respond to the call he does not owe a duty of care to the LSPD swat situation and thus the defense sees the charge of negligence of duty as invalid your honor. Moving on to the charges of "misuse of emergency services", it is defined in the crime sheet as and I quote "Any person who knowingly misuses or abuses public emergency service programs or services." , it clearly specifies that this crime is referring to public and emergency services, which I guess an example of it would be something like 911. the department radio is not a public nor an emergency service, it is used for communication between different government agencies or "departments" as the name suggests, so this charge doesn't really apply here regardless of how the department radio was used. Moving on Your Honor, the next charge of "vigilantism", which is defined in the crime sheet as and I quote "A non law enforcement official attempting of fulfilling the enforcement of laws." . I dont understand how my client was committing this crime your Honor ? my client saw his vehicle being stolen in-front of him, and immediately attempted to contact LSPD and enabled a beacon on his location, it is arguable that wasn't the appropriate way to react, However it clearly shows that my client was not trying to commit vigilantism, he never attempted to stop the robbers or anything of that sort, but was simply keeping the beacon on the robbers location until LSPD arrive, which they never did. " (( @Zebulon @bartman @Norm ))
  4. doo2doo2

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    " the defense pleads Not Guilty to all the charges your Honor. " (( @bartman @Zebulon @Norm ))
  5. doo2doo2

    Change in form

    most people dont add it there unfortunately, I think it should be added in another field.
  6. doo2doo2

    Change in form

    https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/63-cpql-business-license-ic/ add options : " ZIP code ((ID)) "
  7. doo2doo2

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    *Michael Miller would enter the court room in his suit carrying a suitcase, he would then go on to the defendant desk and then says* " The defence is present Your Honor. "
  8. doo2doo2

    Huw Edwards v. Jacob Goldsmith

    ** Michael Miller enters the court room wearing a black suit and carrying a briefcase as he takes a look around, then he Would go to the defence table and sits beside jackson**
  9. (( It'a ok, So the proper procedure was tried and wast successful, i dont appreciate the accusation of playing the victim card and trying to milk the system for money or whatever. because I spent a good amount of time making sure that the proper procedure was followed and yielded no results before filing this law suit ))
  10. (( No one is trying to milk the system, you were asked zebulon to release him before and you said you cant and suggested to make a case... Why suggest now that you were never contacted or something ? The proper way of going through this was tried and you refused to release him, now when the case is filed as you suggested you suddenly think filing a case wasnt the proper way ? ))
  11. (( Do i really have to relist them ? 1st You failed to tell him his charges, his jail time or his fine... You failed to even ask him his plea directly and he voluntarily gave it you, these are the unquestionable rule breaches you did which are unrelated to the script or what so ever. 2nd comming to the parts you are contesting, Your point is that the error of life imprisonment, excessive fees and false information in the documentation of the arrest are somehow ooc errors due to the script or whatever, which doesn't make sense but that is what you are arguing.. Regardless of if the 2nd part is an error of yours or not, the first is unquestionably an error and breach of rules.. although considering 1st part it is reasonable to assume that 2nd part is also an error of not knowing what you are doing, not an "ooc mistake" or a "script error" or whatever execuse. ))
  12. (( the devil is in the details and I just explained some of the details. Btw by you I mean LSPD extending to the officer(s) handling this. Also we have ooc rules governing this. OOC mistakes are not mistakes but breaking the rules and should have consequences. Either ooc or ic, @ThatGuy I wish this could be clearified regardless of this case outcome))
  13. (( first he was never told his charges nor his jail time or fine. Second even if you are required do so oocly, it makes you liable icly if didnt, @ThatGuy can confirm. And again you failed on every level starting from communication, scriptwise processing and documentation. It is not a simple ooc issue but an issue of you not knowing what u are doing ))
  14. (( @ThatGuy the officer did not go through the proper ooc procedure of telling him his jail time and fine and just jailed him with a life time sentence with excessive fine. So the fact that he failed to follow proper ooc procedures and adding wrong sentence and fine makes them liable icly. Btw you didnt make 1 ooc mistake, you did a bunch of them. 1. Failed to tell him charges. 2. Failed to tell him jail time and fine. 3. Wrong jail time & fine in arrest report. 4. Wrong jail time in game ( not even same as in arrest report ). With all the above considered and considering the fact that you broke almost every ooc rule regarding imprisonment without trial, you cant claim to have no liability ic or ooc, it is clear that you didnt know what you were doing resulting into this ))

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