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  1. Name: Mike Keller Comment: the ESOC investigates all reports it receives, if you have a problem with any emergency service make sure to contact CPQL and request an ESOC investigation.
  2. " it is your honor, since according to the available data it seems like the policies of the department werent practically enforced, thus singling out my client for breach of policies is absurd "
  3. " why were these alot of people fired ? " (( @yannickboy15 ))
  4. "I am cross examining the prosecution witness so I can ask him leading questions, any law school graduate should know that. I did not assume any facts your honor I am asking the witness as the expert in the matter if these assumptions are true but never claimed them to be facts."
  5. "So it is safe to assume that previously policies weren't being enforced properly specially with the leadership problems dps had? If so one could conclude that most dps members in fact didnt really follow the policies, right ? " (( @Zebulon @bartman @yannickboy15 ))
  6. " Yes your honor. 1st I would like to point out my objection to the last question as it is asking for the witness opinion rather than facts and would like it to be not considered in this case. Now comming to my question, Chief according to the department policies, what would be the correct procedure in the case of the alleged violation ? " (( @Zebulon @bartman @yannickboy15 ))
  7. "He was not a fire chief nor a supervisor back then"
  8. " what is the relevance of him to this case ? " (( @Zebulon ))
  9. " the defense is done with examining the witness your honor " (( @bartman @Zebulon ))
  10. *nods as he continues* " Did the LSPD respond to his report of an active crime ? " (( @[email protected] ))
  11. *nods to the justice as he continues* " Sergeant duffy, did kevin Taylor attempt to stop the fleeing tow truck ? " (( @[email protected] ))
  12. (( this case have been around for 48 days now, you cant expect him to donot drive his vehicle for eternity just because the courts case is taking forever ))
  13. " The witness voluntarily initiated this discussion by commenting on my statement to you your honor. "
  14. ** looks at duffy as he speaks with a hard tone *** "Sergeant your narrative contains false information which decieved the honorable judge into thinking that my client responded to the radio requests for dps. it contains lies whether on purpose or not, it is disappointing that you as a LSPD sergeant donot feel shameful for lying whether on purpose or not about an innocent man in an official narrative attached to a case."
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