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  1. happy birthday smit!!! xD

    1. burialdestroyer


      wow thanks dude!!!!!!XDDDDDDDDD

  2. chaos how do i become a forum god

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    2. burialdestroyer
    3. waffle
    4. ResidentPeach


      get some of Chaos' saucy dank memes and you may reach his level on the reputations

  3. dear @@Shanks thanks for admining. your friend, burialdestroyer
  4. gettin gassed up since day -32 [MENTION=5298]Vin[/MENTION]
  5. [MENTION=2876]burialdestroyer[/MENTION] because he's always there to spawn in a Bugatti for me when I get bored.
  6. My first mention lol. [MENTION=16968]Almeida[/MENTION] for being ass. chef of polis at 1 tiem. he mead me cri with his magicness.
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