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  1. I believe people lost interest in making factions/joining due to people brings up an idea of a crminal operation they have to make a FT contact which can take time and long waiting kills motivation. Too much forum playing instead of ingame playing which i believe killing the illegal scene. Solution for this could be, make up rules and guides for the admin team and remove the FT. Stop restrict peoples ideas just because your lazy, try put more activity in the game instead of putting more requirement to the forum.
  2. Well written story. Finally a piru gang
  3. Looking for Cartel roleplay o/

    1. legendarymember


      good luck finding it

    2. Renny


      hit up 311 and you'll be sorted out

  4. The only faction that makes me consider coming back to roleplay.
  5. Its so rare events like this happens on owl nowdays so even two admins appears for a simple shooting.
  6. Lafuqs

    CQS X3

    Interesting 🤔
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