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  1. Hello it's your friend Sweden Viking



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SadisticWolfoid


      your dutch vinceeez friend got rekt by moroccans

    3. Strickland


      What did I do wrong?

    4. Uyelik


      they never fucking lissen 

  2. Soooo what if you're trying to rob a police car/cruiser (haha as if the UAT and/or GAT would ever allow that) and you need to grab dem guns from the very much visible gunrack but it's faction-locked?
  3. Hmm... I understand the appeal of such an idea, but at the same time, I don't. Far as I'm concerned it'd most likely create more problems than it solves, tbh. Sure, you mentioned adding custom images to generic items, but it seems like it's much more of a hassle than it's worth. First the scripters would have to find ways to let everyone change the image of their item which would probably just take time, and it might use up a lot of the server's resources (i.e bandwidth) to try and accommodate to loading all of the custom images/icons as you spawn in/give them around. So, I'll say no, since I don't see what the big deal about the idea is, and I don't see how it's useful.
  4. I'll support this suggestion, since people all too often manage to metagame someone's identity. Sure, you may hear their voice, but often you don't always recognize someone's voice from seeing them once or twice every now and then.. "Oh I know that voice, it's Joe McGuy!! I heard him speak behind his mask!" I mean blegh.
  5. Well, too bad this "God" is offended by homosexuality.. Because I certainly am not, neither are my gods. So let us go against this single god who cannot stand the thought of a union between two people.
  6. We're on to something, boys!!!!1! QUICK limit the role play!!!!1!!
  7. Los Santos is swarmed with lesbians. There is an unrealistic amount of lesbians in Los Santos. "Oh, Wolfoid, you're just a lesbophobe/homophobe." Nyet, Tovarischsh, however I am deathly afraid of a right-winged threat known as capitalism. So, back on track, I feel as though there are just -way- too many lesbian role players on Owl, I understand that people are free to role play whatever they like, but in the end we all speak of immersion in our role play, yet we let there be eighty thousand lesbos running rampant on our streets. The SD is filled with lesbos. The FD is filled with lesbos. Linkbook and Findbook are filled with lesbos. I tried to slam the lid down on the lesbo-jar, but it exploded from the outrage and I got beaten up and mugged by a group of angry SJWs' in a dark alley. So, totally agree.
  8. I myself don't see how this'll be successfully implemented - if at all - and how it'd be enforced. In what way would you prevent people from doing this? You mentioned people like the UAT/GAT sitting about having to check through people's money, and spend time attempting to make sure there are no loose ends on any part. I understand that some normal Joe who works as a delivery van driver couldn't possibly have 3 million just lying about in his bank account, yet at the same time, I don't see how Normal Joe's 3 million are affecting you from role-playing, or what is stopping you. Sure, I've a character or two who got filthy rich, yet I didn't role-play being as filthy rich as I was at the time being. I also understand the point where people in the comment section says "Ugh people who drive around in their fucking $500,000 dollar cars like it's nothing." Have a look at the Ricers. They drive around in their shitty cars pimped beyond imagination, they're probably sitting on-top of 200-300 thousand dollars in pure car modifications etc. seeing how some of those Elegys' are going over 300km/h. These Ricers usually don't work as CEOs, or like filthy rich people in general. Often they say they're from some place, like X, and works at <generic job> yet they have enough money to drive around in cars modded beyond recognition. I don't see how implementing this rule/idea will stop any of this. Should we just throw everything away, tell everyone who's done their role play to "dis-own everything you have, as it makes literally no sense for your char to have this or that at their disposal?"
  9. 1QcuaxD.png


    Ye' stole my skin, you maddabhic!

    Fite me.

  10. I started in err, March 2014 on OwlGaming if it makes any difference. I'm not from any other roleplay community since I was pretty deep down with World of Warcraft and it's roleplaying community.
  11. Hm. Some brief information about your law enforcement characters.. Always fun to learn about people and their characters. Therefore, I rate this signature a solid eight out of ten.
  12. If you want that bike, you've got permission to take it out.

    1. SadisticWolfoid


      "Take it out." What do you exactly mean by that, buddy?

    2. Rickkert


      Well, you wanted that bike so badly.

      I'm not going to sell it since it aint mine. But if you want it, you can take it out of the Welcome Pump and have it...

    3. SadisticWolfoid


      Here comes the question however - do you have the keys for the machine? I knew the man who owned the bike, and the bike was given to the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club - later given to the next owner of the Welcome Pump once the IHMC packed their bags and left town.

      I thank you for your generousity however, bud.

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