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  1. Korv1

    Residential - #32 crest street

    Name: Jason Offer: Buyout of 0,000 dollars
  2. Korv1

    2010 Audi R8 GT

    Name: Jason Offer: 30k as starter
  3. Korv1

    NZ Cafe & Bets

    Name:Jason Bid: 2000
  4. Korv1

    Removal of house and vehicle tokens.

    Change the house token so instead of getting a free house you get a appartment that you dont need too pay rent for the first 10 hours or something and remove the vehicle token completly, and let people work their way up too getting their first car and house.
  5. Korv1

    The Order of Saint Francis

    loool you are lucky my gun got glitched
  6. Korv1

    Residential - East Los Santos

    Name: Jason Bid: Starter
  7. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    Ofcourse any criminal can have a normal job and then work on the streets aswell too get a little extra money, but the thing is i find it unrealistic that people that works at rs haul goes and work on the streets aswell considering at RS haul you can make 10k an hour wich is more then enough so i realisticly speaking noone would decide too become a criminal if they made so much money legally
  8. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    I was gonna sell a gun too one of the people in the screenshot and he told me too come back in 1 hour because he had only 8k so he did rs haul for guns so they are surley rs hauling for guns
  9. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    Now your the one that is mad.
  10. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    Im not mad? and how can you say that none of you work there when they are?
  11. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    Arent these two with you guys? http://imgur.com/a/q7lqN
  12. Korv1

    151 Original Block Pirus

    Dope with bloods rs hauling too get money for guns.

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