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  1. KillerGR

    MTA SA not working

    Sure man, here it is: https://steamunlocked.com/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-free-pc-2-download/ This is the one i'm using currently and it works fine.
  2. KillerGR

    MTA SA not working

    Hey did you manage to get it fixed? I have a working link for the game if you want.
  3. First of all thanks everyone for replying/helping me out i really appreciate it Its actually the same price in here(greece) Yea i pretty much agree razer got the looks but logitech is more reliable i can say.. Also, when i built my new pc i went to a local shop for a keyboard and mouse but i couldn't find a mechanical one so i got their cheapest wireless mombo XD its pretty bad i can say it's called bitmore.. Funny fact i had one of those like 10 years ago XD And this one: It looked cool back in day i guess Btw i'm about to go to a bigger local store this week or next to test out the keyb and mice but i'm pretty sure ill stick with logitech and corsair and about MX switches i'm in between Brown and Red. I know Red are hella fast and also way to clicky but brown are a notch slower but a bit less louder
  4. Actually, i have notice their new mouse the g502 hero which is good i guess, it has many buttons and weight adjustment but i kinda have big hand so it should be good for me? Also if i get the corsair keyboard and this mouse the rgb would be like christmas tree hah? btw the mouse should work with my fatal1ty usb port right ? my current crappy one is wireless and it doesn't work.. Also thanks for your effort edit: I will try to do that mr axa thanks edit: i forgot about razer naga trinity as well.. seems good but dunno
  5. $sap i need some recommendations/opinions for mouse & keyboard. For keyboard i'm kinda set.. i really like the Corsair k70 lux It has many functions play/pause/mute and it feels premium as i can see... Of course if you have some other in mind i would consider. For mouse i wanted to do combo keyboard & mouse but i don't really find that good corsair mouses so i'm open in suggestions as well.. Although, my game style is fps/mmo a bit/survival.
  6. Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming i7 (one of the best mbs it has it all) CPU: Intel i7 8700k GPU: Msi gtx 1060 6gb Ram: G.skill 16gb 3200 Mhz (solid 3200 no drops) Case: CoolerMaster MasterCase MC500P PSU: Corsair tx 650 gold Storage1: Western Digidal Black 3.5' 1TB Storage2: Samsung 970 Evo m2 500 GB Cooling: NZXT Kraken x62 (took me a while to set it eh) Keyboard & Mouse: Bitmore (some crapy non cable bundle-have to change) Monitor: Lg 22inch full hd -I need to change my keyb&mouse and most likely will go with corsair k70 and vegeance and at summer i might update the Monitor/gpu
  7. Hallo, looking to buy a Lamborghini gallardo/aventador(if cheap) stock or buffed. Hit me up by emailing me with your model/price.((PM)) ((Lock this))
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