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  1. Faction Map Blips + Personal house markers Add markers to the maps that only someone in a faction can see as well as personal properties that only you can see. Requirements System that allows for faction owners to create/delete specific markers as well when a player purchases a residential property having it show up on their map. Uses Allows for f3 to better manage their properties, as it can become quite confusing from time to time. When jumping from character to character I often get confused where everything is located.
  2. Command 1.) /clearchat 2.) /togooc Requirements ability to clear chat depending on number of lines specified in chat settings. perhaps a command for admins to toggle OOC if not already implemented for events but also the ability for any player to go into chat settings and remove /b chat from a channel Uses Allow for a more immersive roleplay experience as well as making it easier for content creators to capture screenshots/recordings.
  3. Follow me back mothafucka

  4. Name: Syd Comment: How about we go for a little test drive/drag txt me at 530854
  5. The thing about the wraps and Rinkk is, he isn't trying to get this implemented in the game to be able to sticker bomb any gta car model; Rinkk is simply trying to add a bit more realism to the game. I mean, imagine being able to have the actual car logo on your vehicle like for example: You buy a car from the Lamborghini dealership, and the dealership has all of the emblems put on the vehicle before you buy it. It sort of adds abit more visual realism to the game encouraging people to buy less gta models that are seen as 'ricey' such as the Elegy and the Sultan. I th
  6. Hey I know you guys are debating on this but do you realize the HSIU Buffalo that the LSPD used to have had a special wrap on it with antennas, flashing lights, and police department logos all over it.. It's possible to put a wrap on every vehicle in the game they just don't have a public method of doing so. Correct me if I am wrong, but i have seen it before on this very server.
  7. I got a really big team they need some really big rings

    1. BusterAces


      You ain got no fans

  8. ((Why is the picture from Leverage))
  9. I said Beamer Benz or Bentley my pockets never empty never leave the house without my tec-9 with me

  10. Name: MG Comment: Can I plow snow with this?
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