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  1. Divines bless you, friends. I suppose I am announcing my return to the tribe as a humbled man. I've had a rather adventurous time since we last spoke - having became a real world Deputy Sheriff, gotten married, and dealing with the hurdles of life as they have been thrown at me. I'm eagerly awaiting the GTA 5 platform of things, and plan to get involved with the roleplay community once again. In conclusion - hello again.
  2. Well, my bug report account doesn't work, otherwise I wouldn't make this post. A few admins report that /randomfire isn't working unfortunately :\
  3. C. 2015 C. 2016 w/ grill ich bin eine Deutschlander
  4. I was on scene, aboard the ship when the situation happened. Ergo, I saw firsthand the situation, and reserve the right to speak in regards to her death, unless an Administrator, which is not you, informs me of otherwise. Shanks stated that it was up to the handling admin in regards to what happened with Terry. The admin chose not to void the RP, and Terry remains CK'ed.
  5. Stay dead, please. Danny Johnson and Terry Price took CK's in situations that most cops would have otherwise made a post like this about, and it made for great roleplay, and they were happy with the outcomes, and possibilities, that come from such. Negligence kills, and I'm glad the Deputies are starting to realize it. Addendum: I was on scene, I carried her corpse away, and it was a just death, and a second attempt at Roleplay.
  6. Always been GTAMarine, but started on MTA in 2010. (In Valhalla Gaming.) I recall back in the day, when my FD char, Franklin Hart, would be one of the only members online late/early in the morning. Sven Thommsson was my Finnish compatriot who was at my side nearly for the whole thing, before the fall of Rome vG.
  7. Okay.I also do stuff from 2,000 years ago. (excuse the weird face, just woke up.)
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