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  1. Rasputin is a new adult entertainment club, we strive on offering our customers a great experience and leave them wanting to come back for more. Location Rasputin is located south in Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood. It's just opposite to the Last Train Diner. Preview of the exterior: Map/GPS location: Menu We offer a nice variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails included. *Please keep in mind the menu is new and is a work in progress. Current menu's contents and prices may or may not change depending on customers' demands, requests, and the management's discretion. Services We have the main stage area for you to enjoy some of our dancers, however we also offer the following services: VIP booth - private booth for up to three people and one dancer. The booth will be yours for an hour or until you leave. (Whichever is sooner) All drinks you request will be covered by the service fee, the drinks covered by the fee will be provided until closing time/until you leave. Premium lounge - small and luxurious private booths for one person and one or two dancers (additional fee required). The booth will be yours for an hour or until you leave. (Whichever is sooner) All drinks you request will be covered by the service fee, additionally, the drinks will be delivered straight to you, allowing you to enjoy the moment. The drinks covered by the fee will be provided until closing time/until you leave. Fees: VIP booth - $5,000. Premium lounge - $7,000, $10,000 for two dancers. If interested, please speak to any staff on site. Reservations are available as well, please visit the contact section at the bottom of the page, and leave your requested service reservation. In the future, we will allow you to reserve a service with the specific dancers you want! Rules At Rasputin, our top priority is the customer's enjoyment and experience. In order for us to keep providing good service, entertainment, and enjoyable experiences to all customers, we kindly ask our customers to respect the club's rules. 1. You must be at least 18 years of age to be allowed inside. You may need to show a valid identification card upon request or entry. 2. No cameras or recording equipment allowed. Cellphones are allowed. 3. No taking pictures/recordings of the employees. Especially not the dancers, unless they give explicit permission. 4. Notice: For your protection and ours, a security check may be required before entering, the decision is left under security staff discretion. You may be monitored at any time by video tape while on or near the club's premises. Dress code: No masks or similar face concealing items such as bandanas. Unlike our dancers, you must be fully clothed. Contact For any questions, concerns, suggestions, reservations or otherwise: Please contact Leonid at phone number: 1588694776. Call/SMS. Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected] ((forum PM daniel954))
  2. Rasputin is a new adult entertainment club located south in Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood. We strive on offering our customers a great experience and leave them wanting to come back for more. We're currently looking for female exotic dancers and bartenders. There's preference for female bartenders, however people with experience will always be on the top of our list. What we offer: Flexible working hours. Safe and fun work environment. Good wages. Bonuses available for exceptional performances. If interested, please contact Leonid on phone number: 1588694776. Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected] ((forum PM daniel954)) with your preferred position and past experiences (if any).
  3. Great update! I love the improved bus route and wage, hopefully drivers will make sure to stop and pick up players. My favorite update though, which is unlisted for some reason, is the fact you can now see how much money you've acquired so far and will receive in the next payday. Good job devs.
  4. Hello. After playing for a bit, I've had a couple of ideas that I personally think would make playing a lot more fun and convenient, scriptwise. Sorry if some of the suggestions have been posted before, haven't bothered to go through all posted suggestions. Also sorry if the formatting isn't very convenient, but I hope it's OK. Some of the suggestions are some great key features from MTA Owl. 1. Allow property owners to duplicate a key for their houses/businesses. Maybe even make a business out of it? EG: a locksmith business that will duplicate property keys for a certain fee and in the future maybe sell other tools. (see suggestion 2 for an idea.) 2. Add a keyring item (could be mixed with suggestion 1). That once purchased is able to hold up to 5 keys (or any other amount you think should be tweaked). That way, pockets or other storage containers aren't cluttered with keys. It's a realistic and convenient feature. 2.1 Add a wallet item Very similar to the keyring item but intended for storing cash and different licenses. Minimize the inventory cluttering. 3. Allow business interiors to set music that'll play for all players in the interior. Maybe make it an option once an item is bought, like big electronic speakers, which when placed in an interior unlocks an option to play music from radio stations. (if that is implemented, maybe find a way to mute the basic Vanilla Unicorn interiors music so no music is playing over the other, same goes for any other interior with static music) That'll give each business like nightclubs, pubs, stripclubs, casinos or anything else some character, and perhaps a reason to hire DJs ICly who will cater to the kind of music a crowd will like. 4. Add an option in the modshop to change a vehicle's primary and secondary colors And/or make a mechanic job that can change it itself (add a rule that it must be roleplayed properly if that's the case). Also, make it easier for admins to set colors, HTML codes like in the shop instead of RGB codes. I personally had a little incident that I'll post below if you're interested in knowing what happened. 5. Make it possible to have multiple outfits. Maybe an option to change outfits in a wardrobe inside houses or certain businesses. I'm sure many people want to have multiple outfits for their characters, but the current system is only one outfit. Perhaps you could add outfit slots once in the shop, that you can scroll through and change and finally purchase to save it. To make it super simple, you can purchase an outfit in a clothing store, but you're allowed to /changeoutfit SLOT if near a wardrobe at home or certain business. This remains maybe a slightly complex thing to figure out how to approach exactly, I have no idea how the script works. Because certain items have to be generic with all outfits, like if you suddenly want to wear a mask with any outfit, or a motorcycle helmet. I'm sure the developers can figure something out though. 6. Make a /time command that is only allowed to be used if you have a watch accessory. While you're at it, remove the 'watch' item from the general stores. I think it's time to innovate and move on from simple items now with GTA V's insane customization options. Now, with the watch clothing accessory (not item from the general store), when you right click it, it has use, show, drop and destroy. Maybe change the show to 'show time', I doubt you'd need to show someone a watch, since it's actually visible on your character thanks to GTA V customization. A more extensive suggestion for this would be making a price for each kind of watch, which would be pretty damn awesome! It can be a bit of a status symbol ICly and people who're interested in illegal roleplay can have an incentive to rob valuable jewelry like watches, bracelets, glasses, hell, maybe even earrings? And people who lose those items will have to sink cash into them again, which is a nice money drain for the economy. 7. Implement window up/down system like in MTA Owl. I haven't played MTA Owl in a long time, but I remember pressing X or a similar key would show a window up or down in the HUD. When the window is up, people who speak in the vehicle can't be heard by people outside. (Unless you shout) When it's down, they can be heard. And very important: please make it possible to hear the music from the vehicle too, that was awesome in Owl! It was really fun to be walking around and see some vehicles speed past with good (or bad) music blasting out of the vehicle. Additional mini suggestion to this suggestion, make it a script requirement to have windows down if people want to shoot out of a vehicle's window. Sure, it's a very tiny detail, but in my personal opinion those tiny details are what make the gamemode amazing. 8. Seat belt system. Implement a seat belt system like in MTA Owl. People who crash at decent speed get damaged if they don't wear a seat belt, and at high speeds they could even fly out of the windshield. People who do wear a seat belt don't get damaged at decent speed (or get damaged at a reduced rate), but at high speeds they receive reduced damage. I think this suggestion could reinforce proper RP driving, plus, it's a great option for cops so they know whether or not he driver and the occupants are wearing seatbelts. 9. Fishing Currently fishing is pretty nice, it's a chill semi-AFK experience but you're still required to pay attention otherwise you'll miss the arrow keys part and thus lose your catch and risk breaking your line. A slight suggestion to improve upon it, is make an incentive for people to purchase boats if they want to make the fishing job more effective (currently mailman seems like the only job worth doing) What I mean by that is, if you're fishing on a boat in the deep sea, catches are a lot more frequent and maybe provide more XP? It can be discussed and tweaked properly by the developers, no doubt. From what I tested, time between each bite is 30-60 seconds, would be nice if it's reduced if you invested in a boat, fuel for the boat, and time sailing over to the deep sea. Also lift the item limit of only 2 line reels. Perhaps make the boat able to store fish, otherwise sailing over and over for just a limit of 20 fish in the fishing cooler might not be so worth it. 10. Modernize the script The gamemode is pretty good as it is, but a lot of things can be improved, tweaked, and added, in my opinion. No offence to any of the developers, I appreciate all of your hard work; but it's 2020. We still have MP3s being sold in the general stores and boomboxes too. Get rid of the MP3, instead make different types of headphones or earphones that would be roleplayed as connected to the phone, wired or not, and unlock the radio station option that way. Perhaps equip a headphone model on the character (a quite nice selection exists) if the player turns on the headphone/earphone. Boomboxes - very small nitpick, might sound stupid to some. But just call it a portable speaker, make different brands with different colors, maybe the more expensive they are the more quality they have? A possible option would be each kind of portable speaker plays at a different volume? Or maybe keep it simple and just make it purely cosmetic. 11. New donator shop perks Plenty of good perks in the donator shop, undoubtedly a nice job. I had an idea that maybe you could add job XP boost, current XP seems to be +5 for every job, maybe the boost could double that amount and reduce the grind for players, so people get what they want and get back to roleplaying already. I'll leave the balancing and tweaking options to the devs who'd most likely know best. No other ideas for the donation perks, hopefully other people can suggest good ideas. 12. Fix and tweak the scripted jobs I've tried most of the jobs in game out of curiosity, and none of them are really worth it except mailman, maybe trash collector is a close second, followed by fishing if you want to semi-AFK but still have to pay attention from time to time. Trucking - goes decent distances for the same basic pay as other jobs, not worth it at all. In my opinion it should be driving from one side of the map to the other for a much higher pay per each level and per trip. People driving such long distances and turning corners have to be focused on driving properly, they have to be very patient because long trips can take quite a while with GTA V's large map. The pay should be fair for the job's time and work. XP should be tweaked too, otherwise it'll be the slowest job to level up at +5 xp for just 1 long distance trip compared to other jobs. Delivery - seems to be the same as trucking, I'm a bit confused about the job. Perhaps make it like trucking but with reduced distance, and basically restricted to the city? No idea, but something can, and should be done about it so it's not just dead content that no one uses. Trash collector - seems pretty fine as it is, maybe make the script more engaging than just driving around checkpoint to checkpoint. For example, make it so you have to stop and get out of the truck to get the trash bags, maybe make it a scripted job that requires cooperation from multiple players? So there's a driver, and one or optionally two trash collectors riding in the back. Something can be figured out, could be a fun job for people, mostly friends, to work. Mailman - only job worth doing if you really want money, it seems. The city route is very well done and time flies when you work it. One massive issue is the counterpart in Paleto Bay, if you compare it to the job in the city, it's probably the worst job out there and it should be fixed for people who are interested in roleplaying in Paleto Bay. Job XP - I might be wrong but it seems that after each level, the XP required is double of the previous level's total XP. Now at early levels it's okay, but at high levels like 11 and above it gets to crazy amounts that could probably take months of grinding to level up. Maybe figure a better formula or tweak the XP gained for each job, just a small thing I wanted to suggest. That's it for now, probably a couple more suggestions that I have missed but these are plenty. Generally speaking, I think adopting some features from MTA Owl would be great. Other than that, I really put an emphasis on the small details because those small details add up to a large and unique experience, in my opinion. I'd love to hear what other players think, and whether or not they agree with certain suggestions. I've been playing Owl between 2014-2017 and visited a couple of times on and off since, it was my first ever serious RP experience in MTA, and I couldn't go back to SAMP after finding out about Owl and MTA in general. It'd be amazing if the server could hold onto MTA Owl's legacy and hopefully be booming in the future with players and unique custom content, needless to say I'd be disappointed if Owl doesn't take off as it should and just ends, the MTA server is already gone, I'd hate it if RageMP Owl will be too. I hope these suggestions will be taken into consideration by the staff according to player feedback. Thank you for your time
  5. It's been a nice run, will definitely have a lot of nice memories as this was my first ever 'serious' RP server. See you around boys.
  6. o/ where's Thomaspwn? I need my old Linkbook account recovered :\

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