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  1. Rasputin is a new adult entertainment club, we strive on offering our customers a great experience and leave them wanting to come back for more. Location Rasputin is located south in Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood. It's just opposite to the Last Train Diner. Preview of the exterior: Map/GPS location: Menu We offer a nice variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails included. *Please keep in mind the menu is new and is a work in progress. Current menu's contents and prices may or may not change depending on custome
  2. Rasputin is a new adult entertainment club located south in Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood. We strive on offering our customers a great experience and leave them wanting to come back for more. We're currently looking for female exotic dancers and bartenders. There's preference for female bartenders, however people with experience will always be on the top of our list. What we offer: Flexible working hours. Safe and fun work environment. Good wages. Bonuses available for exceptional performances. If interested, please contact Leonid on
  3. Great update! I love the improved bus route and wage, hopefully drivers will make sure to stop and pick up players. My favorite update though, which is unlisted for some reason, is the fact you can now see how much money you've acquired so far and will receive in the next payday. Good job devs.
  4. Hello. After playing for a bit, I've had a couple of ideas that I personally think would make playing a lot more fun and convenient, scriptwise. Sorry if some of the suggestions have been posted before, haven't bothered to go through all posted suggestions. Also sorry if the formatting isn't very convenient, but I hope it's OK. Some of the suggestions are some great key features from MTA Owl. 1. Allow property owners to duplicate a key for their houses/businesses. Maybe even make a business out of it? EG: a locksmith business that will duplicate pr
  5. It's been a nice run, will definitely have a lot of nice memories as this was my first ever 'serious' RP server. See you around boys.
  6. o/ where's Thomaspwn? I need my old Linkbook account recovered :\

    1. daniel954


      no seriously who can help me recover my account on Linkbook?

    2. Zomp


      Hello, my good sir. Do you require assistance today?

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