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  1. What about a pizza box that you can place down so you can share your pizza. Right click on it to take a slice?
  2. If this is easy to script then I don't see why not. Nice little addition to the server.
  3. Name: MM95 Comment: When will you be able to sell the car today? @Uvuvwevwevwe
  4. Name: MM95 Comment: I won the auction, right? @GeroXy
  5. Trevon Carter browses the web on a computer at the library. He suddenly reminds his encounter with a woman working for the government and looks up their website. Trevon reads the article and smiles as he sees himself in one of the pictures. [English] Trevon Carter says: Yo! That's me and Jeffrey. [English] Trevon Carter says: That was a clean shot.
  6. Hello, my name is 10th of October. @@WaterM3lon
  7. I know, it's only 1366x768.
  8. Am I the only one around he who listens to G-Funk?
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