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  1. RAYMOND GARCIA (I'm currently not at home, so I'm sorry for the quality of the screenshots as I don't have access to my habitual tools)
  2. I know it wasn't you, and I did already talk to admins about it. Can't say they cared.
  3. Is there seriously nothing to be done to remove my leaked skin from Dupont?
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Chat Bubble Fix What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- I don't know if it's intentional, haven't been fixed yet or nobody noticed - but if you use /s or /c (/w) it won't appear in a chat bubble above your head anymore, like it did before. What are the advantages?- Transparency between conversations, eye candy. What are the disadvantages?- Can't come up with any. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- The old chat bubbles' script I guess? How would you go about implementing this idea?- -
  5. Happy Birthday! :DD

    1. Kozinski


      thanks :)

  6. Amazing faction, thanks for letting us have you guys.
  7. This will be written about in history.
  8. RIP Lil Peep, see you on the Brightside

    1. ZythuM


      Ofcourse you'd listen to an emo rapper, L @Serx

  9. You can't move while your inventory is open, unless you're using the /walk command. Well you would either have to stop or slow down to beat the wind, and actually be able to light your lighter.
  10. It's not such a big deal, if you don't have to type /eat and /drink, why would you have to do /lightup? It's nothing huge to add into the game, also nothing 'new' that would require weeks to make.
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