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  1. Thread Updated. Added Clayton Swanson's character story.
  2. Thread updated. Added in Sander Smith’s character story.
  3. Cleaning up the mess from the charity event...
  4. So what a week it has been for us! We have been blessed with amazing support from everyone, not a single person I know is hating on the faction. We have currently got a few of us slamming in loads of screenshots basically showing everyone EVERYTHING we have done so you can follow the same journey we are. Rankings for the faction are almost complete as we have built a cosy number of members. Today we hosted our charity event and it had a spectacular turnout. Way more than what we expected and that has only gone and motivated myself for next week were we plan to continue developing as a team. Here is the screenshots of the Charity Event. Thanks again everyone for great role play throughout our first week.
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