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  1. [MENTION=107]Mirazoka[/MENTION] was the best. You all know it. Dirty sods.
  2. Gorgeous doggie! I have a Shepherd myself.
  3. I'm only kidding, I'm actually listening to this.
  4. "There's just no kick with a little dick."
  5. Who defines sexy? Sexy and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some ladies like tip top abs, some like a fury bear. Some men like skinny ladies with big ol' titties, other men like natural lookin' gals, curvy gal ect... s'all in the eye of the beholder.
  6. I beg to differ m8! And jesus christ, you've been pumping iron aint you?
  7. lets do this! ill put on my tabitha mc finley outfit.
  8. fukkin ell, try bradfield in yorkshire m8
  9. y r u so beaut? is it the welsh valleys that do it?
  10. *Tabitha Mcfinley would scratch at her crotch and clear her throat as she'd thumb through the newspaper, upon seeing the article she would mutter a few words*:"Fuckin' crabs at it again."
  11. Man, you know I love you and if you're thinking of leaving then I'm with you. Message me on FB about what's gone off.
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